TRUTH Seeping Through the Cracks


"The Wound Is The Place Where The Light Enters You" ~ Rumi.

"As humanity unites in love and hope, our world becomes smaller and larger simultaneously. We connect in many different ways. Ruby Ray Media is honored to be connected with Africa through our brilliant and talented friend, Patriot brother, and superb entrepreneur, Georg Ritschl of Ogonise Africa.  Georg's talents are not confined to creating a delightful array of quality orgonite products; his writing skills are also excellent. His newsletters are filled with wit, wisdom, and insight. Georg's latest insights delve into the cracks in our world, revealing all its darkest secrets while enabling us to heal as the light enters." ~ Beverly Wood

Dear Friends, 
The last 2 1/2 years have been a great wake-up call for many. One bizarre excess of deep state overreach after the other has made even the staunchest defenders of "everything normal, nothing to see here" doubt their perception of reality. Even though the Deep State (or the cabal or whatever term you prefer) has created an almost perfect system of projecting a totally false reality on all levels, the truth has a way of bleeding through the veil of the matrix.
Depiction of Truth ~ Credo Mutwa
AFRICAN DEPICTION OF TRUTH ~ My Child, the truth is a fearsome beast, a beautiful beast, part eagle, and part leopard. It cannot be caged, nor can it be buried in a cave - it cannot be hidden but will emerge even after thousands of years. (Credo Mutwa)

So how does it work? How does one start to look behind the veil of the matrix?

Nobody will ever be able to convince you that there is more to reality than what you feel comfortable with. So, mostly it starts with a feeling of discomfort.

Something dislodges you in your life, and you are forced to see the whole scene from a radically different angle.
In our case, it was going broke in Germany in the early nineties and moving to another country as a consequence. At the same time, we had started observing anomalies in the financial system that made us very curious and basically started my whole line of inquiry.

But it doesn't have to be an individual experience.
Great traumatic events such as the false flag of 9-11 and the bizarre fraud of C0VID 1984 can start the process. You know, "when stuff doesn't make sense anymore" suddenly. In some cases, it starts with a purely intellectual inquiry, such as questioning the narrative on "climate change" or investigating the nature of the private Western Central bank system.

I believe that our perception of reality is based on fundamentally flawed assumptions that have been carefully constructed and nurtured by a small elite of hidden rulers who see it as their birthright to control humanity. Most people do not question these falsehoods, and as a consequence, a large but slowly shrinking majority of humans cannot grasp what is being played and are powerless against the manipulation.

But once you have understood one or two of the great falsehoods, you start recognizing patterns like David Icke's famous "Problem - Reaction - Solution" or the "Totalitarian Two-Step."

You start seeing how the elites are using the ever same playbook to create the public opinion they need for their pet projects, and you begin intuitively grasping what their ultimate desires are:

A much-reduced world population of some 500 million with them in absolute control over what we think, do and eat and when we die.

The Satanic and Parasitic Nature of the Cabal

Humans may be greedy, quarrelsome, and sometimes stupid, but they are not inherently evil. We can be intimidated, manipulated, and led astray so that we do horrible things to each other.
But it is difficult for us normal humans to understand real evil. However, to understand the elites' actions, goals, and secret practices, we need to deal with their evil nature.

What is a Satanist?

Firstly, we all have met them. They're nothing special or even very mysterious. It's a mindset, a form of consciousness that exists in various manifestations but is not uncommon. A Satanist thinks he can rise above creation or God by parasitizing the life force of others. That's why human sacrifice and blood-drinking rituals are so important in their inner "initiated" circles.

They are seemingly flourishing on this wave of hijacked energy, but the karmic price they are paying is immense. They will, of course, vehemently deny any evil in their doing and thinking and explain to you that the duality of good and evil is a primitive construct of our feeble and retarded minds.

We're just not getting it, right? (Read Goethe's Faust if you don't understand what I'm talking about)

A spiritual person does not aspire to control others but flourishes in loving exchange and mutual respect. Such a person is humble and not arrogant. Instead of trying to control all aspects of reality, he or she trusts the universe and creates in unison with the creative self-organizing force.

The results of these two clearly different attitudes are obvious:

Understanding the occult nature of cabal rule means understanding that their magic relies on negative energy created by fear and suffering.

This is DOR or Deadly Orgone Energy.

The "magic does not fly" in a strong positive orgone field. That's why from the beginning, we have gifted (orgonite to) places of black magic, human sacrifice, and suffering.

We have systematically surrounded all known masonic lodges in South Africa with orgonite as well as many battlefields or places where massacres have happened in the past. This also led us to gifting the Nazi concentration camps in Poland and Germany.

This spiritual application of orgonite is just as important as the "technical" one, the neutralization of DOR caused by hard electromagnetic radiation.

Just now, when the battle between us humans and our dark overlords has reached a decisive stage, this work is more important than ever. We will often not be able to safely determine the battle lines and the who-is-who in this metaphysical war for the future of humanity.

That's where the concept of trust and faith comes into play.

We can only support and unblock the creative self-organizing force without controlling the outcome. This is - by the way - the foundation of all-natural and spiritual healing processes as opposed to Western medicine.
Gifting our environment (with orgonite) and especially places of government, power, and decision-making with orgonite goes a long way towards achieving that.

See you at Orgonise Africa,

Georg and the Team

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