TikToker gets it: the matrix of lies is collapsing


We ran across a pithy TikTok posted a couple of months ago that prompts us to be ready as EVERYTHING changes. The vid's gotten 60k views.

We discovered that Danica Walker has 127k followers and a boatload of vids on a lot of very cool topics!

TikToker asks her viewers, "what do you think the dark forces are most afraid of?"
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Published July 24 2022
Length 1:44 (transcript below)


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What do you think the dark forces are most afraid of?

Is it the collapse of major global and government structures, as more and more people realize that what they're being told does not match what they are seeing with their eyes?

Perhaps it's the dismantling of the pharmaceutical industry where more and more people rediscover the medicinal properties found within nature, and take control of their own health.

Perhaps it's the fall in regulated currency, and the fall in fiat currency and the centralized banking system or maybe it is the rediscovery of free energy, and it proliferating all over Earth, where everyone can have limitless energy at zero cost, or is it the great resignation, where more and more people are realizing they don't want to be slaves, and more and more people are choosing to exist in peace and joy, rather than just survival?

Let me tell you something: it's none of these things. What they are most afraid of, is our evolution. Because when we evolve, we will become more intuitive, more empathic, more psychic, and what does that mean for them? That means they can't lie to us anymore.

This entire matrix is built on a foundation of lies. And when we get to the point where we can see through lies, all these systems will collapse on their own.

Christ Consciousness by Danica Walker on TikTok

The Power of the Spoken Word by Danica Walker on TikTock

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