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Since 1994, Texans have re-established their sovereign republic unlawfully annexed by Washington DC 175 years ago in fraud. Both the Supreme Court and the Court at the Hague have recognized Texas as a sovereign nation. We the People of Texas are to lawfully take back their territory under Common Law. This movement has never thrived more than it is right now. It is happening.

Advantages for becoming a Texian National

Did you know the republic has been unlawfully annexed? 

And then God gave us Dejure Sheriffs !!!

OurGreatAwakening on Rumble
Published May 20 2022
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Introducing Dejure Sheriffs Lenka Kaloma from Orange County CA and Joshua James from the Republic of Texas !!

Both are Sheriffs who have signed an Oath to WE THE PEOPLE!!!

Under our restored republic we have that right because we CREATED government. Therefore WE and ONLY WE can declare who our public servants are.

PLEASE watch these two master builders and protectors all the way to the end.

They are a blessing to this world and to those they serve!!


Join Sheriff Joshua James and his Assembly and learn how to become the HERO in your city/county, here.


And here is the Arrest Warrant that Sheriff Lenka was speaking about which invokes Article 33 and 38 of The General Orders No. 100 - Lieber Code, here.

This is based on the filing from our Private Attorney General, Adriana Estevez, that represents 15 million + Californians that have been injured by the corrupt court systems. Over 1,500 judges have been disqualified and as of February 25, 2022 all Superior Courts and their public servants have been served with Notice and Demand to produce their bonds, certified Oath of Office and economic interest Form 700. They failed to comply and are now out of compliance in accomplices to the constructive fraud, domestic terrorism and racketeering. It is now established on record that People on California are under attack.

This is VERY Important!!
Private AG Adrianna's interview, here.


Sadly, the American education system was corrupted and stopped teaching what it really means to be self-governing in a republican form of government. Listen to people who know what that really means hold a zoom conversation. These are people who are organizing to reclaim their republic after it was vacated 150 years ago. (Yeah, it's been a long time!)


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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Peggy · 1 years ago
    All of the states need to do this, but then we could end up with another civil war.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Franz · 1 years ago
      Don't think there's any kind of desire for a civil war. But, it's always what [they] wanted. Nobody listens to [them] any more.
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