TaraBull's Top 10 Headlines of the Week


Not covered in the mockingbird media. 

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TaraBull @TaraBull808

#10 Court of Appeals suspends Trump's gag order, deeming it unconstitutional.

#9 Lawyers to meet with Florida Attorney General to prosecute Anthony Fauci.

#8 Vivek Ramaswamy calls out the media, wins third GOP debate.

#7 Pennsylvania voting machines shut down due to votes getting 'flipped'.

#6 Federal Judge upholds Florida law banning men from women's sports.

#5 Republicans call on RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel to resign.

#4 Douglass Mackey facing prison for Hillary Clinton meme sets precedent for all of us according to Tucker Carlson.

#3 Elon Musk introduced Grok, the better, unbiased version of Bill Gates' ChatGPT.

#2 Democrat Michigan AG faces impeachment for failing to prosecute election fraud.

#1 Rep. Rashida Tlaib censured for pro-Palestine comments, will Ilhan Omar be next?

Bonus: World leaders call for peace deal between Russia and Ukraine, Zelensky has tantrum wanting more war funds.

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MAGA News Flash 2023 Wk#45 is subpoena week for the Biden Crime Family and the Epstein client list while the GOP debate flops and Trump keeps winning.

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