SPIRITUAL SCIENCE: Becoming Limitless


What if someone told you that you have absolute control over your life? What if someone told you that not even disease that is considered terminal could take you out of this world without your permission?

Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches that your "personal reality creates your personality" and "your personal reality is made up of how you think, how you act, and how you feel." So as he says, if you change your personality or your personal reality, what could you change in your life? Could you completely change your external environment? If you change your personal programs, what is possible for your life?


and always the sun on YouTube
Published Feb 26, 2022
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What have our ancient spiritual traditions been trying to teach us for thousands of years? Could it be this very idea that we are limitless? We may be living in what we think is a limited environment, but is that actually true? Did you know that there is actual scientific proof that we are not at all limited by the laws of physics? "We are the architects of our reality".

Bridging the Science & Spirituality… Becoming Limitless

Gregg Braden on YouTube
Published Sep 24, 2021
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As the Sefer Yetzirah tells us that we are "God Eternal within the body", so the Gnostic texts also tell us the same, only in a different language. When we begin to search and research we realize that many ancient texts are designed to teach us that same thing: That we are the Children of Light, that we are indeed sons and daughters of the Creator.

Let's listen carefully to this video below and see if we can find the keys to understanding within our hearts.

In attempting to understand truth from reality let's also remember not to confuse some interpretations of the texts with absolute truth, but rather see behind the possible misunderstanding of the texts to get at the greater truth.

Are there archons or fallen souls who seek to keep mankind bound to the physical realm? Is there a greater power that has been trying to help mankind realize his/her true worth from the beginning?


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