RRM with Candace WhiteLight #6


Candace sat down with us again last Thursday to go over how much our lives are going to change with Quantum internet and 6G based on light being the carrier of data. Ukraine is a mess but that is going to be sorted out.

RRM with Candace WhiteLight - Episode #6

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Published Feb 25 2022
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Franz Glaus 0:01
Good day everyone! I am with Candace WhiteLight, we're talking about Ukraine and cyber attacks.

There's so much going in current events that you have to focus on something and the whole world is focused on Ukraine, it's like a clownshow, what's being talked about in the media, truly, but it has a purpose. There's truly a definite purpose that we can discern from it. And we know what's going on as a secret war on the deepstate by the good guys taking out deepstate installations.

And so Ukraine, such a corrupt place, has been under the burden of that kind of corruption for so many years, has been because as a breadbasket to that part of the world, is truly lusted after by so many parties, but there's also so much going on there beyond just that, we can touch on all those things.

Welcome Candace to the program again, good to see you again. Let's talk about Ukraine and cyber attacks, shall we?

Candace WhiteLight 1:19
Yeah, good to see you too Franz. So I think we're doing a great job here, lots to look back on.

We've talked a lot about people's awareness of how the internet works. One of the things that I am working on right now is to try to build a little bit more of an understanding of the way that the systems work, and to look back into how they were set up. And then what we have now, that are the dirty systems, the corrupt systems that they've used against us for quite a few years, as you said, and it is a point of reference that we have in time right now, which is because of the fact that this particular country, which is right on the border of Russia, has been a fight over resources and also a cyber controlled space.

This gets down to some key ingredients that were installed there by the deepstate many years ago, in order to facilitate what it is that they are transferring. And that happens to be money and cyber currency. So the rise of cyber currency didn't just happen with a "let's see what happens" kind of thing in mind. They've used it for laundering money all over the world. And so that's where I'm going with this. And it sounds like we can probably dive into the meat of the issue pretty quickly here.

Franz Glaus 3:09
Shall I bring that little piece up? Biden presenting options for massive, unprecedented cyber attack? Let me show it on screen right now. Do you wanna show it?

Candace WhiteLight 3:22
Yeah, that's fine.

Franz Glaus 3:24
There it is. This from disclosedTV and of course, it's all over the headlines. "Just in: Biden has been presented with options for massive, unprecedented cyber attacks against Russia. Among cyber options us considering disrupting internet connectivity across Russia, shutting off electric power, and tampering with railroad switches to hamper Russian ability, resupplies forces." Biden is just such a hero, isn't he?

Candace WhiteLight 3:52
At this point in time, I can't say that he has any of that within his character whatsoever. This is an NBC report. So everybody's got to understand this is their version of reality. Because we have been shown a movie, this is all illusion.

I just want to pick it apart, because I think it's pretty hilarious. But for them to sit down and actually talk to him in person and have him even understand what they're talking about, because I doubt he even has a cell phone that he uses. You know, that always makes me a little bit nauseous because they came after, you know, I mean, Obama was all this smart guy about he could use a cell phone, and all that. Then when Trump came in, it's like, oh, no, he doesn't know anything, he does mean tweets. It's insane what they have made up about this entire situation.

So I want to just pick this apart briefly. To have this be a consideration that anybody would come up, it's a tell, it's projection. Okay, so where is it that they got these ideas? Well, they've gotten these ideas because they've been talking about them for years about about, in the United States our vulnerabilities.

What's the one thing everybody is attached to in this country? It's the internet. What is the last thing that anybody is attached to in Russia? It's the internet, they could care less. But for here, it would be a real threat to say, Yeah, we're gonna just take it all down. And we can do that. And you know, there's only four portals that exist in this country. And we just have to flip some switches and you're all done. All your transactions, all your banking, all your locations that you go to every day for coffee and for groceries, all of a sudden they tell you, "I can't take your credit card today, the systems are down." Does anybody carry cash any more? Okay, so that's a given.

We can talk about shutting off the electrical power. What just came up recently? It's about the power grids, how vulnerable is our power grid and how easily it would be for people to attack it. That is actually a reality in some ways, for us in this country.

But you think it is in Russia? Hmm. Franz: Not nearly.

Candace: So again, it's like trying to interpret things. We have to do this on a regular basis every day, 100 times; because they're feeding us information that is totally bass ackwards as we used to say.

Okay, so the last one is my favorite, that they're going to tamper with railroad switches. I remember at least probably 10 incidences in the last 10 years, where it was those switches, those damn switches, they didn't work so well, that caused trains to completely derail.

In fact, we just had one up in Montana not too long ago, totally knocked an Amtrak off and derailed eight cars. And it was a mess, because it was the main line where Amtrak has priority to go to take all the freight back and forth from guess where the Port of Seattle. They shut down all the ports, then they crashed an Amtrak train, held it all up during a critical period of time, by the way.

So guess who controls or has the ability to mess up switches? That's the deepstate right here in this country. So they just projected everything that I have been talking about for a long time about why people need to know how their systems work, where their internet comes from, and how their systems are set up, so they don't get hacked.

I can launch into a whole other thing here, the immediate issue that Juan O Savin reported yesterday, in a show with Nino. It was a question and answer, and it was probably one of the best shows he's ever done, as far as I'm concerned, in terms of, you know, addressing some very critical issues that everybody is interested in knowing about.

Franz Glaus 8:48
I listened to the interview Juan O Savin did with Nino Rodriguez, where they're talking from the Trump Tower, the presidential presidential suite in the Trump Tower.

He talked about how the deepstate - that is left, because I see that so much of it's been already taken down - what's left of the deepstate is allowed to show itself for the education of the world. Juan says in his words that theyve got to burn down Ukraine the same way that they had to take down the World Trade Center, Building Seven; the same way they took down the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.

The point was that the whole thing is a scam; every one of these events, including this Ukraine conflict, is a scam because what's really behind it is trying to prevent their criminality from being exposed to the world. There's so much criminality that the deepstate has involved in Ukraine, the Biden crime family, as we've so often written about and people got canceled by media and social media for covering. You got kicked off Twitter for mentioning Hunter Biden's laptop, "the laptop from hell."

We wrote on it in detail, and anyone who was paying attention, saw that there is a crime family with the name Biden, and they're involved deeply in Ukraine, and in the laundering of money, and the trafficking of people, arms and energy.

So Juan made this point, saying that these criminals feel that they have got to destroy this evidence, they're panicked. This is why they've got to blame Putin and Trump for the war in Ukraine, and then destroy the evidence and blame them for the mess that's left behind. And it's just another one of these scams, but this time, it's not gonna happen that way.

Candace WhiteLight 11:49
That's the big point here is and cutting to the heart of things here, this does affect each one of us; because we can say that we have been scammed over and over and over again. We have been subjected to a lot of con, and I call it the con, and it is a set of circumstances that is playing out. Much like any of these incidences, there was always money involved, because money is being laundered, same damn deal.

Iran, Ukraine are all in on it. Saudi Arabia, the whole Obama presidency, Osama bin Laden and the rise of the terrorists, al Qaeda, ISIS, you know, the whole deal, McStain (John McCain), they're all in on it.

In order to flip this, in order to really make be thorough about it, we have to get down to what I call the coding or the nuts and bolts of the internet, which is really where they've done all their dirty work. That's where they communicate, where they're able to transact money. It's where they're able to walk sort of hidden from our view.

When you go on your computer, you're seeing a thin veneer of facts that you are fed, like a script. And it's over and over and over again, it's a form of hypnosis. It's also a form of what we would call MK Ultra, where you get into what's called a negative feedback loop. Now, this has to do with brainwave state, and it also has to do with them getting control of you. So if you start to put all this stuff together, and you say, somebody asked you a question like they did with Juan, which is what led to this is, you know, are we going to World War Four? It's called that now because Juan has stated that World War Three was when we brought down the Soviet Union. (The Cold War)

Franz Glaus 14:21
I also heard him call it, the Cold War Two, because we fought the Cold War and finally beat the Soviets. Now there's a second Cold War being fought here.

Candace WhiteLight 14:37
Okay. Because it's a resurgence of the same technology that they want you to think that we're working under. I can put two and two together really quickly because we just talked about that about what I consider is Cold War technology. It's very old technology, it has to do with what is called resonance or Hertz in waveforms.

It's what is all around us at all times, it was never meant to really be used like a weapon. But they've been able to weaponize it like with the cranked up 4G towers, with the 5G that was in Wuhan that basically knocked people dead, that had been infected with the C19 bioweapon.

This was a technology that they knew about. They've known about it for quite a while. It has coincided with the rise of the use of the Internet; and we have to look at the timeline here because it's 2022 and 20 years ago, was 2002, which was when everybody started even thinking about the internet. And it wasn't even available until 2008 when the telecoms started being able to code it into their cell towers.

It was at that time, and then through the Obama administration, the good old Obama phone that you just got for free and carried it around with you everywhere, people were used as a part of this network that tracked information. The rise of Facebook came right after that, created by DARPA, it was made to track your information. Anyone listening out there should know that they know all about you right down to what kind of food you like to eat.

They are now in the process of making a move against an entire country, the biggest country (geographically) in the entire world, and against a leader that basically is just advocating for his own people. He doesn't want this crap, he doesn't need it, they're fine. The only issue that they can be manipulated with is the issue of energy. Energy is hand in hand with what is going on right now. Right from the chair that I sit, in everybody's minds, in everybody's body. And that has to do with scalar waves. I know it's a leap for someone because they probably are like, what's a scalar wave? You know,

Franz Glaus 18:06
.. and you're gonna tell them!

Candace WhiteLight 18:09
I'm gonna describe it. So yeah, just hang on for a second, we'll get through it. It's not a long description, because it's actually nothing new. What is old is new again. As Q used to say, :future proves past."

We are coming into an age where we are going to dominate, not a small feat, we're going to dominate we're going to defeat these controllers that came in in the early part of the 1900s; and who took over all of our processes of energy. They came in and they locked up oil, they locked up steel, they locked up lumber, they locked up electricity; and with that particular move, and it was quite a little fight they had but you know, it was always the war between Edison and Tesla and their AC vs DC, right?

Tesla won, except for the fact that he lost the patent to the other side, because they knew it was better, but they manipulated him, though he was a good man. Tesla was into providing for humanity, free energy. And they sure as heck didn't like that. No.

In a nutshell Scalar Wave is something that is all around us all the time. And if people want to think that it's bad, I just had a conversation with my neighbor who's scared to death of WiFi and everything else. I said Yeah, we need to get into scalar waves and she's like, No, no scalar. And I said, Wait, you know, I've got one right here in my hand. It's a scalar pendant and it emanates from the rocks, it's actually something that is called negative ionization, you experience it after a thunderstorm. And when you're sitting next to a waterfall, and uh, you also can experience it just with your mind in terms of avoiding what's called beta brainwave state, which is the agitated state that all that I'm going to blow everybody's mind at this point in time, but everything that exists, and it is a hertzian rate.

So there's a difference, because scalar is not hertzian. And hertz rate is what we think with our brains, it's electric. So, when we are just doing everyday activities we become very engaged in, they call it left brain thinking, right? It's the task oriented, the person that has knowledge based facts and can remember things.

We also have the right side of our brains, which is the creative side, and does the process of dreaming and visualizing, creative painting, music and everything else. So so we have a duality that's set up in our brains. Scalar waves don't have any duality. They're everywhere all the time. So they exist, whether we want them or not to, but they can be in either positive or negative form. Now, what does that remind you of Franz? Just give it a guess? What's positive and negative?

Franz Glaus 21:56
Lots of things.

Candace WhiteLight 21:57
Magnets. You got polarity with a magnet positive and negative. So now again, if I were to describe it as a simple process, I would say all of us exist within a field constantly. That's called the torus field which is an electro magnetic phenomenon and that encircles the Earth. It is what is outside of the ionosphere. The ionosphere goes up to about 180 miles above the surface, it is everything that we live in, every bit of oxygen that we breathe, every plant that grows.

When you get that far out, you're going into space. So when we are dealing with the internet, of course, we're bouncing around all sorts of waves and radionics is for a ham radio and is bounced off of the ionosphere. That's why it can go so far. And you do it with more power. That's a basic physics lesson, but we hear sitting in front of our computers that we don't need anything but a very narrow bandwidth in order to power everything.

So what did [they] do? They figured out how they could corrupt it. And so when they talk about a cyber attack, let me circle around here like I'm Jen Psaki. What we're doing is we're disrupting the process of the movement of the internet, which is in packets. And there's another terminology to throw out. How did these packets travel where they travel along? Copper wire, or they actually are sent through the air and in wave form that is then collected by your little device or your antenna on your WiFi.

Now, it's easy to corrupt. It's easy to break into, because it is copper. It's infinitely hackable. In other words, you can change the structure. There are DDoS attacks, also Internet Protocol attacks. I could go on and on. It's something that we don't understand really, but they can do that.

Now who is "they?" The Q Army referred to the Digital War. It's about a bunch of people that are sitting behind their computers that actually know what they're doing. And they can send these disrupted signals out. They can interfere with people's processes on the other side of the world. All this requires something to get the signal from point A to point B; my point being that we have talked about the need to transition to lightwave connections.

In other words, when we are carrying these signals by light, it's a way more efficient way to do it. I mean, you just can't even imagine. Plus, light frequencies don't bother us, they do not interfere with our bio organisms, they don't give us headaches. It's not something you can get too much of, although UV rays will give you a sunburn. But as far as you know, data rate transfers, no, it's not, there's nothing damaging to it at all. So we do it every day, a zillion times a day with signal that goes through microwave, or through a fiber optic cable. Microwaves also work except that they're very directional, and they can be a problem for people that are working on those towers.

They're not necessary, but right now, that's part of our technology. So we're going to keep it around until we really get all completely changed over.

So if I'm making sense, basically, I just want to get to the point where I'm trying to describe the concept of cyber warfare, or a digital war is one that is is understood by very few, but that everybody thinks that they're going to be able to affect somebody's railroad switches.

I used to drive on the Highline (Montana northern region near Canada) out to destinations where they knew how to use computers, and they had gone from really old systems to new systems fairly recently, like the last three years. Yes, switches can be remotely operated. That's not something you want to do, if you're driving a train, just use something that is corruptible to manage your switching for your train tracks. It all sounds a little bit wonky to me.

[Abbreviated transcript]
What's coming is a light frequency system that can't be hacked and that will give you direct internet access right from your phone.

Franz Glaus 28:37
[Abbreviated transcript]
Juan O Savin recently spoke of the situation with an oil or gas pipeline supplying much of the East Coast being hacked and shut down for hours, exposing a great vulnerability in this nation that will be alleviated with the new tech we're talking about.

Candace WhiteLight 31:48
I do like to share this information and I was given the go ahead to make a namesake for 107 out on social media because he does not do social media. And he wanted to just have a place marker put out that was monitored properly so that nobody would come in that was undesirable, something that has happened throughout social media. People faking social media pages and sites for Melania and Donald Trump are obvious examples.

So I did that on Facebook, it's called JUAN O SAVIN, all capital letters, it's a private group. I also have one on Telegram. Neither of them have a lot of people in them yet. But that's fine by me. I just put the stuff up like his shows, transcripts and prayers. And, you know, I think I've been pretty good about this.

Franz Glaus 33:22
It's been excellent, the content gets better all the time. You're putting in scripts, you're putting up prayers, you're putting up links interviews done recently, and not so recently, but still very, very relevant. It's a great site, I enjoy going to it as a regular focus. And what we know about Juan is that he knows a heck of a lot on both sides of the ledger, the tech side and the intelligence side, but also the spiritual, historical side, the biblical side.

Candace WhiteLight 34:00
He's really a Renaissance man. I just want to say while I'm thinking about it, that Franz is my co admin on the site. So he is on the 107. And then he also has the Ruby Ray McAfee Decode, which I am part of, and of course, he has his site, Ruby Ray Media. And so all of these are a format for you folks out there to really get involved and we'd love to have conversation.

I do have another site (on Telegram) called "Juan O Savin Official," which is a place where you can come in and then post stuff as well as getting all the content from the official channel. So if you're not familiar with it, come in and we'll help you out because of all of the formats are out there. I just wanted to get to this today to Franz before we finish.

It's very important to know there are going to be survivors in this entire flip that we talked about, that are already coded, to be able to, to really receive the full rich development, technically, that has been created from a wellspring of people.

Trump's Truth Social is one of them, although they have been having their problems, and it is going to be a while before they have everything up and running. And it's all good. Right now, the only thing they have is an iPhone app. And I guess it's going through a lot of products that, they've been experimenting with and trying to come up with a format that really works. They've really had some difficulties. So it's not a sure thing at this point. I do know that Juan is working with that team, and that his involvement has to do with his site 107Daily.com.

So we're gonna see some movement in that regard to the new. I call it "6G" just for lack of a better designation. It's quantum, the quantum computer stuff. So that is kind of where it sits right now. And we are in a good time, if folks can really sit back for a second and just enjoy the show. We know how this story ends; and it's really for the good that we go through all of this.

What's out there on social media has been kind of a train wreck. And the ones that are gonna survive from what I understand, are Rumble and Telegram, even if there are still some changes that are going to be made, which may lead to some major downtime, as they try to hook things up to the quantum. That's kind of a simplistic way to look at it, because it's far more complicated than that.

Much of it is gonna appear the same to us, as far as what we see on our screens. We're not going to have to go through this big learning curve. When Big Tech dumped all of us patriots out, when they took all of our YouTube accounts down, our Twitter accounts too, those two platforms are done, they're just not gonna survive this. We're hoping that we're able to pull everything off Twitter before it completely becomes unusable. I think that there's kind of a line in the sand between who's gonna survive and who's not because if YouTube were to be brought over into the new paradigm, they would bring over with them all of the bots, and all of the AI and all the crap that is now a part of their system, embedded in?

Franz Glaus 38:37
Yeah, all of all the algorithms and how do you clean all that out?

Candace WhiteLight 38:45
In this particular case, it's like people have said, Oh, Facebook is so corrupt. Well, the thing was, is that DARPA built it, but they didn't do a great job of it. The back end on Facebook is like Swiss cheese. So our guys in the digital army went in and they built a new kind of network for it to stand on. Now the coding for the entire platform of Facebook - expand your thinking here for a moment, imagine everything times a bazillion - we were able to move it all over and Juan has stated that they have the code on his server base. So that's a good thing.

That doesn't mean it instantly changes and everything is good already. It does mean that I can put up a thing that I just did on JUAN O SAVIN on Facebook with all its "Terms of Service" people, I kept watching for them to censor me, but there's been nothing at all. I am amazed at how clean it has become. I have three groups. I've been on Facebook ever since it started, I've had generally one name and I got taken down once for four days, but I had my guys that I knew in the digital army, look at it, and they went in and they went, Oh, there was just something broken back there, everything's fine. And I was back on all my stuff was there. I didn't lose anything. And for me, Frequency of the Earth is my mainstay. I've had that group for over two years now. And I'm really proud of it. There's tons of resources in there, it's all about, if you want an article on scalar, ask to come in, please be a part of this.

I consider it kind of like an experiment. And I put up these graphs, I go into tremendous technical detail, probably more than you'd ever want. For me, I was given this project from the beginning and helped with it by the chief in charge of what I would consider new physics.

And this guy is, again, the renaissance man we just talked about, has been there for me on many occasions where I've run into situations I didn't quite understand. Now I've done it on my own for quite a while now. I'm very pleased that this has something that I regard now as being crucial to what people understand. And this is this concept of ether, or scalar waves, or the new physics. All of those are sort of in the same basket. We've got it all together, we have to get this concept going on wherever we're really looking at this future with a wonder, you know, with the childlike wonder of the new day in front of us. That's a spiritual concept. I love interweaving some of my work with the words of our Lord God, Savior, Jesus Christ, and also from the Ascended Masters, which we have talked about Franz...

Franz Glaus 42:41
There's no difference, Jesus and the ascended masters and the Schumann resonance and the whole spiritual implications of Schumann Resonance, scalar, scalar waves, and let's say the higher frequencies of the higher mind is going to be something we'll get into more next week.

We may have intended to do a little more of that; but we had to touch on what are some immediate issues that people are going to be looking at because it's been splashed in front of us in a way that you can't miss. The cyber attacks on Russia, from the US, the war of Russia and Ukraine, all of these constructs. They're designed to create beta brain wave states, they're designed by those who are being taken down now, to give you a groupmind, monkeymind type of approach to your existence, that's just not going to be helpful to you at all.

What we strive to do is help people see it in the big picture, get us take a step back, get into proper harmony with the progress that mankind is making, rather than these attempts to keep us from making progress. And that's our purpose. That's our purpose for these discussions, and we're going to take it to another level next time, aren't we?

Candace WhiteLight 44:23
This just gets better and better. And I, I know, today was a little rough and I went too fast probably for most folks to really comprehend. But I, I wanted to give you the ground level knowledge base, and I just appreciate everybody out there for listening and I just want to say, um, you know, that we are sort of unique out there in terms of what we have, have started fronds and I do hope that this expands into a situation. You know, that is is more viewed, if you will, but we are in that phase right now. This is what folks have to understand is, we can't quite come forward with all this good technology yet because we've got to watch them while they're destroying themselves. And that's what is that a quote from right? You know, it's Napoleon, I think, where you said, never interfere with an enemy that's destroying themselves, you know. And, you know, so we're, what we have now is a is a hold pattern, and they're trying their darndest to, to set us all off. And to think that everybody is, you know, they're going to set off all these, these weapons and they will not be allowed, I just, you know, and you can confirm that this is a cyber war, this is a digital war, it does not involve your body. It's something that is felt by us in some ways. But if we go into that flow state, if we maintain our calmness, if we try to think of that particular set of circumstances around you, that bring you peace and tranquility, take a deep breath. Understand that this will be over fairly soon. This is not months or years away. This is days or weeks. That's acceptable. It is exciting. It's and and everybody has that process that you can understand that is so important is that you were born here to do this. Yeah. And it's a great crimes against humanity, there's going to be a lot of people that are going to suffer and pay for what they have done to us. But we will rise again in the measure of help from God above. And we have seen the writing on the wall. We're all walking the walk of Abraham. We are our own destiny. And it is done hand in hand with the greatest thing in all of our lives, which is Father God and heaven. So let's just Yes, let's go there. And we'll end it for today. And we'll, we'll start out next week. Thank you

Franz Glaus 47:29
It's going to be great. Thanks, Candace. God bless. Thanks and God bless everyone. Thanks for watching.

Candace WhiteLight 47:35
Thank you, Franz

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