Roseanne the Rabbi: It's Decreed, the People Rule


General Michael Flynn and Clay Clark's ReAwakening America tour was never better!

This past weekend, they prevailed over Vegas' corrupt cancel culture, forced to set up a tent with no AC (everything they tried to do was opposed by the freak state,) patriots in the thousands waving programs in their faces to beat the merciless desert summer,  yet never more pumped-up to be a part of an inspired America First event featuring some of the greatest hearts-on-fire that America can produce.

Roseanne Barr closed the weekend and when she entered the stage there was such an enthusiastic shower of loving appreciation from an overjoyed crowd of thousands of fans!

And she did not disappoint.

Her heart's love for God and His people has never blazed hotter. Roseanne the Rabbi delivered a fiery speech representing the Decrees of God.

And she spoke to what [they] have hidden these thousands of years about Rabboni's life and teachings.

We have the video and the transcript for your edification.

Roseanne the Rabbi: It's Decreed, the People Rule

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Aug 28 2023
Length 32:12 (Transcript below)


"I thank you for not being mad at me because there's so much about Jesus that people don't know and I've studied it my whole life and I feel like it's time for the heavens to open and people to receive the truth about Jesus. They've kept it from us for 2000 years. They've hidden it from us for 2000 years. But as Jesus said, it's a mustard seed. It's like a mustard seed and we will access it and no weapon formed against us shall have dominion."


Roseanne Barr 0:00

Hi, everybody! Wow! Boy. Well, I cannot begin to tell you what a privilege it is for you to have me here this afternoon.

You know, I had this thought what I should do is I should dress up like a man and go to the schools and start reading the Bible to the kids. Like that? Because the kids, they really need the prayer back in the schools, don't they? They need the prayer back in the schools. Now that everybody's carrying the gun and the teachers are trying to have sex with them, they really need that prayer. That's a joke.

You know, I ran for President in 2012 against Obama. I don't know if a lot of you know that. I did. I didn't win, in case you didn't know that. But yeah, I figured it was time for a woman, you know, it's time for a woman to be on top of this, you know? Because the truth is anything a man can do a woman can get another man to do even better.

Well, honestly I'm here today, I'm gonna come out of the closet to y'all. I never have came out of the closet like this before. But I was talking to my friend, Juan O'Savin. Y'all know him. I was talking to him the other day on the phone and I finally came out of the closet to him and I told him I was gonna do it here, too. A lot of people don't know this about me. But I am a very religious person. Yeah, and in fact, I hesitate to say this, but I am a rabbi. I am. Isn't that weird? I'm not a good one. But I am. I am a rabbi and I'm here to do some spiritual warrior stuff with you guys today. We are going to fight.

We are going to fight today and I'm going to tell you why. Because today is Sabbath. Today is Sabbath. Sabbath Shalom, everybody. I don't usually work on Sabbath, but I was praying on it and God said, Well, this is not work for you, Roseanne, this is fun. So it's okay.

And a lot of people don't know this. But on Sabbath, it's the devil's day off. Because the devil cannot exist on a holy day that's holy to God. There is no devil today. And what that means to each and every one of us is that our prayers today they are going straight up. There is no gravity. There is no gravity, there is no negative force. There is no hatred, there is nothing stopping us. There is nothing stopping our prayer to go straight up to God Almighty himself and rain down on us and make us strong.

And this is part of the prayer that I'm saying for you. And for me today that God will imbue us with the emotional strength to stand after we stumble to endure when the path is unendurable and to endow us with the power to finish everything we begin, persistence to always follow through, determination to go the distance, and tenacity to complete the most difficult of tasks. May He grant us that today.

I also wanted to read you something that means so much to me, because when I was working in Hollywood on my show about when it started in 1998, I came to Hollywood because as a little girl, age three, I wrote about it in one of my books called Roseannearchy. I don't know if y'all read it. But it is a very spiritual book about how I killed Satan in my life. And I would suggest that you go and read that, because when I was a little girl, I grew up in an apartment house full of survivors from Nazi Germany, that my grandparents sponsored over here from the concentration camps.

And we had Sabbath dinner every Friday night in my grandmother's house, and she had a window seat in her living room where I would get up there and do my Shirley Temple impersonations, which my family told me I was better than Shirley Temple. And I believed them. And, you know, I didn't realize they had lied to me until I was about 12. And I was extremely angry. But when those people in the house would laugh at my jokes, and applaud for my dancing, and all that, they were very happy. And I felt so grateful and touched by God that I could make people laugh and make people happy. And I knew then that that's what I wanted to give my life to. And I did. And the rewards for it have just been fantastic.

And as you know, I accomplished a lot and it was fun. I feel that a lot of it was me being like Daniel in the lion's den as a believer in God, in a place where there is no God; how Daniel talks about the fourth guy that was in there with him. I always had the fourth guy in there with me, too.

I always tried to tell a story about struggling people who still had the greatest gift of all which was the gift of love for each other no matter what. I wanted to tell that story over the airwaves because I felt we were missing that, the foundation of the human soul that God created on this planet, our love for each other and our love for what is right.

In my book Roseannearchy I talked about when I was a little girl, I had a very sad childhood and how little kids have an invisible friend. Mine was God. I would talk to him every day. I always talk to God. I felt like God always answered every prayer that I've ever had. I would accuse God when I was mad at him, too, and I would say, Why don't you lift a finger to help suffering people? You could lift a finger and you could get rid of all this suffering, why don't you do it? And God told me, Because I don't have fingers, Roseanne, but you do and I created an opposable thumb on your hand so that your fingers could do a lot of great things in service to your fellow beings. So get busy and stop sitting there and asking me why, why, why. It's just very personal to me. Always.

God would sometimes come and say, Roseanne, I have a job for you to do. I'd say, Oh my God, can't you get somebody else? It never works out good for me when you tell me to do something. Okay? Can you get somebody they want to hear it from? He's like, No, it has to be you, Roseanne, I'm like, Well, you know, I'll do it. God says like, Well, I want you to do it, Roseanne. I want you to go and tell people that I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore.

That's what he wants me to tell you all. And I know you feel it. Because these people, they want to shame our God. They just get a big thrill out of it every day shaming us for believing in Him, for calling on his name, for having faith in him, for trying to share that faith to help our fellow human beings to help our children, to keep our country safe, to keep our country, the country we believe in, fought and died for, they want to shame that.

They want to shame God himself in front of our children, to tell them that God made them to be born in the wrong body. This we cannot let go on. We cannot let this go on. And the good news is that we will not let it go on. We don't just want it to stop, we have the ability to make it stop. And we will make it stop, starting here today, right now.

That's why I came here because I knew that this was in everybody else's heart as well. Because I watch everybody. I hear what everybody's saying. My kids are mad at me cuz I sleep with my computer on, you know, I am just on the computer following Patriots and the great sacrifice that they're making for everyone.

Everybody who has a voice, speaking out, calling upon God, accessing the energy and the intelligence of our Creator to make this happen. And we have that ability to access the love and the intelligence and the power of our Creator. We have the ability to arouse, have the power and the mercy of our Creator to come and help us that is our power here on Earth. We have that. We were born with it.

Don't let them lie to you and tell you, you are not connected, and you don't have that power, because you do. You have it in your heart, you have it in your brain, you have it in your liver, you have it in all your organs, you have it in your skin. In fact, the Torah tells us that God's greatest gift to us is our skin. And that this is one way we know that God is speaking to us. When the hair on your body stands after you hear something holy, that is God showing you that words change matter. Words affect matter right in your own body.

I have nothing but just the greatest respect and love for you to be here with me today. You have given me so much strength after they tried to lay me low, they tried to lay me low, they killed my character. They tried to lay me low and for a while, I just felt like I was not gonna make it, but then God came in, of course, like He always does, and wrapped me in his beautiful soft wings. And he kept me alive.

You know how he kept me alive? I was at my mom's house when they were calling me racist, which is so horrible, because my whole life I've campaigned for justice and for equality and I put myself on the line for those things. My whole life after being raised with Holocaust survivors. I could do nothing else. But that's where they got me in my Achilles heel and I was at my mother's house and I was so afraid.

The knocks came on my mother's door and I was like, Oh my God, they're coming for me. They're gonna tell me I'm a racist. They came to my mother's door and my boyfriend answered it because we were afraid. And on the porch were people of all colors in Salt Lake City, Utah. And they said, Tell Roseanne that we love her. I love you, I love you.

I realized, right then I realized, I went right back. You know how they say, It's biblical? It was so biblical because I realized right then that God, he had taken me out of Egypt. He had taken me out of a place where my soul was fighting every day because you don't know what it's like to sit up in a writer's room with 15 libtards. You don't know what that's like talking about Daniel's Den. The lions had taken me out of Egypt.

I did wander in the desert for a while wondering what I was gonna do but they saw everything I had. And then I realized that God had led me to the promised land of pure, creative freedom, where I can say what I want, and I can talk about God all the time. That's all I've ever wanted to do is just talk about God and His mercy, and his beauty, and his intelligence, and his love for us, and how we need to access that for our love for each other because that will be our weapon.

The joy we feel in serving our God is our weapon and Satan can do nothing about it. He cannot touch our joy. The Torah says those who run in joy to serve God are the weapon against evil. We run in joy to serve the love and the intelligence of God.

Those of you who are Christians, please sign up for my podcast where I am beginning to talk about the Jewish Jesus. That's what God has wanted me to do my whole life. But as I told Juan O Savin, I'm so afraid to do it because everybody's gonna be so mad at me.

I thank you for not being mad at me because there's so much about Jesus that people don't know and I've studied it my whole life and I feel like it's time for the heavens to open and people to receive the truth about Jesus. They've kept it from us for 2000 years. They've hidden it from us for 2000 years. But as Jesus said, it's a mustard seed. It's like a mustard seed and we will access it and no weapon formed against us shall have dominion.

It shall not prosper on earth as it is in heaven. That's our task; to lift this place from the hell they've created for our children. The hell that the children of this earth have been forced to live in underneath our feet. We're gonna stop it. We have the ability. We have the way and that is our group prayer where we access the intelligence in the mighty mind of our Creator together.

I pray that all those people who have power in that world that God will touch what's left of their souls if they have any; that God will touch what vestigial soul they have, and he will awaken their memory, turn them to be human beings. That God will alight a spark in their dark souls and bring them back to him. I ask you to pray with me. I ask you to pray with me in Jesus' name for that. They can't touch us.

I want to read you this song, this poem, that I used to listen to every day when they were trying to take my show away 20 years ago. You know they did that. They finally won. Whatever. They can't make it good now, though. They don't have any soul. They don't understand about how a mother loves her family.

Disney always kills the mother, did you notice that? From Bambi to me, they gotta get rid of the mom. The mothers of this country... It's like the mothers of this country have got to get busy. Gotta get busy. And the fathers of this country, you got to get busy too.

You won't like what I'm going to tell you right now but a lot of you got to tell your women to sit down and shut up. I thought I'd hear much more applause for that. Some of these women need their husband to say, Honey, I appreciate it but you gotta sit down and shut up now because they got all the women under mind control. I don't know. They got us on too many pills. That's one thing. We don't know whether we're coming or going. Of course, they got all the men on Viagra. That's a tool of the devil. I'll tell you what, they're trying to destroy our happy homes with that Viagra. That's what they're trying to do, ladies. They got all the men all jacked up on this Viagra. And at the same time, their wives all just want to watch their "how to kill your husband" shows in peace. They are trying to destroy our happy homes.

Here's this poem I want you to hear. Because this filled up my soul every day. I used to listen to it about 95 times every day before I went to work and I thought well, I think these people are gonna like it because Mel (Mel K, one of the speakers) told us who they are, which was great. It's great that she told us about the people who own every cent in this world and keep track of every penny.

I want to talk about who we are and that's what this poem tells us. Okay, I hope I do it justice. It's called People Have the Power.


God, please, help America. God please bless America. God, please unite us through all of our separations that they send on the TV 24/7 through race, class, everything. They're trying to kill us people. They attacked Hawaii, they're trying to kill the working people. God please, please come to our defense. Let us develop the eyes to see what you're doing on our behalf. Let us develop the eyes to see the miracles you make for us every day. I humbly ask you with everyone here, God let us see what you do to save this great nation. Amen.

U S A! U S A! U S A! That's right. Didn't you love Trump's mug shot? Was that fierce? Wasn't that fierce, his mug shot? He's like staring down the devil. We all should stare him down, too, because he's afraid when we're happy and we're loving and we enjoy. 

Stare the hell out of that SOB!

Thank you so much. God bless you all. Love you so much!


Juan O Savin with Ninos Corner TV on PSYOP work by Jan Halper

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Adding context to current events is Juan's specialty. He knows the death cult very well; and he's happy about how things are going.


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