Predictive Programming on a World Wide Scale


We are well aware the elites who control Hollywood, world finances, big pHARMa, fake news, and grand political structures dutifully maintain their predictive programming agenda using modern media. Propaganda is easy to pass onto the masses via that tv in every home and those streaming devices we carry in our pockets. But how did the elites of yester-year program the common man and woman before 90% of earth's population had modern tech devices?

The World's Fair: A setup to introduce the 'scripted' future.

"A world's fair, also known as an international or universal exhibition or an expo, is a large international exhibition designed to showcase the achievements of nations. These exhibitions vary in character and are held in different parts of the world at a specific site for a period of time, typically between three and six months." (source: Wiki)

England held the first official World's Fair, known as the 'Great Exposition,' in 1851. Since then, there have been over 70, with only 13 being held in the USA, and not one held here since 1985. Excessive planning and wealth go into constructing World Fairs and Expos. These futuristic 'cities' are like Six Flags on steroids. 

I was fortunate enough to visit New York World Fair in 1964.

Traveling with my aunt and a nephew, we took a bus from PA to New York and dutifully gawked at every display in fascination. We saw then the type of technology we are experiencing today. From robots to PCs to med beds, we gawked at it all. It was like walking through a time machine of the future. 

And there you have it! PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING at its grandest. 

Many of the first World Expos held were before electricity was centralized, automobiles and plumbing were commonplace, and before the phone or the phonograph, the tv and radio became a part of every home. 

Where did the world learn about such unique yet modern devices in awe and wonder? 

Why at the futuristic shows such as world fairs and expos. That is how the masses could easily accept the massive technological changes from the late 1800s into the 20th century. The NWO telegraphed their every move before they made it because there was no risk; every technological 'breakthrough' was not a breakthrough  but well scripted to prepare the masses for introduction into the 'mechanization age.' 

Before the world fairs introduced the concepts, the technology was already founded for decades, possibly centuries, before mass distribution. 

The video below explains how World Fairs achieve predictive programming. 

As you watch, remember the only conspiracy here is the one that, for the last 170 years, has been engineered as the largest psyop in history achieved using the global imaging experience called the 'World's Fairs and Expos.' They are constructed solely to introduce propaganda to individuals personally and on one of the most enormous scales ever conceived

Unanswered Questions About the History of Technology and Our Civilization

RubyRayMedia-Rumble (mirrored from HATS on Telegram)
Published May 30, 2022
Length 5:14

Video Highlights: 

"The story of the expositions is a gigantic lie, and I think it's a huge lie because I think they're right at a bridge point when so many things about the 1800s that seem strange and weird, right as this sort of period end up unbelievable strangeness. And all of a sudden, these fairs springing up all over the world with impossible buildings." 

Statues of Gold?

"Chicago built 700 acres of fair, and supposedly less than two years, St. Louis still 1200 acres of exposition buildings, one of the buildings in Chicago, the manufacturers building a wood house, 300,000 people, there's a giant statue in the middle of a lagoon, it was called the Golden lady, and it was known as the statue of the Republic, it was 65 feet tall. They say it was covered in gold leaves that have copper underneath, but others speculate it was actually made out of solid gold."

The Dawn of the electric age...

"If I'm not mistaken, the Chicago fair was the first time people had seen an electric light. Tesla is the one who got the electricity contract for the Chicago exposition, and it was certainly more than all of the lights anyways that were in New York City at the time were at the Chicago exposition. Now it must have been mind-blowing for most of those people who had only seen gaslit candlelight at night to see that city lit up in such a way again; how cool was 1901? We are told whether it's true or not; the idea of being able to electrically do anything hasn't been around that long."

Tesla's Fair?

"And this fair is bizarre. This is supposed to be Tesla's Fair, where he managed to somehow move electricity from Niagara Falls to Buffalo for the fair; no one's really explained how we actually did that. And at the middle of the fair is a 395-foot high electrical tower, on top of which, of course, is a female golden statue called The Goddess of Light. That this thing was lit up by, some suggest, half a million electric light bulbs. Again, when you look at the photos of this thing. It's just so....where do they really get the power from? I mean, think of what it would take today if you had a place with no electricity and no way to pipe it in the generators that would have to be built."

Why were these magnificent places demolished? 

"How long did these things tend to stay up? But when they built these things, supposedly over two years, which is the narrative, how long were they there for six months for the public to come? And then what was amazing, for example, in St. Louis, two days after the fair ended, they brought in a demolition team from Chicago was  explosives and blew the thing up, they actually use dynamite to blow it up, and they say through it and landfills.

The things like the World's Fair show there was a time in our past and even not that far in our past, where humans seemed to be at a completely higher level of human living, and human knowledge were constructed into the buildings using cybernetics using sacred geometry. 

These fairs are so important to study because of the history that we know right now, as this history was invented when these fairs were going on! One of their underlying efforts was to teach a historical narrative to the population that they were supposed to believe and agree with. Scarily, the world we're walking into today is in some way has its origins during the time of these fairs."

Fast Forward to Today

Not much has changed in the world of predictive programming, except how the propaganda is delivered to the masses. 

Another UFO story

From science fiction books and movies to personal stories of alien abduction to video sources claiming to have captured scenes of UFO sightings, it's getting harder to know honest tales of alien life on earth from massive lies fabricated to draw attention away from reality

Whether real or made up, we know to pay attention when the NWO deep state uses the media and UFO sightings as propaganda fodder. The predictive programming script is already written for whatever propaganda and fear tactic the luciferian cabal may want to introduce to an unsuspecting public. 

Joe Rogan - UFO Sightings

RubyRayMedia-Rumble (mirrored from KanekoaTheGreat on Telegram)
Published May 30, 2022
Length 2:38

'They had advanced "alien spacecraft" over fifty years ago. Imagine what kind of technology they have today. The lucfierian cabal held humanity back in mind-blowing ways." ~ KanekoaTheGreat


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