Hymn for Freedom from Virus Tyranny: Ten Million View and Participate - “Let’s Sing and Dance Our Way to Freedom!”


French singer-songwriter HK's hit "Danser Encore" becomes the worldwide hymn of freedom from CCP virus political oppression

Over 3.6 million views in four months on his original YouTube recording, HK's song "Danser Encore" or "Keep Dancing" is a cry from the heart expressing the human need for the freedom to sing, to dance, to laugh and give hugs to loved ones. In other words, to live free instead of in the chains of fear.

Since the first lockdown over a year ago, European artists like HK were told they are "not essential," their performances and pretty much their careers and livelihoods cancelled.

Starting in cities across France, the song has gone viral, being sung worldwide in a dozen languages with more being added each day. People want to sing and dance like birds want to fly.

HK, Kaddour Hadadi, is a 44 year old French author, composer and singer, born in Roubaix, Northern France. He and his group of musicians were not expecting the success of their song "Danser Encore". It had over a million views after 48 hours, they were inundated with requests for lyrics and music by people wanting to perform it in their town or city.

HK shares that he wrote it in one evening followed by rehearsing it with his friends the next day. The day after, he filmed the hit YouTube performance with his mobile phone. For him it was a way to exorcise the frustration he felt about being categorized as not essential by the French Government, which he took as an insult, with his life as an artist being taken away from him.

The rising tide of messages of love and support HK receives from his growing audience affirms that, especially in the context of fear and Covid, people greatly appreciate his work as an artist and the role it plays as an essential part in humanity's need for music, dance, hope and happiness. People express so much happiness at participating in the spontaneous flash mobs--they have been starved in their need for human contact. It is obvious how music, dancing and other forms of arts are in fact essential to people's health and well-being.

Last week alone, HK got over one thousand videos from people who performed his song somewhere on the planet. He acknowledges that this song doesn't belong to him anymore, it belongs to the people of the world. He requests that people who perform his song distance themselves from any form of xenophobia, discrimination or violence. He wants his song to create a momentum of bringing people's souls hope and happiness.

HK plays all over France and neighboring countries with various groups of musicians, he is constantly being invited to come sing with people in their town or city. Their new stage is the streets, there are no tickets and the public is part of the show, dancing and singing along.

HK speaks from his heart. He gave several spontaneous interviews in the streets after performances, gently expressing his joy of sharing his music with the people who gathered around him. HK comes across as a very down to earth and caring. In particular, I was struck by his kindness and common sense.

HK encourages people to spread in the streets or on the square to keep distances which facilitates a tolerant attitude from the police. He criticizes the contradiction between government tolerance of millions of people being packed like sardines in busses, trains and subways on a daily basis and the harsh measures being implemented in other areas of public life. France still has, in May 2021, curfew (at 6 pm for months) now at 7 pm, which hardly allows people to get home in time after work, let alone have the time to do the food shopping they need to do!

HK very recently committed to only perform in venues where no discriminatory Covid pass will be required and where people will be able to get up and dance.

 Video: HK's "Danser Encore" - Flashmob Gare du Nord, Paris

 Video: HK's Hit Original - "Danser Encore"

 "Dancing Again" Song Lyrics

"Dancing Again"


Yes we want to keep dancing again
Having our thoughts embraced bodies
Spending our lives on a chord grid
Oh, no, no, no, no, no
Yes we want to keep dancing again
Having our thoughts embraced bodies
Spending our lives on a chord grid

We are only birds of passage
Never docile really wise
We do not pledge allegiance
At dawn in all circumstances
We come to break down the silence

And when at night at the TV
Our Good King finish to speak
Come to explain the sentences
We are being disrespectful
But always with good elegance


And self attestation we sign
Prescription of crazyness
And danger for those who think
And danger for those who dance

Each authoritarian measure
And each security delusion
Breaks down our confidence
They are so much insisting
To confine our brain and ideas
Oh, no, no, no, no, no


Let's not be impressionable
By all these very strange people
Fear sellers in abundance
Let's keep them far away
Anguishing till indecency

And for our good mental wellness
Social and Environmental
Our smiles, our intelligence
Don't be without resistance
The instruments of dementia
Oh, no, no, no, no, no

 Video Compilation All Over the World  

 "Dancing Again" Sung in English

 Video "Dance Once More" by Ellie McCall in English

 HK Official Website - Lyrics, Music, Books and News.


Accueil - Le site officiel de HK

Visit HK's website for lyrics, music, books and news..

Links to various videos in different countries / languages








HK, le chanteur de "Danser encore", l'hymne de ralliement des "non-essentiels" | LCI

PORTRAIT - Connu pour sa chanson "On lâche rien", reprise dans toutes les manifestations, le chanteur du groupe HK et les Saltimbanks, Kaddour Hadadi alias HK, est aussi l'auteur de "Danser encore", l'hymne des partisans de la réouverture des lieux d'activité culturelle.


The world is coming together AGAIN to protest our freedoms being stripped away by totalitarian governments everywhere as they use unscientific, unproven reports about 'covid' to dictate unrealistic mandates. These bodies of governments are not serving the people, they are only serving themselves and their own evil agendas.

Three Hermits: By Leo Tolstoy, Russian novelist
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