Laura Aboli says to be David in the face of Goliath


Laura Aboli is someone to follow, she works hard to defend liberty. We like her emphasis on accountability and spiritual maturity, these are what will get the job done threading the eye of the needle passing from the old world to the new #WorldOfUnityWorldOfWonder.

Laura's blog post titled "David vs Goliath" reveals how well she understands what God is trying to get us to be.

There's been an especially rabid effort this week by the censorship animals on the internet to squash the truth and Laura did not go unscathed. She's had to deal with scam accounts on Signal, Facebook and X. These scam accounts can be very effective at limiting a citizen journalist's reach in social media, discrediting them with fake stuff and a constant appeal for business.

Her Telegram account is authentic with 156,610 subscribers as well as her Instagram account with just over 4,000 subscribers.


About | Laura Aboli

Laura wishes to inspire, motivate and uplift her readers and viewers. Her work aims to make people think, discover new perspectives, feel good and focus on a positive outlook on life, health, love, spirituality and more.

David vs Goliath

We are facing a big monster, not just an evil giant but an entity so dark, so omnipresent and overreaching that it's managed to contaminate every aspect of life on this planet. Humanity is fortunately beginning to awaken to the knowledge of this evil, but the hardest part is to acknowledge that it also managed to percolate our souls.



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