Joe Rogan Asks Viewers to Suggest Guests: Georg of Orgonise Africa has a plan.


We need all freedom-fighting warriors to step forward and shine.

The last two covidiocy years have put a crimp in everyone's style. Economically, emotionally and creatively, we have all been challenged beyond anything we've experienced before.

As our spirits lift, so does the brain fog.

As we watch social media (we are the news now), it's clear victory after victory is developing. Spirits are raised as the curtain of darkness is pulled back to let in the light of truth. NOW is the perfect time to allow innovative styles to shine through in all walks of life.

Georg Ritschl of Orgonise Africa is one of those shining lights.

Georg has come up with a brilliant idea.

Check it out! Let's help him and each other daily!

Dear Readers,

This morning, while meditating, I had an inspiration:

I want to get onto the Joe Rogan Show!

With his recent amazing 3 hour Interview with Dr. Malone he's done a lot to open up a profound and positive discussion about the Vaccines and the whole pandemic story, a kind of adult discussion that was long overdue.

So he's my hero for that.

He'll love what we're doing once he knows about it, and he'll ask all the right and curious questions that make a discussion interesting. 

Apart from the orgone work, we could get into how the whole materialistic paradigm is actually in crisis and how the COVID story has brought this into sharp focus. 

So, I'd love to get a bit philosophical in this meeting of minds. 

It looks quite natural, so let's make it happen. (And yes, this ^^ is Georg!)

Luckily Joe Rogan has a contact page for screening guests. 

All we need to do is click on the link (below) and write him a message as to why he should have me on.

If you followed what we're doing for some years, that will not be difficult. 

It would be great if he gets quite a few messages. 

Are you in? 

 The image below is how the Joe Rogan contact page looks.
On the left, it is dedicated to prospective guest bookings.
Find your own words, of course.
You know why I should be on this show.
Click here to get to the page.

You could, of course, include a general link to our website, any article that you may find interesting.

But I think the best primer would be the presentation I gave at The BEM conference in Holland in 2012: 

Georg Ritschl Presentation: GLOBAL BEM conference Nov 2012
A Breakthrough That Has Already Happened!

RubyRayMedia-Rumble (mirrored from Georg Ritschl on YouTube, 3/27/13)
Published Feb 9 2022
53:56 video length

My presentation on Orgonite and orgone energy at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement (BEM) conference in Nov 2012, Hilversum, Netherlands. See also, for more information.

Let's do this as a matter of instant manifestation! 

On another note: It seems that everybody is a bit financially exhausted after 2 years of this COVID nonsense. Therefore, as I have noticed that the 20% discount for orders over $300 USD did not create as much excitement as I expected, I lowered the discount threshold to $200 USD now.

Remember: a $125 USD order amount we drop the international shipping charge of USD 19.50 which is on it's own a substantial discount and then for all orders over 200 it's gonna be another 20%.

I want you to start thinking a bit bigger!

This is for the guys (and gals) who have their eyes peeled on the big guns like the Cloudbusters, Howitzers, Powerwands and the like. Or if you're thinking of getting 50 or 100 Towerbusters and do some serious gifting.

See you at Orgonise Africa! 

From Georg and the Orgonise Africa Team 

 To learn valuable info about 'larger orgonite tools'
and what 'serious gifting' is all about,
read Georg's short newsletter :
The Life of An Orgone Warrior

The classical gifting tools below are on special and that's cumulative with the special discount.

The code is  Orgone_Warrior  and the discount is 20% for all orders over $200 USD.

Valid until Sunday, 13 February, 2022.

(links in images)

On Special: Towerbuster Dirty Harry, 20% off
On Special: Orgonite Earth Pipe, 20% off
On Special: Orgonite Cloudbuster 28mm, 20% off


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    Franz · 11 months ago
    Georg is just so valued here at Ruby Ray Media, for the heart he has for mankind. He's a true servant and so advanced in his thinking.
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