Jan Halper is one of a team of 12 who monitor society for the military


I've written twice previously about former Vice President of Republicans Overseas Jan Halper whom President Trump and General Flynn suddenly promoted in just the last couple of weeks when she appeared on the British GB News to tell viewers that prosecutors of Donald J. Trump know the "real results" from the 2020 election.

Jan appeared on Nino's Corner TV to follow up on that appearance saying she's very selective of the vloggers and podcasters she chooses to interview with, Nino Rodriguez being at the top of her list.

In this episode of Nino's Corner (which requires a subscription,) Nino asked Jan Halper about the Department of Defense task force she's part of.

She reveals that her team is tasked with monitoring the public and reporting back to their superiors at DOD who are planning the psychological operations required to bring the public out of the matrix of lies in which they are surfeited. 

It is the Great Awakening.

It would be more accurate to say, "...by APPEARING not to leave" Trump never conceded and he never "left"

A team has been contracted by the Department of Defense to be social monitors

Jan is under contract with the DOD. Her career specialty has been in mergers and acquisitions helping companies to negotiate such dramatic changes

Jan helps a company's C and management levels to understand the mindset of the employees going through those changes, what the barriers are to accepting the reorganized company's revised culture.

Jan is known for her ability to quickly zero in on problems employees have under new direction. She's been able to help management quickly gain the trust of employees in the shifting sands.

With the DOD team Jan uses these skills to help monitor and give feedback as to how the public awakening is doing, what the optics should be for helping people accept what is really going on and opening their eyes to the reality of the world.

She has attempted to analyze the "liberal" mindset and claims it's been a serious challenge. There is no capacity for critical reasoning in the liberal mindset.

"The biggest form of rejection is ignorance and the reluctance to do any investigation," she says. 

"We are looking at getting a sense of why people have bought into Biden." 

[Editor's Note:


Our readers will know that all we do here at RRM is show proof after proof that there is no Joe Biden. Is Jan hinting at that here without stating the obvious? It may be more the case that she's trying to understand why liberal Democrats actually see any value in a "Joe Biden" presidency, which is so obviously messed up to anyone with the capacity of critical thinking.]

Jan went on to say that the team is very concerned about how much can be revealed to the public, given the blowback there might be in a people that refuse to see things the way they are.

Civil war was a concern back in January 2021 but Jan doesn't think that it's a concern any more.

In her exchanges with liberals on social media, she recognized what we've recognized, that they don't have the faculty to reason critically.

Dr. Eric Berne talks about people having three ego states: parent, adult and child.

Liberals are a combination of parent, who can only judge, and child, who can only emote. They haven't been raised to be adults.

Jan doesn't really study the "social media influencers" because they are largely psyops who data harvest so they can run their psyops.

Jan confirmed that there are 12 people on the team she's on, all working with the same task, to supply the DOD's psyop teams so that they know what to do next.

[Editor's note: 5th generation warfare, summed up: a war of psyops.]

Jan said, "the military as we well know will eventually come into play. We need to figure out the timing of it and be able to predict (the reaction of the public to that.)"

Click or tap above image to launch Jan's X profile

There is a clip from this episode of Nino's Corner TV with Jan Halper in the Scotty Films musical vid below, with lots of supporting data to boot! Highly recommended.


DJT: "Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes is fantastic"

Donald J Trump posted in a repost: "Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes is fantastic"

Then Michael T Flynn backed him up!

This was a big red pill on British TV. Were they ready for it?

We here at RRM are WAY past ready!


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  • This commment is unpublished.
    TreesCanFly · 3 months ago
    I remember watching the debate. Now it seems perfectly clear. There is no vail.
    Thank you Franz for this nicely wrapped article.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Donna Poundabutter Voetee · 3 months ago
    'She reveals that her team is tasked with monitoring the public and reporting back to their superiors at DOD who are planning the psychological operations required to bring the public out of the matrix of lies in which they are surfeited.'

    But still. Monitoring is monitoring. Who, exactly, are those 'superiors at DOD'? I'm wary. Once the public is out of the matrix, will that team be disbanded or will it get a new assignment?
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Franz · 3 months ago
      If you've followed the comms from the intel side, you will know that patriots are in control.
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