GEORGIA GUIDESTONES: UPDATE: ALL GA GUIDESTONES DESTROYED ON 7/6/22!! One Down 4 To Go, But Why The Heck Was Such Evil Intent Erected Anyway?


VIDEO UPDATE! (6pm, 7/6/22): 
The whole of the Georgia Guidestones Monstrosity is now a Pile of Pebbles.

Time to celebrate even more Patriots! 


This just in: Release of GA Guidestones 24/7 Survalance Cam Video (3 & 4am 7/6/22)

 And here is the rest of the story: 

There is myth, there are stories, and there is fact.

When it comes to the Georgia Guidestones, all of the above applies. And today, the fact is, one of the 'mysterious' Georgia Guidestones has fallen!

A round of applause and a grand celebration is being sent up to the heavens, hailing the forces that collapsed part of this evil structure! But why is this so??

In this author's opinion, the crumbling of one of the 5 Georgia Guidestones is symbolic of how piece by piece, MAGA and MEGA Patriots the globe over are collapsing the tyrannical globalist rule. The majority now rejects Orwellian dystopian ideals that enslave human thoughts, words, and deeds. We are not obligated to the chains that bind us. We can now break away totally. We always could. All we needed to do was see through the lies of the New World Order and reject their sick agenda to depopulate and control mankind.

🚨BREAKING: At 4 am this morning, July 6, 2022, one of the Georgia Guidestones collapsed and crumbled. Official reports say it is an 'incident,' and others say it was an earthquake. The Hand of God moves swiftly and mightily!! No matter the reason, We the People no longer give consent, and Babylon IS fallen! AMEN!
Drone Footage of the Damage to the Georgia Guidestones 
(via David Avacodo Wolfe on Telegram)
 This report (buy Matrixxx on Telegram) is calling the event
an 'explosion' response. 

There is much speculation about the Georgia Guidestones then and now.

Here are examples of what a few Patriots have considered via their research: (the guide stones were set up in 1980)

  • The true evil hiding behind the curtain is not what anyone thinks or knows. 
  • The true evil starts with: Crowley, Jack Parsons, and L. Ron Hubbard. 
  • They continued a quest started in the 1500s to open a portal or, as some might say - A Stargate. 
  • Jack Parsons was the founder of JPL or Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA). Scientology is the front organization for the OTO or Ordo Templi Orientis, which still exists to this day.
  • L. Ron Hubbard is the real individual behind the Georgia Guidestones.
  • The Georgia Guidestones are connected to CERN.

[Forwarded from The Awakening on Telegram- ENDGAME]

  • Wondering if our guys had a hand in the Georgia Guidestones being desecrated?
  • Those stones are huge. Not easy at all to obtain the explosives necessary to shatter one.
Just thinking aloud.
  • I'm not a big believer in most of the CERN fear porn flying around. That said - I do find the timing of the Guidestone incident to be curious. What with CERN firing back up yesterday and all…

[Forwarded from AbsoluteConviction1776 ✝️🗽(Absolute1776) on Telegram]

So CERN fires back up yesterday (they use Shiva as a logo/symbolism), and this morning the Georgia Guidestone written in Hindi/Swahili gets destroyed sometime between 3-4am (the witching hour, which is hugely important for [them]). 🧐 This was a message. [from AbsoluteConviction1776 ✝️🗽🇺🇸 (Absolute1776)]
"The Guidestones are located in far eastern Georgia, about 30 miles from the college town of Athens and 90 miles from Atlanta, where the closest major airport—which also happens to be the world’s busiest airport—is located."

What Is the Real Secret of the Georgia Guidestones?

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Jun 19, 2021
Length 20:31

As we flow along in the chaos around us, we can gently help ourselves and others to get through it by wisely discerning the truth. Find that place within yourself to be the voice of reason in your sphere of influence as you discover the truth. This is the key to peace and harmony.

Of course, do not leave humor out of the peace equation. It to is a key that helps us remain steadfast as the illusion of the enemy, created to contain us, burns to the ground! 

"If Georgia Guidestones being shaken in the middle of the night isn't a prophetic sign, then I don't know what is. The people are aware. [Their] plans are coming to rubble. Wait until their entire system collapses. It'll be God who gets the glory. Babylon is falling." (from ULTRA Pepe Lives Matter- Telegram)

And when it is time to rebuild: 


Georgia Guidestones: A Complete Guide – Creepy Catalog

Honestly, folks, these stones ARE NOT MYSTERIOUS AT ALL. Understand they were set there to get our tacit consent to do what they are telling us they will do on the stones...nothing mysterious about that, folks! It's all there...or was until God crumbled their illusions. 


"The only thing that matters to them (the global cult) and their sole objective is that they defeat God. Period!" Lara Logan's video explains it in the image link above.

 Ascension vs Transhumanism

"Transhumanists are the ultimate rebels, who in their enmity with Our Heavenly Father and their hatred of the Divine Mother, have forsaken the great Antahkarana of life, the bridge to the sacred where the soul is aware of its oneness with God and with every part of God's creation, something scientists in the last hundred years have begun to identify as the Quantum field." Whoa...learn more about this in the image link above...


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    Donna Ayers-Vorbach · 2 months ago
    I have been waiting for this SPECIAL DAY to ARRIVE!!!!! Can I end up in the CAN for PRAYING???? On this day, let us not forget the Tablets of the Ten Commandment that Mankind for the LOVE OF GOD must carry in his HEART!
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    JanDohrman · 2 months ago
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    JanDohrman · 2 months ago
    Great day for America.
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