Do You Know the Real Definition of Occultism?


To understand something, it is best to define it by facts, not dogma.

The true definition of Occultism...

Its meaning has been thoroughly studied by a scholar, CW Leadbeater, and after due deliberation, he concluded: 

"The word (occultism) is derived from the Latin occultist meaning HIDDEN, so it is the study of the hidden laws of nature.

Since all the great laws of nature are, in fact working in the invisible world far more than in the visible, occultism involves the acceptance of a much more comprehensive view of nature than ordinarily taken. The occultist then is the man who studies all of the laws of nature that he can reach or of which he can hear. And as a result of his study, he identifies himself with these laws and devotes his life to the service of evolution." 

This is the true definition of occultism. It is not the practice of witchcraft, magic, or satanism as has been preached, taught, and unfortunately accepted.


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Published Mar 24, 2022
Length 13:19

This video gives a crystal clear definition of occultism and all surrounding this controversial term.  

And for your edification, the video transcript is included. 

Be open. Be teachable. Be victorious. 

Ignore this information that I'm about to present here today due to your own ego bull**** at your own peril. 

The other thing I want to say to people whose ego might be a little bit, you know, run away is, and I hear this all the time when I start to talk to people about the occult. They'll say to me; I don't believe in that stuff. That's somebody else's religious belief, and therefore, it has no effect upon me. Well, you don't need to believe in something that someone else believes in for it to have a profound impact on your life. I look at it as possibly the most naïve and foolish mindset on the face of the earth to say, Well, I don't need to look at that stuff because I don't believe that it's real. And so, I don't think it can have any effect upon me. I tell people this is the equivalent of stating, 'No one's crazy religious beliefs can possibly affect me, even if they violently act upon those beliefs in a way that can do me extreme harm.' I mean, that's insanity. There are a lot of religious extremists out there in the world, and they're willing to act upon their extremist, nonsensical belief system. It doesn't make a difference whether you believe in what they believe. You don't need to believe in what they believe; they believe in it, and they're willing to act upon it. You know, I mean, this is just common, logical sense. I mean, you know, extremists that go and shoot up Planned Parenthood, you can get caught in the crossfire as you're walking to work. You know, extremist Islamic religionists can do violent, crazy, violent acts, and people can be affected. You don't need to believe in what they believe in. So please keep that in mind.

Moving forward with what I talk about the belief systems of the people who are currently running the world. 

The word occult is derived from the Latin adjective 'occultus'. Occultus means hidden from sight. A lot of people think occult means evil. It does not and never has meant evil. It only means hidden. Okay, the Latin adjective 'occultus', meaning hidden, comes from the Latin verb 'occultare', which means to hide or to conceal or to keep secret. These terms are both derived in turn from the Latin noun, Oculus, meaning AI. 

So occultism is related to vision. It is related to what we are capable of seeing, capable of perceiving, or not perceiving. CW Leadbeater, an occultist from the 20th century, said: 

"How shall we define occultism? The word is derived from the Latin 'occultus', meaning hidden, so that it is the study of the hidden laws of nature, since all the great laws of nature are, in fact, working in the invisible world, far more than in the visible occultism involves the acceptance of a much wider view of nature than that which is ordinarily taken. The 'occultus' then is the man who studies all of the laws of nature that he can reach or of which he can hear. And as a result of his study, he identifies himself with these laws and devotes his life to the service of evolution. "

This is what true occultism is; it is the recognition of the laws that ultimately govern the universe. And it is the study of those laws, though, as we will see, those laws are operating in the personal domain, and they're operating in the physical domain. So they're operating in the physical and the metaphysical domains. 

Ultimately, folks, occultism is nothing but hidden knowledge, and it is hidden psychological knowledge; ultimately, which we're going to get to what knowledge does occultism hide.

Well, what is this hidden knowledge that we're talking about? Occultism is a body of science that is not widely known to the general population, considering consisting of hidden knowledge about the workings of the human psyche and the laws of nature. In other words, both the seen laws, which are the physical laws, and the unseen laws, which are spiritual laws, The Minor Arcana have occult knowledge meaning the lesser knowledge or the microcosmic knowledge. The knowledge of the inner world consists of knowledge of the human self, the human psyche, and how it operates, how it can be manipulated, what his motivations are, okay? 

There's a body of knowledge that deals with the greater laws of the universe, the Major Arcana, the macrocosmic laws, the knowledge of the heavenly bodies, all of the forces of nature, and natural law. 

Natural Law is what I call cosmic moral law, universal moral law. The Major Arcana also consists of the physical laws of science, which in many cases are occultic because the people who are in control don't want us to even understand how the physical world really works, let alone the metaphysical, spiritual laws. So this is the knowledge that ultimately occultism is comprised of. 

And I always ask people, when I explained these two bodies of knowledge, what knowledge of any true importance is not contained in those two bodies of knowledge. And if you kept those two bodies of knowledge secret from other people, and you sequestered it, how much of a number do you think you could do on people who just remained completely ignorant of that information? Do you think you can completely control them? 

Well, I don't think that that's been done; I know it's been done.

Another thing people will argue and debate is that no one should be looking into the occult at all. Oh, don't look into that stuff. It's bad. Well, we already dismissed that myth that this is just something that's bad. 

It just means hidden. What happens with it is determined upon what kind of consciousness the individual or groups of people are doing with that knowledge? How do we use it? You know, that's the main question that needs to be asked, How is this knowledge being used? It's not that we shouldn't look into it or understand it. It's a neutral tool, as is all knowledge; all knowledge is neutral. There is no such thing as good knowledge or bad knowledge. 

There's just knowledge and what we do with it. So the consciousness of the wielder of this knowledge determines whether that information and knowledge is going to be used for good or evil. 

It's like you can take a very sharp knife, and you could cook a healthy meal, you could prepare a healthy meal for your family and friends with it. And that would be something that is good. Or you can take that knife, and you can go out and Rob somebody with it at knifepoint, which is an act of coercion and evil to say knife. It's the same tool. You know, different consciousnesses wielding the tool for a different purpose. 

I think people have to be much more grown-up about how they think about occult knowledge. This is not something that is forbidden. 

Dark occultists want us to think of it as forbidden so that we don't learn what they know and start empowering ourselves with it. Occult knowledge is, however, a double-edged blade...

Dark Occultists, on the other hand, always hide this knowledge for only one reason. 

They hide it in order to create and maintain a power differential between those who hold this kind of knowledge and those who remain ignorant of it. Dark Occultists work through fear and manipulation to bring about compliance with their own selfish will. That is dark magic. Their work, their dark, great work, is always done in secrecy. And it is constantly contravening the freedom and prosperity of all about themselves. Dark Occultists have completely infiltrated and permeated all institutional walks of life on this planet. 

They maintain their control over the human population through their manipulation of these institutions. This manipulation and control is not only possible but also relatively easy for them to accomplish because the structure of all the institutions that they run and that they have set up on the face of the earth is based upon hierarchy. And compartmentalization. Hierarchy means a chain of command, or really a chain of obedience. Therein lies the problem of the chain of obedience in hierarchy. And compartmentalization means one hand doesn't know what the other hand is doing. All these groups seem to work completely in isolation from each other. But they're ultimately controlled by one overarching agenda that knows how they're all fitting together like pieces of a puzzle. That's compartmentalization. 

These two things are the hallmark of all institutions that want control, hierarchy, and compartmentalization.

Finally, in the demystifying the occult part one seminar, I talked about there being kind of two potential outcomes for how things could go. 

And I liken this to the great seal on the back of the $1 bill because that seal was about this time that we're living in, being a great transitional time period for the earth and its people. I call this seal the world in transition, you know...this means he, she, or it favors our work favors our project, meaning God, God favors our work. Well, 'which God and which work' is the two questions that need to be asked there. Does the God of Creation favor your work? Well, if the God of creation is favoring that work, you're trying to remove the obstacles to the light, which are the bricks and the soul trap known as the trapezoid, which we're going to get to later in the symbolism section. You know, if you remove that, the light joins up with the earth, and there's no block to the light. There's nothing to weigh us down. 

This pyramid being built up is the Dark Occultists; the dark builders work great work of blocking out the Light of the Creator from the world. 

The true great work of light occultists is the distribution of occult knowledge freely to humanity, thereby ending the slavery of humanity by eliminating the widespread ignorance that Dark Occultists exploit to gain and maintain their control. 

On the other hand, if the dark occultist complete their dark New World Order, you have a world based in darkness and slavery, a world without light, without the light of the Divine. The great work of Dark Occultism is to keep humanity in a state of general unconsciousness and slavery and to tighten that control until they obtain a three-fold objective. They wish to be invincible, invisible, and immortal. That is the goal of the dark occults. They want total control. They want nobody to be able to see their total control or who they are, and they want to live forever in the physical world. In other words, they want to maintain and tighten that control to the extent that they literally become God on earth. That is what Dark Occultism is all about.


From birth to adulthood, words impact our lives profoundly. Words have the power to tear down or build up. Words are the building block of the imagination. And for better or worse, words become the foundation of our thought-forms. Have you ever wondered how some words developed and why they are used the way they are? Perhaps it's time to take a closer look at our words and ponder the implications...


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    Fantastic article Beverly!
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    Awesome News Update there again thankyou RR Team, I recognized Marc Passio's voice he has a very good Video and lectures up on the Internet... about the KABAL and Ocult science. And I hope it is still available out here.
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    SamInBerlin · 1 years ago
    The entire discussion here, and points made, on the real meaning of "occult", I concur with 100% out of my own background. Well presented, Beverly!
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