J6 Shaman Jake Angeli launches Forbidden Truth Podcast


Known to the mockingbird media's audience as the Qanon Shaman, Jacob Angeli-Chansley is now free! He's got an intelligent presentation he's prepared for patriots of America and all nations.

Jacob Angeli-Chansley on the Power of Peace

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published May 31 2023
Length 5:07 (see transcript below)


Hello United States of America and the world. My name is Jacob Angeli-Chansley and I would like to start this official statement by thanking God Almighty for protection and blessings along this arduous journey of mine.

You know, I once heard that school teaches us lessons and gives us a test. But God gives us a test and teaches us lessons. And to say the least, I have most certainly learned numerous lessons during the test which God has graced me with over the last two and a half years.

Now, one of the most important lessons I learned was patience. See, the world is currently going through turmoil, the lives of which many of us were not prepared for by our schools, by our governments and our cultural upbringing. However, patience is key if we are to overcome the obstacles before us, and simultaneously turn them into opportunities for unity, love, and peace.

Now, if handled with patience and understanding, we can use these demoralizing and destabilizing crises to emerge a more evolved and stable and moral nation's species.

Another important lesson I've learned along the way, is the power of peace, and how having an unshakable internal peace is by far the most powerful tool that we have at our immediate disposal, for power is not about the use of external force. Instead, power is derived from having an indomitable will.

If we as individuals and as nations learn to use the power of peace to resolve our conflicts, our lives and the world will take the shape of a beautiful work of art molded by God's own hand.

Now, another lesson I learned I'd like to share is the strength one gains when one practices forgiveness. There are many people who would be outraged if what happened to me had happened to them. However, outrage and anger only cloud our judgment and prevent us from seeing the very real solutions which stare us in the face.

Forgiveness alone has the potential to clarify one's thinking to unlock one's creativity and to enable the individual to heal. Christ understood the power of forgiveness to free a person's soul, which I think is why He forgave those nailing him to the cross.

In the spirit of Christ's example, I would like to use this official statement to make it extremely clear that I have no animosity or hatred toward the United States federal government, and I have forgiven my captors, and I pray for them, because that is what Christ would do.

The final lesson I will share is the power that we each wield, when we live by and speak the truth. Speaking the truth can topple corrupt empires and free whole nations that have been enslaved by illusions.

The Buddha once said that three things cannot be hidden long, the sun, the moon and the truth. And while there are those who will say that things in the world are only getting worse, I assert, things are not getting worse, but rather, the truth of global corruption is simply becoming more obvious.

Therefore, I encourage all those who are watching this video and hearing these words to use the truth as a tool to shape themselves in the world into a paradise that we can pass on to our children.

In summation, the pressures brought about my by my journey and my ordeal have only strengthened my resolve and taught me the power that we all possess when we practice patience and forgiveness; and when we find internal peace and live by the truth so that we may speak the truth without fear.

Therefore, the next part of my journey entails using the power of patience and peace to spread the truth and to do so in the spirit of a Christ, like forgiveness.

In closing, Gandhi once said, First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. So it seems I've already undergone the first three stages of this process.

All there's left to do is win. Remember, knowledge always overcomes power.

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J6 Shaman Speaks Out After Prison Release
(This video banned by YouTube)

Ivory Hecker on Rumble
Published May 30 2023
Length 38:15

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