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Dear Readers,

In my last article (Truth Seeping Through the Cracks), I mentioned a lot of what we commonly believe is based on total falsehoods.

  • Man-made climate change or "global warming" because of CO2.
  • The myth of overpopulation.
  • The myth of "Peak Oil" and generally dwindling resources.

Let us look at the last one above because the scarcity of oil and gas is presently used as a major fear factor for clobbering the awakening world population back into obedience.

Looking at the Myth of "Peak Oil"

I mentioned the 1Expanding Earth Theory,2Dr. Wilhelm Reich's Orgone Cosmology and the 3Abiotic Oil Theory.I believe these three work together very well, and I will show you why.

First, let me explain these three theories in more detail than last time.

Neal Adams - Science: 01 - Conspiracy: Earth is Growing!

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Published Mar 2, 2007
Length 10:02

The theory is not new. 

A first version was already published by O.C. Hilgenberg in 1933 in German:

"Vom wachsenden Erdball" (Of the growing globe) . Presently, it's most vehemently advocated by Neal Adams. You can read more about it on his website, HERE.

So basically, what he's saying is that all the continents fitted together as one more or less uninterrupted crust on a much smaller globe.

But how did it grow, and why?

Cosmic Superimposition: 2 opposing streams of energy cause an inward spiralling vortex of increasing density towards the center.

This would then give us the first idea of how our trundling blue mudball could pick up additional mass. Wilhelm Reich argued that our atmosphere is exactly a zone of orgone energy in transition to mass. 

Why is the sky blue? 

Oxygen is not blue. Nitrogen is not blue. None of the other gases in our atmosphere is blue.

Blue is the color of orgone.

Recent support for Wilhelm Reich's speculative theory comes from Prof. Dr. Ing. Konstantin Meyl. In his book Scalar Waves, he dedicated a whole chapter to the growing globe. (p. 231ff)

He describes Wilhelm Reich's cosmic streams of energy as streams of neutrinos or massless particles.
Some of them are very fast and can, for example, effortlessly penetrate the sun, others get absorbed and densified, essentially converted to matter.

In his understanding, every planet has such a "neutrino reactor" at its core where massless particles, aka "streams of cosmic orgone energy," are absorbed and become matter.

Our planet's present growth is measurable and is 6.5 cm in diameter per year.

The theory has many interesting implications. 

For example, it would be logical that the whole planet was once covered with water, assuming that the volume of water has remained more or less the same. Some additional water could, of course, have been created in the core as well.

This resonates well with ancient creation myths:

"They tell us that the earth was completely covered with water and that the earth rose from the water. It is talked about a primeval hill, of which creation took its start, on which the first sunrise and sunset were observed." (Egyptian Genesis according to Hancock / Bauval)

This explains all the marine fossils often found at high altitudes in mountainous regions. And it leads us to the next of my three favorite theories:

I never liked the "dead dinosaur" theory of oil formation. It's just too gross!

The Soviets already believed that oil was coming out of the earth's core through fissures and cracks and not being the sludge of decomposed Precambrian animal- and plant life.

This led them to drill in very different places than the "dead dinosaur" believing West.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, emissaries of the Western Private Central Bank System swarmed all over the former SU and removed what they could from libraries, universities, and industrial research institutions, because they were so heavily invested in the scarcity scenario of "Club of Rome," "Peak Oil" and related ideas. But the theory survived and is further developed by the Russian / Ukrainian researchers Kutcherov and Krayushkin.

The 'Orgonised' world view.

I know I'm only scratching the surface of these ideas here, but can you glimpse the elegance of the emerging 'orgonised' paradigm?

We're living in the creation zone where heavenly blue orgone interfaces with our growing, living planet of abundance.

Isn't that beautiful?
Stay Orgonised!

Greetings from,
Georg and the Orgonise Africa team

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