Anyone Still Doubting POTUS' SCOTUS Pick Should Watch This

"The Book of Esther describes the Jewish heroine Esther, who saved the Jewish people in Persia from annihilation during the reign of King Xerxes I (Ahasuerus) of Persia, who ruled from 486 to 465 BC. The Book of Esther described part of the Jewish Diaspora that stayed behind in Persia and did not return to Jerusalem during the Restoration. The Book is the source of Purim or the Festival of Lots."

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Game Theory

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Ted Cruz exposes Democrats' motive for supporting DC statehood, explains why new vote meant nothing

Friday's vote predictably fell along party lines.

"House Democrats approved legislation on Friday that would grant statehood to Washington, D.C. The vote largely fell along party lines — only one Democrat opposed the bill — and it is doomed to fail in the Republican-controlled Senate.

"After Friday's vote, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) exposed why Democrats are strongly pushing for D.C. statehood.

"According to Cruz, Democrats only support D.C. statehood because it would help them further their political agenda by giving them two additional senators. If D.C. were allotted statehood, they would almost certainly elect two Democratic senators, considering the city is notoriously Democratic; in fact, in the modern era, the city has only elected Democratic mayors."

Chris Enloe - The Blaze

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The President That's Never Had a Drink or a Cigarette

It's been written that Trump would make sure to daily admonish his kids as they went off to school: "No drinking, no smoking, no drugs."

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Kamala Harris Living Her American Dream with Help of the Body Parts Industry?

Evidence shows Planned Parenthood has a big piece of the multi billion dollar body parts industry. Desperate Democrat support of this abortion franchise cues the investigator to follow the money. And, just how much is Kamala Harris willing to do to scratch her way to the top?

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"If she is in there comfortably without a mask and feeling safe, then why are we shut down?"

"Erica Kious, owner of the salon Nancy Pelosi claims set her up, rips into @SpeakerPelosi on Tucker:"

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Official Website for the August 24, TRUMP2020 Republican National Convention

This resource provides the latest news and information about the 2020 Republican National Convention, hosted in Charlotte, North Carolina on August 24, 2020.

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Biden Voters Know They're Going to Lose and They're Out of Control

"Moments ago outside of the DNC convention, Joe Biden supporters attacked a 7 year-old boy for wearing a #MAGA Hat."

- Donald Trump Jr.

Democrats will do anything to win, they're on the left-handed path.

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NY Times Panicking Over Cotton's Op-Ed on Sending in the Troops

David Marcus: Tom Cotton's New York Times op-ed hysteria reveals shocking cowardice at the paper

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Republican Mike Garcia Takes Early Lead In Race To Fill Katie Hill’s Seat

The first batch of results from Ventura and Los Angeles Counties released after 8 p.m. Pacific Time shows Republican Mike Garcia leading Democrat Christy Smith by over 16,000 votes by a margin of 56% to 44%.

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Adam Carolla Agrees With Me: TDS is Daddy Issues

The highest authority in our land, President Trump, is a red bullseye for so many unresolved daddy issues in our people. Sometimes that's funny but sometimes that results in AutoZones burned to the ground.

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Two female federal judges emerge as top contenders for Trump's Supreme Court nominee

"Two female federal court judges have emerged as top contenders for President Trump's Supreme Court nominee to fill the seat of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, with the president saying Monday that he has a list of five – "probably four" – finalists."

Brianna Kraemer - Just The News

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Kiyosake of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" says "It's all a smokescreen"

Robert Kiyosake learned very early in his life about smokescreens.

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Remarks by President Trump in a Press Briefing.

Great signs for the economy. Help sent to Lebanon following the massive explosion at the downtown waterfront.

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The Abortion Absolutism of Kamala Harris

"Abortion policy is just one of several areas in which California senator Kamala Harris, Joe Biden’s running mate, has sworn to abuse executive power to assert her preferences if Congress won’t legislate as she’d like."

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Thomas Sowell on Kamala Harris' Communist Video

"In this video, Thomas Sowell debunks Kamala Harris' video about using government power to achieve equality among groups."

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Critical Race Theory is a Classic Communist Divide-and-Conquer Tactic

"Rather than serve help heal the nation, critical race theory has proven to be poisonous to liberty, true community, and our common humanity."

In other words, the communist left in our political, media and academic arenas are part of a dangerous mindset that has destroyed countries before and will destroy this one, if we let it. That's why we elected Trump. That's why Trump is ending the CRT nightmare.

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Joe Biden Campaign Staffer, Texas Political Director, Dallas Jones arrested

Revisiting this story from October showing that the dim party is the party of fraud, EVERYWHERE, including deep red Texas.
"The Joe Biden campaign’s Texas Political Director has been formally accused of helping to run an illegal ballot harvesting operation, according to two separate affidavits filed Monday at the Texas Supreme Court."

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Biden inserts foot into mouth again! "We are not a hate Group" Proud Boys To Sue Biden!

"I am suing them. I'm suing Joe Biden I'm suing CNN. All of these reporters that called us 'multi racial patriot group white supremacists' and Nazis. As far as I am concerned that's the new 'N' word. You call me a Nazi, that's as bad as any other racial epithets. Those people killed 6 million Jews and to call us that is a deep seated insult. So we are not tolerating it anymore. I already sued the SPLC for calling the Proud Boys a hate group, and now we are going to start getting litigious with everyone."

Gavin McInnes, founder of Proud Boys

UPDATE: The gaslighting psychopaths in the DNCCP Fake News / Social Media Industrial Complex have censored Proud Boy member Fred Swink (story below), deleting his social media accounts after slandering and lying about the group.

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Another Deepstate Rat Jumps Ship

"Guess who was in charge of voter fraud investigations at DOJ? Richard Pilger.

Same hack who colluded with Lois Lerner under Obama to target conservatives and tea party through the IRS! When asked to look into fraud now, he resigned!

I’m so shocked🙄"

Donald Trump Jr.

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Steve Bannon's 'War Room' is the Tip of the Spear of Political News and Commentary

Here at Ruby Ray Media, we recognize that Bannon's got the bead on the MAGA movement, restoring the constitutional republic, as well as anyone. His ability to articulate the historical, constitutional and biblical perspective on the American experience that is needed in this hour, is at the leading edge of American thought and opinion. Beyond that, he's a man of action, almost directing this movement in its daily efforts to bring justice to a systemically corrupted nation.

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His Name Was Seth Rich

There has been a lot of speculation about the murder of Seth Rich in the early morning hours of June 10, 2016. 

It was reported he was robbed, yet where he was found in Maryland, laying in a pool of his own blood, there was no clear evidence of a robbery motive. He was transported to a hospital that morning, where it was said he died of two gunshot wounds.
His family was unsettled over the outcome of the police investigation and went on to sue various entities without any real resolve.

To this day, there are still many questions surrounding Seth Rich's death.

WHY? Neon Revolt puts it this way:
"...many were still left thinking that Rich was murdered by the the DNC and the Clinton Machine for, they speculated, leaking incriminating DNC files to Julian Assange and Wikileaks, eventually causing Hillary to lose the 2016 election, and to fuel the then-nascent Pizzagate investigations, as millions of concerned patriots became aware of just what exactly these leaked e-mails implied."

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"Roger that, Madam Secretary"

HRC: "I want the public to see my email. I asked State to release them. They said they will review them for release as soon as possible." 4 Mar 2015

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In Like Flynn

"This “Pardon of Innocence” is historic, sincerely appreciated & should never happen in our country again. I will issue a personal statement later today. My family issued one yesterday."
General Michael Flynn

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Rantingly: "Department of Deceit"

Rantingly links to Zero Hedge: "Outgoing Syria Envoy Boasts He Hid True Troop Levels & Stymied Trump Withdrawal Efforts"

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Why are Federal Prosecutors in Biden Administration Dismissing Violent BLM/ANTIFA Cases? Hypocrisy?

While the Biden Justice Department goes after, even people who simply attended the January 6th event at Capitol Hill that they are calling an insurrection, which by all accounts was mostly peaceful, violent BLM/ANTIFA rioters, some who even attacked federal officers, are being completely let off the hook. See story from the National Pulse below.

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Award-winning Wokeness

Joel Abbott on "Not the Bee" found the most Woke tweet of the Super Bowl. Read em and weep/laugh at the same time.

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It's Starting to Look Like We Live in Communist China

They sealed off the Capitol and now there will literally be no audience, their response is to carpet the area in flags instead. Next, will they add in some fake applause like one Twitter poster said? This looks a whole lot like communist propaganda. Similar to what I remember things used to be like in the U.S.S.R. and more recently in China, where people were forced to show up to support their dictators.

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GI Joe? No, it's CGI Joe! LOL

The Team is leaking out hilarious vignettes like this to help the sleepers come along. Watch the CGI (Computer Generated Images) "press gaggle" at the "White House."

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Biden the Racist

CNN BOMBSHELL: Biden sent secret letters to segregationist allies in the Senate.

One of his Democrat colleagues called blacks an “inferior race.”

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"The Deep State Buried Me Six Feet Under The Ground": Exclusive Interview with Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn

Lt. General Michael Flynn has been a stalwart of courage and strength, recently having gone through the most intense legal battle of his life. Why? He explains it was due to his dissenting point of view during his service under the corrupt Obama administration. He saw the truth and did not hesitate to tell it.

For his persistence in Truth Telling to We the People, he was retaliated against and treated like an enemy of the people by the very ones who are the enemy of We the People. His story is about all of us, about how, through the injustice served him, all citizens of America were being punished because we demand the truth from our elected and appointed officials.

As he tells it, this false claim made against him was not about him, it was a warning to every honest citizen patriot of the USA to stop fighting for their freedoms, to stop bucking a corrupted system and to just comply.

Well Thank GOD, THAT is backfiring on them bigly!

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Mike Flynn with Doug Billings Feb 5

Mike Flynn's been under the radar, he appears with Doug Billings, posted Friday, Feb. 5, take a listen.

Flynn says there's been no signing of the Insurrection Act and the military is not in charge. He also says that Doug Billings should not pay off the bet he had with his buddy that Trump would win the election. Contradiction? Paradox? Find out one day, but not yet!

Flynn's got a pretty nice Florida tan, doesn't he?

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Laura Wolk, First Blind Woman to Clerk on Supreme Court: Judge Barrett’s "Integrity Is Unassailable"

“Judge Barrett will serve this country with distinction, not only because of her intellectual prowess but also because of her ability to treat everyone as an equal, deserving of complete respect.” -Laura Wolk

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Panic in DC! The latest from Juan O Savin

Social Media giants canceled Trump and his followers; and Nanshy Peloshi wants Trump "removed." What a show! We're laughing so hard our sides hurt!

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Juan O Savin: Unify? Yes, in God!

The fake ones pretend they want unity. What they want, is you conforming.
We the People, want unity in God! In Freedom, in Liberty. Amen.

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Amazing Polly: Band of Corruption - Teneo Booms!

Undercover ops by a Clinton-connected Public Relations firm that may involve hostage negotiations in North Korea, the death of a Hollywood mogul, fake dinner parties? Plus a BOOM revelation about who helped pay for all of it.

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Michigan Election Whistleblower Running For Office

Melissa Carone announces she will run for Michigan State Representative and focus on election integrity.

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AOC: Destroying the Dimms for Trump and the Patriots Every Single Day!

Even Babylon Bee can't top this clown! LOL We've said it before: she HAS to be on Trump's payroll!

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Millie's Out and Family Reunited by Dinner!

I just checked and over 2,000 people have donated over $150,000 to Millie! Thank you, Ezra!

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Dan Crenshaw's Texas Reloaded crew are mission ready. Watch!

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Klacik Strong Endorsement from the President

"The President assured all that a vote for me is a vote for the revival of the greater Baltimore area. This opportunity may never come again, let’s seize the moment." Kim Klacik on Twitter

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Klacik's New Ad has 1 MILLION Views in Just Hours

Hottest Republican in America After Trump! Turning Around a Dem Town Like Baltimore is Truly Iconic.

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ROFL: Co-Founder of Never Trump ‘Lincoln Project’ Was Foreign Agent for …Russia

"A group of Never Trumpers formed the ‘Lincoln Project’ with the mission of ‘protecting democracy’. Their real cause is not to protect democracy and the rule of law, but rather to defeat President Trump in the 2020 Presidential election."

Joe Hoft - Gateway Pundit

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Abolish Police, Empty Prisons, Give Sanctuary to Felons, Openly Advocate Crime...

The Mask is Off. They always were criminals, now they are Going For It Openly.

Everything the left can do to support criminals assaulting the people of the United States and our property, they are doing. Any questions?

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The Mob is Out of Control in This Country

#WalkAway 's Brandon Straka and friends are assaulted in the street in broad daylight!

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Politico Eating Crow: "Trump says he would welcome Michael Flynn back to his administration"

Patriots will see this as long-anticipated good news--Politico's report is in reality sounding the alarm to the already panic-fatigued Minions of DC, "Flynn knows where all the bodies are buried."

General Flynn can likely put the entire Obama administration in prison, or even better, terminal vacations to GITMO.

Open Fire, General

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Circuit Court Judge In Kentucky Bars Governor from Unconstitutional Actions

Circuit Court Judge rules that Kentucky Governor Beshear may not issue any more executive orders, before making sure they meet a list of criteria.

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Kayleigh for POTUS: Schools Must Open (click on this link for the video, click on the arrow to the right to read the transcript)

Does anyone doubt this will happen? Does POTUS not win every fight?

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DNC Continues Burning Itself Down - Portland Rioting 50+ Arrested

Bernie Bros and the Slow Socialist Joes show us how hating America is done, including lighting each other on fire.

"Multiple fire bombs, mortars, rocks, and other objects rained down on law enforcement officers during Saturday night’s street riot in Portland, Oregon, according to police."

Simon Kent - Breitbart

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Tucker Exposes the Mr. Magoo Circus Rallying to Protect Biden From Himself

Tucker Calrson's intro on Fox News tonight nailed it, we'll let him capture the comedy show of two-faced liberal gaslighting.

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