What part of "they are trying to divide us" do some not understand?

In less than 3 minutes, Tucker Carlson's wit and Candace Owens's wisdom destroy the left's race-baiting, virtue signaling, photo-op scripted pandering antics. 

For the left, fake motives go with counterfeit actions.

Whether they need to distract from real news or drum up some publicity for whatever scheme is at hand, Democrats will create drama using the most popular race or sexual innuendo of the day. The Faker and Thief himself, Biden, and his looney staff are bumbling through shifts in the narrative daily.

The narrative shift Tucker and Candace discuss here is quite humorous. And it wreaks of phoniness quite evident to anyone who thinks for themselves. As reported, a slew of black staffers left the White House, and in their place, an Asian Boy Band was invited in.

Yes, this happened!

OH yes...I added the video transcript for those who like to laugh while watching it and after, while reading it.

Tucker: Are Black White House staffers fleeing for their lives?

RubyRayMedia-Rumble (mirrored from Fox News on YouTube)
Published Jun 1, 2022
Length 2:41


But the headline here is that the white supremacy in the Biden White House is so intense; 21 black staffers. 

Can there be more than 21 total? Not a huge staff at the White House. 21 black staffers have fled. Speaking of The New Jim Crow, Candace Owens is the founder of the charity Brexit. She's probably not surprised by this. She joins us tonight. Candace, are you surprised that the racism, the white supremacy, at the White House is so intense that black staffers are fleeing for their lives?


I have to say, I'm a little bit upset that I'm not involved in the strategy sessions at the White House. 

I just picture them all sitting around a table and just quick, quick, black people are waking up and they're not happy, grab me an Asian and put him in front of the podium, we've got a shift here, and shift gears completely on the PR strategy. I mean, this is actually what they're doing, right? 

Because black Americans, first and foremost, what's happening parallel to this is black Americans are waking up to the lie that was Black Lives Matter. So at the same time, you're having these black Americans that were quite literally just given these positions. They weren't meant to do anything. They never wanted them to actually do anything. They probably were under-qualified for the positions that they even had. 

But the idea was: 

Oh, look, we're getting on our knees, literally if you're Nancy Pelosi, to the Black Lives Matter narrative, right? Remember, she did that notorious bow, got down on one knee. And we're gonna do this and show you that we're going to hire a bunch of black people, but we don't actually care what they think, we just need them to sit there and be black. 

Now the black Americans in the White House are waking up and going, You know what, that's not okay with me. And they're frantically searching to find out, drum up a new narrative of hate. And this one is going to be Asian American, Asian lives matter. Quick, grab me K-Pop. And hopefully America is going to fall for this, when in reality, we're focused on the gas prices, the inflation prices, and it's just an absolute complete joke.


Is there anything more destructive than white liberal guilt? It feels like it's hurt more people than nuclear weapons.


It really has. And people are starting to see that, even Patrisse Cullors. Right? But the person who started Black Lives Matters basically said: 

"Well, it's not my fault that you guys gave me your white guilty dollars. And I lied about what I did with it and bought myself an entire real estate empire. And that's the truth." 

But wait, there's more!!

I can hear the producer of the DC clown show now as he shouts to the White House actors: 

"Out with those people of color NOW and quick, send in the LGBTQ+ crew and those cute Asian boys before anyone notices the diff!"

Tucker nails it once again in record time. 

Watch to the end, and YES, this did happen...

Tucker - Boy band at the White House? 🤣

RubyRayMedia-Rumble (mirrored from KAGBABE on Telegram)
Published May 31, 2022
Length 2:38

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Biden White House were accurate


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