There's a FREEDOM CAUCUS in Montana now!


A recent article in Western Montana News gives us a lot to be happy about!

Legislators Launch "Montana Freedom Caucus," Announce Helena Event

Western Montana News

Jan 8 2023

"The Constitutional North Star of the Treasure State"

Helena, MT — Today, the Montana Freedom Caucus (MTFC) is proud to announce its official launch. As the Montana State Legislature assembles, the MTFC will serve the people of Montana and their desire to return to government of, by, and for the people.

"The men and women of the Montana Freedom Caucus are built out of conservative steel," said Andrew Roth of the State Freedom Caucus Network. "We're delighted to work with them to help expand freedom and limit the size of government in the Treasure State."

"We will adhere to our oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the State of Montana. We will stand on the founding principles of the supremacy of individual rights, limited government, and personal responsibility. We know that when government expands, liberty contracts. We stand for states' rights and work to rein in federal overreach. Montana citizens have made it clear that this is their desire," said MTFC Chair Theresa Manzella

Their priorities will be to stand firm in refunding the income tax surplus to Montana citizens to whom it belongs, safeguarding elections as the legislature is constitutionally directed to, securing medical freedom and the right to self-determination, ensuring the judicial branch operates within appropriate constitutional boundaries, creating school choice free of any government interference, restoring parental rights, protecting religious freedom and free speech, properly managing the peoples' natural resources, removing the harmful effects of social credit scores, and much more.

"This is YOUR government and it's time to engage! We need you to make your voice heard this session. Call your Senators and House Representatives and tell them to STAND FOR FREEDOM," said Manzella.

The launch of the Montana Freedom Caucus creates a coalition who will fight for Montana values and promote liberty and prosperity in our state legislature," said Congressman Matt Rosendale. "I'm proud to work with veteran and newly- elected lawmakers to ensure every Montanan has a voice in our representative government."

The Montana Freedom Caucus will be meeting at the old Supreme Court Chambers in room 303 at the Capital building in Helena on Thursday, January 19th at 6PM to kick-off the launch of the legislative caucus. Congressman Matt Rosendale will be in attendance sharing his experience and encouragement from the Congressional House Freedom Caucus.

The inaugural membership of the Montana Freedom Caucus includes Chair Sen. Theresa Manzella, District 44 – Hamilton; Vice Chair Rep. Jerry Schillinger, District 37 – Circle; Secretary Rep. Caleb Hinkle, District 68 – Belgrade; Treasurer Sen. Barry Usher, District 20 – Billings; Rep. Bob Phalen, District 36 – Lindsay; Sen. Dan Bartel, District 15 – Lewistown; Sen. Carl Glimm, District 2 – Kila; Sen. Mark Noland, District 5 – Bigfork; Sen. Bob Brown, District 7 – Trout Creek; Rep. Steve Gunderson, District 1 – Libby; Rep. Bob Keenan, District 10 – Bigfork; Rep. Steve Galloway, District 24 – Great Falls; Sen. Steve Hinebauch, District 18 – Wibaux; Rep. Jedediah Hinkle, District 67 – Belgrade.

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SFCN Testimonial

State Freedom Caucus Network on YouTube

Published a year ago

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From Election Integrity to Critical Race Theory, the most important fights of today are happening in the states. SFCN will provide conservatives in state capitals nationwide the resources they need to win.


Western Montana News: Yellowstone County Vote Count Irregularities

With election cheating quite commonplace in the low population largely rural state of Montana, one is forced to ask: have we reached rock bottom in this nation yet?

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