THE GRASSROOTS: We the People, District One AR


All politics are local. We want to highlight wherever local politics are shining as they are in Arkansas' District One. Thanks for your hard work there, Skip Thomas; and for your contributions to Ruby Ray Media!

"It's clear our country is at a tipping point due to pervasive outside influences in our media and politics. This has a direct effect on our legislative, election, legal, education, financial and healthcare systems.

"If you, like millions of patriots across this country are ready to defend our constitution and moral principles for generations to come, then through our faith in God, it's time to pick a lane and take a stand.

"This site shows you how to get involved on a local and state level by joining your county committee and also by attending county and district meetings and events.

"We present simple, yet effective steps on how to run for office and how you can support your fellow constitutionalists in office to make the change we all want to see in the world.

"Courageous patriots from all four districts in Arkansas and across America have made this a national movement. We are the Party of We the People.

"In the coming days we will show you steps on how to get involved in your county. To stay connected and receive updates, please join us through this simple contact form.

"Thank you and God bless you, and God bless America."

First Congressional District Republican Party of Arkansas

Republican Party of Arkansas Platform


We see panicked pushback to vote audits by dems and rinos in key counties where the vote fraud was the most obvious, especially Maricopa in Arizona. Others are in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, Nevada, New Hampshire and pretty much every state of the union where the large centrally controlled cities have been corrupted by DNCCP thug political and media machines run by crime families.

Don't these craven morons know how obvious they look as they resist - with everything they've got - the opportunity to prove they actually won the vote? We must remind ourselves that psychopaths don't have common sense, though they do often succeed in pretending they do, only because the rest of us give them a pass. It's hard work keeping psychopaths out of the cookie jar.

As we've often said on this site, the crooks were caught red-handed in the cookie jar of an American presidential election. You might think they got away with it as you watch the absurd BI-DAN freakshow unfold daily on your fake news. We don't watch fake news so we gratefully know better.

Observing the very common expression of cold feet around the country we have to ask: are grandkids' lives being threatened by DNCCP-hired hit men? Why do County level civil servants resist doing their actual jobs? With integrity? Are people THAT brainwashed by the 24/7 droning media mind control? I think it's a combination of many factors but fear is evidently at the root of it all. People fear social and economic consequences for acting with integrity in a very corrupt environment.

They should fear what happens when you let evil happen on your watch. That does not end well. Get a spine, America. You have to. Though a caveat: public service has never required that your grandkids lose life or limb; and that is why, as we have pointed out at length on our website, that our success in taking back our nation from enemies within and without must be backed up by our military patriots and heroes.


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    Peggy · 1 years ago
    Great article. Thank you Skip for contributing!
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