Shipping Container Bottle Neck, Whose Bottle, and Whose NECK? Love them? There is more than meets the eye!

Satelite-image-of-bottleneck-in-california-port Satelite Image of Ports at Long Beach

The shipping container, those multi-colored large metal boxes we see rolling down the highways in the back of the big rig lighted trucks, the ones we encounter patiently waiting at the train crossing with caution bells ringing as we are heading to pick up Office Town supplies. Are they impacting life in the USA? Lately, shipping containers have been in the news. WHY? Because:

A. Ships are on the ocean floating idle outside ports with no landing space.

B. LA ship ports experiencing bottleneck backlog

C. Shortage of Drivers

D. Shortage of Union offloading workers

E. Placed in the tiniest of fine print and internet blurbs, you would be hard-pressed to find--Problem number 1=GOVERNMENT REGULATION OF CALIFORNIA.

California EPA emission and government regulation imposes the heaviest fines for truckers and trucking companies without tons of cash to upgrade trucks. Those companies who are found to have non-compliant trucks 6 to 9 years old have paid the highest price due to these regulations. CARB has shut down non-compliant truck rigs not up to California emissions standards.

Operating the ports 24/7 is not the answer. On Oct 16, 2020, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) reached a settlement with CARB to shut down non-compliant truck hauling rigs that are non-compliant with California emissions standards and impose $400,000 in penalties for trucking violations in California. Air Resources Board federal mandates that enforce bus and truck with refrigeration (refer) have deemed truck emissions the largest source of air pollution. They are responsible for bringing the trucking industry to its knees. Suppose truck companies want to stay in business. In that case, they must comply because the agencies have pointed the finger at those hard-working truckers with the "evil exhaust" coming from the very workhorse heartbeat of the supplying trucking companies bringing essential products needed to sustain large and small businesses. Many supply hospitals, small business repair companies, restaurants etc., etc. The list grows on.

Yet, no one dares to call out the almighty EPA lest they be accused of causing the air to sicken people, and heaven forbid that they are not on the oxcart for the stopping of global warming!

Oh, the illustrious government protecting the truckers who get onto the yard to haul the essential products and supplies that keep the engine and lifeblood flowing, some with small repair wires and plastic tubes needed to keep industrial machines up to safe working specifications.

Also, to address the mountain of paperwork that the truckers who do arrive at port, get onto the yard, and find their registered BOL (Bill Of Lading, Department of Transportation), this load paperwork is scrutinized by California Port officials. As a result, truckers are frustrated and lose many hours of road time because of tedious technicalities.

Some independent truckers have stated that they would rather walk away from California load hauls because of the stiff regulation and fines if their engines have emission violations.

There is so much more to the illustrious shipping container fiasco than meets the eye. So many empty containers are clogging the passageways also. It is a very complex situation because if you think of a floating vessel with thousands of shipping containers loaded on one ship bringing goods to the United States, there have got to be many snafu's as well as many hands that have to give an okay for the delivery to happen.

The Cargo Ship Crisis is Manufactured - Creating Supply Chain Nightmare

I Allegedly on YouTube
Sept 30, 2021
22:34 viewing length

Empty Containers in California Port

One has to wonder if this is intentional. Is the plan to destroy the U.S. economy?

Proof That There Is NO Trucker Shortage, 24/7 Operation At Ports Will Cause More Congestion

The Asian Mai Show - Official Trucking Channel on YouTube
Oct 14, 2021
5:01 viewing length


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    terry125 · 1 years ago
    Thanks Peggy Napier for allowing the information to clearly shine, readers will be able to delve into this very complicated Maritime subject being from the Great Lakes I have always had great respect for those who chipped the ice of the lines in winter to press on and bring the needed supplies to small cities. This is a time when the government should be easing restrictions pulling the wool off the eyes of the people instead the media will not touch ineptness of this administration and continues to chant; "yes the emperor has golden robes and silver slippers to glide over the manure!"
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Peggy · 1 years ago
      You get the credit for this one Theresa. All I did was edit it. Great information! Thank you for delving into this subject.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Donna Ayers-Vorbach · 1 years ago
    BRAVO to both of you!! I wonder if there could be a follow up analysis of the five major reasons for the shipping crisis and who is responsible or who does it benefit?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Franz · 1 years ago
    Sounds like the USSA
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