EYE ON Liberal Hell Holes: Canceled Texan's Former Workplace Spirals Into Crisis in Democrat-Run San Antonio


We spoke again to Roxanne Mathai, highly respected former Detention Lieutenant at Bexar County Jail in downtown San Antonio, Texas. It's been a few months since we talked with Roxanne about being canceled by her Trump-hating Sheriff for attending the January 6 gathering of American patriots in Washington, DC.

Why are good officers quitting a job they love in Bexar County?

Roxanne is very concerned about the crisis that's developed in her former workplace leading to good men and women quitting jobs they loved but have been forced to walk away from because of crisis-level corruption in the management of the facility in what appears to be just one more liberal hell hole in America. We've been exposing these hell holes in order to highlight the evil that is brought into our communities when communists-in-disguise and their duped lackeys are allowed to get into important positions of influence. Don't forget the big money that backs these people from the former Nazi George Soros and the globalist "Party of Davos." They are ruining our cities and Americans are waking up to it.

Question: are dimm-dumms and rinos really going to get away with wrecking America? We don't think so!

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Roxanne Mathai Concerned About Bexar County Jail Conditions

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Published Nov 5, 2021
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Roxanne has decided it's past time to talk about the corruption that is going on inside the Bexar county jail and just how seriously horrifying the conditions are inside of there.

1. The overtime is at an all time high with officers working double shifts pretty much 4-5 times a week and they are still short to a point where they have only one officer trying to supervise 120+ inmates, a violation of Texas Jail Standards. The conditions for the inmates are equally bad.

2. Sheriff Salazar is spending approximately $17 million per year in overtime alone, he is firing everyone and is hardly even hiring. Everyone is resigning left and right. He is being sued left and right which is costing millions of tax dollars as well.

Roxanne wants to get all this in the open because it is only fair that the taxpayers know. This crisis also creates a huge safety concern for all officers and inmates, not to mention the safety of the citizens because there are hardly any officers on the streets. Everyone needs to know exactly what is really going on as opposed to how the democrats and their shill media make it appear to the distracted and busy public.


Already on January 7, the day after the so-called "Capitol Riot," Lieutenant Roxanne Mathai's boss, Democrat Sheriff Salazar of Bexar County in Texas, who campaigned for Biden/Harris, was in front of local news cameras announcing his intent to fire her. She did NOTHING to deserve that, she didn't even think about entering the Capitol Building. Hear her tell her story and find out how you can help this patriot fight the good fight! (We also have the transcript.)


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