Kari Lake is Ultra MAGA


UPDATE 6-22: Kari blasts the swamp with both barrels on "shall not be infringed." Also, other tweets from Kari in the last 24 hours. To say that Kari is making it clear where she stands is a great understatement!

Not being Arizona news-watchers here, we didn't know what to think of the long-time regional news anchor Kari Lake when she first threw her hat in the ring for governor; but, we quickly found out how solid of a maga-maverick she is! She's only getting stronger!

AZ Governor Candidate Kari Lake: Corrupt Mainstream 'Refusing' To Cover Largest Stories In America

Bannons War Room on Rumble
Published June 21 2022
Length 9:43

Kari Lake urges current AZ Governor to do more on border crisis and declare an invasion

Just the News on Rumble
Published June 20 2022
Length 12:00


Official Kari Lake Campaign Website - Kari Lake For Arizona Governor

Previously a top news anchor in Arizona for 27 years, Kari Lake announced she is running for Governor of Arizona. Learn about Kari's initiatives and news related to her bid for Governor.

June 22 UPDATE - More tweets, both barrels blazing!
(We're kind of wondering how torn they are at Twitter now that Elon has exposed their soviet-level cancel culture, wishing they could just cancel Kari.)

Arizona truly is the Wild West with fearless gunslingers taking on ruthless psychopathic control freaks at every level of Arizona politics. It just doesn't get any more black-and-white than right here in the southwest desert. Kari Lake is wearing a big white hat, exposing the slick black-hat culture that says one thing and does another, every single time.


From News Anchor to Bid for AZ Governor, Kari Lake Tells Us Why

We have been showcasing strong, brave citizens from around the country who are rising up to challenge entrenched politicians, many throwing their hat into the political arena for the very first time.

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