He Windsurfed 10 Hours to Escape Cuban Socialism to Discover He is a Taco


Failed Identity Politics

It is pretty tragic that some people still regard anything coming out of Jill Biden's mouth as truth, let alone good. Do they not know who her husband is? Or her son?? 

Yet it is glorious to watch as Jill 'no she is not a doctor' Biden gets lambasted through memes, tv commentary, and social media for being a race card pandering desperate dolt.   

In case you missed it, below is a video clip of what TacoJill actually said in her speech to UNIDOS US-7/11/22 (unbelievable!)

PS: "Maybe Jill Biden needs a handler too, because this isn't going to get Biden any Hispanic votes."

Jill Biden says the diversity of the 'Latinx' community is "as unique as the breakfast tacos in San Antonio"

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Published Jul 12, 2022
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 She offered an apology on Twitter
...that no one cares about
...because we know the truth.
The Democrats are scratching the bottom of the 'identity politics' barrel, trying to win back the minority vote. Until they try to lead the country as Trump did: "for the people, by the people, and of the people," no one will vote for them in November 2022. They cannot stop what is coming.

America is filled with hard-working immigrants who become hard-working citizens. They come here to find the freedom to live without systematic oppression. These faithful family-loving citizens are too wise to listen to the political elites pandering prose.

His name is Ray Armas, and he doesn't care what Jill Biden Says; he knows he is a free American! 

His story is fantastic. 

Ray Armas escaped the oppression of Cuban socialism on a windsurfing board in 2007. That took as much courage as it did stamina. His determination is the kind of grit the USA is made of. He and his story make up the backbone of the 'common man and woman who are the heartbeat of America. 

Listen to Ray explain his life then and now in the video below.

Cuban Who Windsurfed for 90 Miles to Escape Socialism Warns America 

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Published Aug 23, 2019
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Here are a couple of quotes from Ray's interview. Do they sound familiar?? 

"Socialism ruins people's lives. I can't believe there are Americans that want that for us. Here's the thing: Socialism looks beautiful in a book – and it might even seem good for the first year or so while you start implementing it, but then things start rotting…."

"In Cuba, eating a lobster is illegal. You go diving; you grab one lobster, and you can get six years in jail! And it gets worse: If you sell it, you're a trafficker, now! If you cook it and put it in an underground restaurant, it's even worse. But the government gets them by boat – by the ton."

"Trying to understand Cuba is like trying to understand Alice in Wonderland. You could not understand Wonderland because nothing made sense!"

As Ray describes his living conditions, it sounds much like the road the corrupt Biden regime is taking America down now. Thank God Ray Armas and millions of others like him are wide awake! 

Jesse Watters Speaks with Fox Latino Co-worker Rachel Campos-Duffy, Co-host of 'Fox & Friends' Weekend

 All right, Jill Biden just called you a taco. How do you feel?

"Now I am a TACO, and I guess my nine kids are Taquitos!"😂

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Published Jul 12, 2022
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