Florida Governor DeSantis: Democratic party is off its rocker


Talk about stating the obvious, eh? Though this kind of straight talk hasn't been heard at the State Governor level very often, we think we're going to hear it from them a lot more now. Why? The pharaohs of our time are being judged and their hearts are hardened and getting harder (another way of saying they're getting more and more evil and stupid.) Truly biblical. Otherwise known as popcorn time. This does end well, read about it in Revelation Chapters 21 and 22.

Men Can Get Pregnant? Latinx? The Democratic Party Is Off Its Rocker
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Published July 29 2022
Length 1:09 (transcript below)

Gov. Ron DeSantis 0:00
There also are constituencies that believe in law and order. And so here in the State of Florida, we've stood with law enforcement, we were not allowing rioting. We have actually signed legislation banning any local government from defunding law enforcement. And that is just something that having a safe community is so important. The only people that like the Soros policies are like very elite, liberal, white people, basically. No one else in the country wants any of this stuff. And so I think you're seeing that.

Then I also think the woke ideology is really repelling voters from all different demographics. But I think, particularly when you look at a lot of the Hispanic community. I mean, if you tell, you know, a Hispanic grandmother that she's not a Latina, that she's a Latin X, she doesn't know what the hell you're talking about. I mean, this is lunacy, what they're doing, trying to tell people that men can get pregnant and all this stuff. So I think that's just like nails on the chalkboard. And you know, in politics, you want to have policies that people agree with and that benefit them. But there's also just a basic test: If they think you're just off your rocker, they're not going to want to vote for you. And the woke Democratic Party is off its rocker.

Transcribed for Ruby Ray Media by Carol Allen

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