Family farm in Arizona since 1879 are big Kari Lake backers


We present for you a TikTok monologue by Arizona farmer Tyson Draper who's family settled Arizona in 1879. Salt of the earth, common sense radiating from this man, proving how impossible it is for the fallen ones to take down America. 

Kari Lake is on the RISE!!!
RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Oct 26 2022
Length 3:58 (see transcript below)

Tyson Draper

Well, you guys didn't believe me. I tried to tell you, Kari Lake is becoming a household name, not just here in Arizona, but around the world. The Left is absolutely terrified of Kari Lake here in Arizona. If you haven't had a chance to watch Tucker Carlson from last night, go watch it, and spread the word. Kari Lake is on the rise.

[See the Tucker Carlson segment on Kari Lake's Rumble channel, embedded below.]

Now here I am. I'm an Arizona native born and raised here in the southeastern corner of the state. If you look behind me here, you'll see we have cotton here in the beautiful state of Arizona. And this area right here where I'm at is known for the three C's: cotton, copper, and cattle.

And if you look closely over there in those mountains, we have a copper mine. We have a lot of hard working people up there in the copper mines, here in the cotton fields. And believe it or not, we still have some ranchers that exist out here in southeastern Arizona.

And I want to tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Tyson Draper. I've been here in Arizona my entire life. And I have three generations in the cemetery out here, that came here with the pioneers back in 1879. It settled this valley back in the 1800s.

We love Arizona. We like our way of life here. We like the three C's. There used to be four C's. There used to also be citrus on there. We used to grow a lot of citrus here; oranges, lemons, things like that. But guess what? All of that got put out of business. Just like they're putting out our ranchers, our cattle, and our cotton. Where does this cotton go? 99% of this cotton goes to China. Where does our copper go? 99% of it goes to China.

So what I want to talk about in this video mostly is Kari Lake. Okay, who's her opponent? Katie Hobbs. She's an absolute joke. She's an absolute disaster!

Let me tell you a little bit about Katie Hobbs. For the last year, since January, she showed up to her office as Secretary of State here in Arizona 19 days out of the entire year. She sits at home on her couch. She doesn't do a thing for the people of Arizona.

In contrast, Kari Lake has been out holding all kinds of rallies, meeting people all over the state, asking them questions taking their phone calls. And she's a person of the people. And she's also a former member of the media, the fake news media, and they're absolutely terrified of her.

But let me tell you about Katie Hobbs a little more. She believes in full term abortion. And as Blake Masters said, our new senator here in Arizona soon-to-be, he's gonna get Mark Kelly and all these radical thugs out here. Blake Masters was debating Mark Kelly the other night, he talked about how Katie Hobbs supports full-term abortions without limits, and severing spinal cords, you know, crushing baby's spines, just totally mutilating these children. It's absolutely horrible what these people support.

Katie Hobbs is a radical nut job. We don't want her here in Arizona. She doesn't do her job. She won't show up to debate. Kari Lake has bent over backwards to try to accommodate her to come debate, and I've come to this conclusion: what does Hobb stand for H O B B? You know what that stands for? Hide Out in Biden's Basement. That's what it is. Hide Out in Biden's Basement. I think they got a whole collection of people down there just hiding out in Biden's basement. H O B B Hobb, Hide Out in Biden's Basement. These people are absolutely pathetic.

Katie Hobbs, you're a joke. Arizona doesn't want you. Let's go Kari Lake.

WATCH: Tucker Carlson Devotes His Entire Opening Monologue to Kari Lake!
KariLake on Rumble
Published Oct 20 2022
Length 15:29


America Outvotes the Fraud - AND THE MONEY!!

The pedovore deepstate - or what is now more commonly being called, "The Administrative State" - outspent grassroots America many times over - IN VAIN - in crucial Primary campaigns involving Trump-endorsed, America-First MAGA candidates for national and statewide offices in five key states, Arizona, Michigan, Missouri, Kansas and Washington State that came to a vote yesterday (Aug. 2.)

The evidence is clear that America's domestic enemy keeps trying to use vote machine algorithms to skew numbers, together with many ballot shenanigans, to try to steal the votes. The MAGA numbers are simply overwhelming their fraud; and patriots are watching the process like hawks.

The Liar and his Lie are failing. The cheats are caught!


Father, the American people have awakened to the Fake Two-Party System!

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