Brazil and the United States: How the Current Political Climate Compares


In this article we are going to talk about the parallels between the current situation in Brazil, the situation in the US, and how all these events are part of a worldwide military plan called Q. 

It is increasingly evident that something is different in the world,  and that something is the Q operation mentioned above. Although shrouded in mystery, we can observe certain points of action, such as the gradual awakening of humanity by exposing the lies of the evil ones and letting themselves be ridiculed with all their "fake love" and all their "false kindness" which goes by the name of "wokeness". This "evil gang" then has a certain limited freedom of action for this "show", but absolute power is granted by God to his sons and daughters of good, who in this age have taken the reins of what is rightfully theirs.

Let's now examine some objective points about how this operation is taking place in Brazil.

In Brazil power is divided into the Executive Power (Those who administer: President, Governors, etc..), Legislative Power (Those who make the laws: Senators, Deputies, etc...) and Judiciary (Those who execute the laws: Supreme Federal Court aka STF, Supreme Court of Justice aka STJ). However the strongest power is not mentioned as a power in itself and it is the one that keeps the whole country safe. This is the Military Power. It is the Military that maintains sovereignty in Brazil, in the USA, and in all countries of the world.

This power is mostly in the hands of good people around the world. It is no different in Brazil.

Bolsonaro was elected in 2019 with the support of the military. An action for internal reform in Brazil, was begun,  in which it is believed inside conspiracy circles,  that it ceased to be a federation in the hands of multinationals and became a sovereign country. From then on, a second country began to be created within the same Brazil, a country free of foreign interference. Throughout these four years of mandate, the sovereignty of Brazil has been consolidated through decrees, it was a very well-thought-out plan and I am sure it was accomplished with the help of our beloved Donald J. Trump and the good military ("Q" or "Alliance").

As we know, elections were rigged in Brazil, just as they were in the United States. The world learned of this fraud more than ever and the Brazilian people set an example of determination in their demonstrations in favor of truth and freedom.

There are people who think that the demonstrations in Brazil came to nothing, but they gave legitimacy to what is still being prepared to free this beloved country.

Before Lula falsely assumed the fake presidency, Bolsonaro issued a bunch of decrees putting all the country's power in the hands of the military. There was a displacement of the military to the border (they haven't returned yet) and there are reports of war with neighboring countries on the border...

It is believed that we are actually at war and there is an intervention going on despite being hidden from the eyes of the mainstream media.

Regarding the Decrees that the President made, they were like a gift given to the Brazilian people in which he shows how things go in reality. Soon after he traveled to the USA, letting the fake government take the lead.

The pose of Lula's government was fake, the notebook he signed as President was not a presidential notebook, the military present were not from the high command nor did they have a military posture, the presidential sash used was fake and was not delivered by any representative of the government. Also there was no flag salute. In short it was a ridiculous show....

There is an idea very close to reality that if we let evil rule they will end up self-destructing and that is what is happening. We gave them a certain amount of freedom and within that dome they are putting on a circus of horrors. Lula (who some say has already died) and his Vice President Geraldo Alckmin, are from different political lines. There are those who say that the candidate of the New World Order is the Vice President, hence there is a climate of distrust in this whole fake government and a suspicion that Alckmin will try to overthrow Lula to stay in power.

However, neither of them are good people, they defend the sale of the Amazon abroad, they defend censorship, forced vaccination and disarmament. Lula seems to be even stronger in his commitment to destroying the Armed Forces and rigging the State.

Among the measures already carried out by Lula are the repeal of the decrees that Bolsonaro had made when he left for the USA, the (apparent) placement of a new commander of the Brazilian Army, the increase in taxes, etc... Yet he cannot touch the Central Bank because it seems that there is a certain limit in his field of action. It's all part of the plan.

Now let's go to the things that are difficult to understand and that make this political situation in Brazil an atypical situation:

  • 1 - Bolsonaro appears as President on the government website called "Portal da Transparencia" ("transparency portal"in which all State servants are described, what their remuneration function is, etc..
  • 2 - Bolsonaro appears as the current President on Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks;
  • 3 - Lula appears in social media websites as a government representative (not as President);
  • 4 - Ships from Iran (Russia's ally) are in Brazilian ports (they say at the invitation of Lula's government but we all know that this is deliberate disinformation that makes no sense);
  • 5- Several very important members of the Brazilian left are being neutralized, apparently some had a stroke (as in the case of Jose Dirceu the most important leftist leader here), or with Barroso (one minister of STF) who had an emergency surgery and is now in the hospital... etc...but in fact I believe it is the Q operation being carried out.
  • 6 - The Ministry of Justice building has a giant letter Q at its entrance.
  • 7 - The High Command of the Armed Forces is silent;
  • 8 - Border troops did not return home;
  • 9 - Bolsonaro is in the US with Trump and nothing is by chance.

Now we can see how the situation in Brazil is similar to what happened in the USA, but as we are in an advanced stage of the operation, perhaps things are more evident now.
The world is waking up, the US is in a major political upheaval, the Alliance is winning but we all know that we are dealing with the free will of humanity and therefore the most important question to ask is not whether God or his emissaries can save the Earth (as they can do it in the blink of an eye once and for all) but if I'm prepared for the Earth I desire.

So, Q is an internal and external operation, it started in the US (first defenders of freedom), spread throughout Brazil and is now firmly and victoriously going around the world.


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