And You Thought the Office of US President was the Most Powerful Office in the World


ACTION is what occurs when you move upon your beliefs.
ACTION is needed to stop the extreme left's domination of our country.
ACTION is how We the People reclaim our rights and freedoms as free citizens of the greatest country on earth.

Are you ready to take ACTION?

Many political patriots have been moving into action since the presidential election was stolen on Nov 3, 2020. We hear them proclaim the truth over and over again in podcasts, see them exclaim their outrage in interviews, and even find them on lamestream media taking a firm stand against the lies. These strong patriots are pushing the left's socialist agenda off the shelf, making room for a bold new agenda of national patriotism and unity, making room for you and me to take ACTION!

The Precinct Promotional Video

RubyRayMedia-Rumble (mirrored from ColdWarrior1978-Rumble 12/28/21 )
June 1, 2021

1:00 videio length

To rebuild our GOP, we need just 0.3% of Deplorables to become Precinct Committeemen.



"In a nutshell, this is what every conservative — including you, dear reader — needs to do ASAP if our goal is to have our state legislators pass election reform laws requiring all counties to stop using any kind of imaging machines for counting votes and, instead, return us to the "gold standard" of counting votes:

  • hand-counting at the polling locations before the paper ballots are allowed to leave the premises and making voting by mail the exception and not the rule.
  • by electing better people, we take back the Republican Party from those running it now.
  • this means we need YOU becoming a precinct committeeman for your voting precinct. (Precinct committeeman is called different things in different states (precinct chair, precinct delegate, precinct committee officer, member, etc.; the bottom line is that you want to become a voting member of your local or county committee, and it is not difficult to do so.)"

'Precinct by Precinct Takeover of the Country'

In the video below, you will find the basic strategy used that will enable us to take back our country. And of course, it will work!

"Steve Bannon and Dan Schultz discuss the "hyper local strategy" to reclaim our Republic. They cite an article by deep-left, anxiety-riddled The Guardian:

  • "The bottom-up strategy has been promoted widely by prominent far-right figures like former top Trump aide Steve Bannon who have articulated re-taking control of the country 'precinct by precinct.' The strategy, pushed heavily in Bannon's podcast, which is influential on the far-right, has caught on."

"Schultz emphasizes that one of the best ways to vet and support America First candidates is to volunteer to become a Precinct Committeeman. Equally important, sign up to become a poll worker or an official poll-watcher. "Start by attending your monthly Republican Party committee meeting." 

Steve Bannon - War Room: Pandemic - "Precinct Committeeman Tutorial"

RubyRayMedia-Rumble (mirrored from mySCGOP on YouTube-2/9/2021)
Published: Dec 28, 2021
12:24 viewing length

Since the Precinct by Precinct Takeover of the Country campaign was launched at the start of 2021, it has picked up momentum in cities nationwide, but many more volunteers are needed. 

Below is a video with more information about what is currently happening with the movement. Details about what is needed and how to get involved, as well as a transcript below the video, highlight important aspects of this awesome movement which will make a permanent difference in correcting the corruption presently haunting our voting precincts.

Precinct by Precinct Takeover of the Country

RubyRayMedia-Rumble (mirrored from Liberty Overwatch on Telegram 12/28/21) Published Dec 27, 2021
6:01 video length

Important Transcript highlights of video:

Steve Bannon:

The left knows we are uniting.

...they're focused on a precinct by precinct takeover of the country. And they (the left) understand they're too lazy and disorganized to combat that. And so we got 'em.

This is a hyper local strategy. 

So what's the commitment somebody's going to have to make when they sign up? And why is it we keep telling them that they're getting empowered?

Dan Shultz:

How to get involved

Um, yeah, the site is And there I've got graphics and narratives. Right at the beginning that tells you step by step how to get involved in your party. You got to find your county committee. But in the case of Connecticut, Massachusetts, they don't have county committee, so you got to find your local town committee. And I've got a gal there, a cohort who I haven't met in person yet, Sue Chainsaw.

Massachusetts is prepared

She has recruited over 300 precinct committeemen in Massachusetts, and she has started 27 town committees from scratch. She's done it all by herself working with the party in Massachusetts. And I'm getting now hit with all sorts of gratitude..."Hey, thanks, Dan, for getting me involved. Merry Christmas." Just got several while I've been on the show here talking to you.

So go to

Then you get wired in. The best thing to do is become a precinct committeeman, because of all the things you get to do that voters can't. I've got a graphic number 47, if you want to put it up, which shows that, what precinct committeemen get to do, but the mere voter can't do. And that's explained at my site. But there are other things that you can do.

We've got to help these America First candidates

Look at Joe Kent, he's volunteering and all these other America Firsters are volunteering to run for office. Who the hell wants to run for office? I sure as hell don't. God bless him for doing that. And we've got to help these America First candidates. And we have to help them make sure they really are America First candidates. And that's something that you can do. Yeah, there's the graphic.

PCs (Precinct Committeemen) are voters in the GOP Party apparatus.

PCs get to elect everybody in the party. You're a voter in the party apparatus. You get to do all that. You get access to the 'Get Out the Vote' software. You directly impact who's on the RNC. And we've got to change the RNC from what it is now to an America First RNC, which it is not

Dan Schultz: 

And let me just mention other opportunities. 

  • You can volunteer to be a poll worker. 
  • You can volunteer to be an official poll watcher for the Republican Party. 
YES, you need to learn this stuff: What's the name of your voting precinct? You know any precinct committeemen in your voting precinct? Do you know any Republicans even in your voting precinct? The way to find that all out is to go to your monthly Republican Party Committee meeting. 

...we've got to fill up all these vacant precinct committeemen slots.

I scour the internet for the best information I can find. But I don't have 24/7/365 time to do all this stuff. I just do it on my own when I can. Anybody out there that has great information about your state, and how to get involved, send it to me. 

Do this internet search if you want to get involved: The name of your county, the word "County" Republican Committee, the name of your state. Start there, but even better, go to my site and start there... You get to see testimonies from people, how much camaraderie fellowship community are finding. It's going to change your life. Empower yourself and empower yourself today. This is the way to go.

Steve Bannon:

They're afraid of you (Patriot), because you've never really had a permanent seat at the table.

Merry Christmas. Dan Schultz, you're a patriot!

More ways to get in touch with Dan Schultz and PrecinctStrategy:

  • Dan Schultz2 on Twitter
  • Dan Schultz on Gettr.
  • Go to MeWe, Cloud Hub or Gab and type in the word "precinct" and do a search for Groups and you'll find the precinct strategy groups there.

Home - Precinct Strategy

Take Action Now Become a Precinct Committeeman
The office of precinct committeeman ("PC") has been has been called "the most powerful office in the world" because the PC is the closest structured political officeholder to the registered voter. A registered voter has no vote in internal Party policy; a precinct committeeman does. A PC elects district, county and state party officers, delegates to the Presidential convention and RNC members. PCs sent to the Pres. Convention vote on what policies the party platform will be advocated in the next two years. Through a monthly meeting, PCs interact with their elected Party officials to influence legislation.


If you had to come up with a plan to Resurrect mankind from The Matrix of evil that has enslaved humanity for ages, you couldn't in a million years have come up with a better plan than the one being executed as I write this. Call it Devolution, call it The Plan, call it Pure Genius, it is a supernatural effort and we thank God for the dedication and determination of our elders making this happen, enjoining us all to play our part in that Resurrection Victory!


We all need, to get the Word out. Mother Earth herself, is dying for us to speak in her behalf with a grain or two of common sense.

You won't know what you can accomplish, until you give it a good try taking it to the next level. We are here to support you overcoming the technical hurdles to sharing your thoughts, wisdom, art, vision, with the world via the internet, the most powerful communication medium in human history.

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