The Trap Is Set


Here is a list of what you will find in AND WE KNOW's latest information packed news video:

President Trump speaks with Dan Bongino:

  • "I have no question we won Arizona."
  • "Dems sent 103 lawyers to try and stop it."
  • "If the election is honest they are not going to send 103 lawyers. What are they trying to hide?"

Regarding Rudy Giuliani:

  • New York apartment raided by Department of Justice.
  • Seized electronic devices related to Ukraine but they leave Hunter Biden's laptop????

Huge incident at the Capitol:

  • It went unreported by fakestream media.
  • Sirens, ambulances, buses filled with National Guard, barriers erected and massive law enforcement presence.
  • Quite Mysterious.

Lin Wood goes to the White House:

  • It is empty! What???
  • Lin says there is "No Joey in the house!"

Biden Addresses the Joint Session of Congress:

  • Attendees hand picked and present by invite only... odd.
  • Ridiculously low audience on line and on tv. No surprise there!

Jimmy Kimmel has Mike Lindell on his show:

  • Except for Kimmel's insulting jabs at Lindell's past, it was a decent educational about that!

Parents fight back:

  • Watch as 100's of parents take over their school board and eliminate the mask mandate... all done legally!

Vaccination news:

  • See the horrifying side effects of covid vaxxes in a town forced to close their school.
  • But comfortably numb town leaders say it's OK. WHAT???
  • See Dr. Sherri Tenpenny weigh in on the vaxx dangers.
  • And find out about one Miami private school that WON'T employ vaccinated teachers.

Mind control:

  • Watch Ted Cruz talk about the 'programming of people' with a Google representative. What?? Programming people??
  • Watch an outraged teacher explain how schools use mind control 'programs' on their students like 'Brainpop' without parents' permission.

Here are two more related videos by AND WE KNOW that ought to pique your interest:


In a clear violation of the first amendment, California government officials colluded with a firm linked to Biden to censor posts on social media during the 2020 election according to documents received by Judicial watch. Judicial Watch received more than 540 pages of documents from the office of California's Secretary of State.


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    Franz · 4 months ago
    This is a BQQM-BQQM article!
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    MsPat · 4 months ago
    🥰 🤗 way to pack a 👊
    I hope it hits them in their gut . . . . . Instinct ❣
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    Gypsy Spirit · 4 months ago
    Great post Franz!
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    JanDohrman · 4 months ago
    RRM exposing the truth.

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