Missed the First One?? Catch the Second One May 15, 2021! UPDATED DAILY: World Wide Demonstration Freedom Rally 2.0


 Its amazing! 😍

This will be a powerful day. More than 180 places are a part of the World Wide Demonstration on May 15th... and we know there will be much more 😍

We will stand together for freedom and human rights! ❤️

🎧Official World Wide Demo-Song🎧

The wonderful song "We will all be there" was produced by the German singer WiVVica! ❤️

Let this song go around the world on Saturday May 15, 2021! 🌎🌎🌎🌎

Play it on every demonstration and send us a short video!

Download it now and share it! 🥳

You can find more information about the project here:

Artist Name - We will all be there - WiVViCA .mp3

The world is coming together AGAIN to protest our freedoms being stripped away by totalitarian governments everywhere as they use unscientific, unproven reports about 'covid' to dictate unrealistic mandates. These bodies of governments are not serving the people, they are only serving themselves and their own evil agendas.

‼️World Wide Demonstration 2.0 ‼️

Save the Date!

We will stand together for the second time!

On May, 15 th the world is rising up again!

Side by side for freedom, peace and human rights!

Details to follow!

For more info and daily updates follow on telegram here: worldwidedemonstration

As a citizen journalist interested in helping the masses find their way to individual and collective freedom from a world gone mad with tyranny, I followed the first World Wide Rally closely to make sure all who read about it could find out as much as possible to participate.  

Here is link to the first article which holds some key information about the coming World Wide Demonstration Freedom Rally 2.0: 

World Wide Rally For Freedom - #WeAreNotAlone #Justice

 MAY 15, 2021

Objectives of our protest

Our Fundamental Human Rights have top priority, and are not negotiable. The Excessive and Unlawful Coronavirus Restriction measures must end immediately.

The Unreasonable and Tyrannical suppression of dissent by police forces must be stopped.In the past year, people's Livelihoods and Freedoms have been destroyed by Lock downs and Border closures

We have had our bodily autonomy violated by mask mandates, and plans to mandate Coronavirus Vaccinations are being rolled out internationally.

These are unacceptable constraints on our Freedom. We are taking a stand for 5 important Freedoms:

• Freedom of Speech

• Freedom of Movement

• Freedom of Choice

• Freedom of Assembly

• Freedom of Health

The Time for Action is Now.

We call on all opponents of the Coronavirus Restriction policies of their own government to participate in this World-Wide Protest.

As one massive, united, and peaceful community, we will stand up and demand an end to the current restrictions and authoritarian control measures.

Everyone Together.

Our Diverse, Peaceful and Powerful movement will not be divided.

We reject all acts of violence, identity politics, and discrimination of any kind within our movement.

We would like to encourage and call on everyone to peaceably and publicly assemble, and speak out against the Authoritarian Coronavirus restrictions that have damaged our lives more than any virus has."

This World Wide Demonstration Freedom Rally 2.0 is organized by a European group and many European countries, as well as Canada and Mexico, are participating. You can visit the main telegram group worldwidedemonstration for more details. 

For the sake of time and space, I list only the American states and cities participating below: 

💫 California, Cupertino is rising up! 💫 12 - 2 PM: Memorial Park
*For more general info Visit: worldwidedemonstration

💫 Salt Lake City is rising up! 💫 12 noon: The Capitol

*For more general info Visit: worldwidedemonstration

💫 Virginia, Richmond is rising up! 💫 12 PM: Virginia Civil Rights Monument. *For more general info Visit: worldwidedemonstration

💫 New York, Ithaca is rising up! 💫 1 PM: 100 N Tioga St Ithaca, New York
*For more details Visit: fb.me/e/UNdBbfgx

💫 Lopez Island, Washington is rising up! 💫12 PM: Village Park

*For more general Info Visit: worldwidedemonstration

💫 Arizona, Phoenix is rising up! 💫10 AM - 12 PM: 511 West Adams Street

*For more info Visit: WorldwidePhoenixDemonstration

💫 North Carolina is rising up! 💫1 - 3 PM: Executive Mansion200 N Blount Street.
 *For more general Info Visit: worldwidedemonstration

💫 Washington is rising up! 💫 11 AM - 3 PM: Paradise Point Park La Center, WA
. *For more infor Visit: RallyforFreedomWA.com

💫 California, Santa Barbara rising up! 💫 12 PM : Stearns Wharf On the beach, by the canoes.
*For more info Visit: worldwiderallysb

💫 New Jersey is rising up! 💫 1 - 4 PM: National Park, Red Bank Battle Field
 *For more info Visit: PhillyWorldPeaceRallyMay15

💫 Massachusetts, Hyannis is rising up!💫12 PM - 2 PM: Main Street
By the Statue of Iyanough on the Village Green

*For more info Visit: worldwidedemocapecod

💫 Rhode Island is rising up!💫 1 - 4 PM: Rocky Point Park
1 Rocky Point Ave., Warwick Ri. 02889

*For more infor Visit: WorldwideRhodeIsland

💫 Chicago is rising up!💫 Maggie Daley Park

*For more info please Visit : worldwidechicago

💫 New Hampshire, Concord is rising up!💫State House Concord at 12 PM

*For more info Visit: worldwideConcordNH

💫 Cleveland, Ohio is rising up!💫Meet at the MALL 11am - 2pm

*For more info 
Visit: worldwideCleveland

💫 New York is rising up!💫 Meet at City Hall-Foley Square 1pm
*For more info Visit: 

💫Pennsylvania, Philadelphia is rising up!💫Meet at Liberty Bell 1pm-4pm
*For more info Visit: 

💫 Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh is rising up!💫 Point State Park 11 AM - 2 PM  *For more info Visit: 

💫 Sedona, Arizona is rising up!💫At Posse Grounds Pavilon:505 Posse Ground Rd. Sedona, AZ 86336. 12:00 - 2:00 PM PST
*For more info Visit the facebook group sedonafreedommovement

💫Hawaii, Honolulu is rising up!💫 Marching, 10 AM: Kapiolani Park to
Ala Moana Beach Park
*For more info Visit: 

💫Colorado, Denver is rising up!💫West Lawn of the State Capital, 3 - 7 PM
*For more information Visit the website: worldwidecolorado

💫 Vermont, Montpelier is rising up!💫 Capitol at 2:30 - 5:30 PM
*For more info Visit : joinchat/dNON8uIhLwthNDgx

 UPDATES coming regularly as more cities and states are added!! 

Its amazing! 😍

This will be a powerful day. More than 100 places are a part of the World Wide Demonstration on May 15th and we know there will be much more 😍

We will stand together for freedom and human rights! ❤️


🎧⤵️ Flatten the curve 🎧⤵️

Today we have a surprise for you!
Nathan, a really nice guy, wrote a fantastic song about "flatten the curve"
Listen to it, share it, sing it on May 15th and have fun!
It's amazing! We have a big smile in our face when we listen to this song 😁😁😁
Thanks a lot Nathan!
Great job!



Once you've viewed the eloquent and compelling speech of this good doctor, only 14 minutes long, you will want to share it with anyone you know that is afflicted with FOC (Fear Of Covid.) Dr. Roger Hodkinson is about as mainstream a doctor as you will find. His presentation addresses the false narrative that we and others have identified as an assault on free people by tyrants.


We all need, to get the Word out. Mother Earth herself, is dying for us to speak in her behalf with a grain or two of common sense.

You won't know what you can accomplish, until you give it a good try taking it to the next level. We are here to support you overcoming the technical hurdles to sharing you thoughts, wisdom, art, vision, with the world via the internet, the most powerful communication medium in human history.

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