Mamma Bear Warrior Ends All Covidiocy Mandates in One School. UPDATE!! Video of RON WATKINS (CodeMonkeyZ)getting involved!

For every problem faced, a solution has already been created.

Scan the social media horizon for solutions to tyrannical governance issues. Sure enough, you can discover surprising assistance to stop the dictatorship in your backyard, all done legally and appropriately.

A single Mamma Bear did it!

A single mother of a young autistic boy was fed up with her pleas to the school board to exempt her son from the mandates being ignored. Her son eventually needed mental health care due to the school's ignorance of his special needs.

She then took it upon herself to 'follow the money' and found a solution that worked to stop the restrictions in her school, and when applied correctly, will work for you also.

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Robyn Gritz: After arresting the mayor you're going to need a new one

As a former FBI agent, Robyn Gritz has arrested criminal mayors, councilmen, chiefs of police and others in positions of power. She's in a uniquely qualified position to lead us in our local communities in vetting properly those who would replace the corrupt ones.

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Defeat The Mandates Rally in DC - It Was Epic!

Epic events manifest during historic times.

The fight against covidiocy is breeding battle-ready patriots, making honorable warriors out of honest professionals from all walks of life.

On January 23, 2022, an epic event took place, which will go down in history as the most peaceful and organized protest of its kind. Medical professionals will not allow big pHARMa to control our health choices any longer. And 1000's upon 1000's gathered to rally their support for every person in any profession to stand up and say NO MORE MANDATES!

Millions are going through a Great Awakening to this the attempted take over of anew world order totalitarian regime bullying citizens of almost every country on earth, using health fear porn as its weapon of choice. And it is evident they are failing!

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Hope Springs Eternal as Djokovic Scores, Youngkin Cleans-Up, the UK Does a Jab Reversal and Trump Draws a Yuge Crowd!

Australian Open refunds have a 25 % higher search rate on Google than those looking to buy tickets.

Here's why: The most famous tennis player of today, Novak Djokovic, had his visa for the Aussie Tennis open pulled after he arrived there early in January 2022, due to non-jab compliance. His visa was reinstated after a special hearing. Yet, his status is still in limbo because the corrupt elite powers may revoke it again under a different pretext. (More about that HERE)

FYI: Did you know "Djokovic and Wife Own 80 Percent Stake in Biotech Company Developing Non-Vaccine COVID-19 Treatment?" Neither did I! (more about that HERE) His humanitarian efforts to help create a World Of Unity, World Of Wonder are beyond exemplary. 

This 2:19 minute video by Freedom Ideas on telegram depicts him as "Human of Our Time".

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WHAT'S NEXT? Why The World Wide Freedom Rally 6.0 Of Course!


We are coming together as a world community that strengthens us all.

Here we have another opportunity to join our brothers and sisters of the earth in a peaceful demonstration showing the totalitarian elites, lost in corruption, what a World Of Unity, World Of Wonder, looks like in action.

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Pandemic Narrative Undergoes Radical U-Turn

Story at-a-glance

  • In recent days, the pandemic narrative has undergone a remarkable number of U-turns
  • January 9, 2022, CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky sent out a tweet saying "We must protect people with comorbidities from severe COVID-19," in other words, focused protection, which is what tens of thousands of doctors have been calling for since the creation of The Great Barrington Declaration in early October 2020
  • January 10, 2022, Walensky admitted that the COVID shots cannot prevent transmission
  • The CDC is now saying you should not retest once you've recovered from COVID, as the PCR can provide false positives for up to 12 weeks after the infection has been resolved. They're also cutting the isolation requirement from 10 to just five days — probably because the failing economy is hurting Biden's approval rating so they need people to work
  • The narrative is also changing on what makes for a COVID case and how deaths are counted. Walensky recently admitted about 40% of "COVID patients" tested positive but do not have symptoms and are hospitalized for something else. She has also promised to deliver data on how many people have actually died "from" COVID and how many died "with" it
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UK TO END JAB PASSPORTS, Mask Mandates (Yes You Read That Right) and New Czech Government Follows Suit

Since early 2020, the world has been in a covidiocy holding pattern. 

Round and round we have gone getting dizzy with useless mask mandates, distancing rules, and health regulations based on sheer made-up science. All the while being held back economically, handing out rules and jabs with absolutely no progress being made in this scamdemic battle. Recent statistics demonstrate the strictest jab mandates have no effect on the Wuhan virus in Israel. Those who gave their arm for four sticks are now more susceptible to getting ill than those who are not stuck at all! Evidence is mounting for the jab being more harmful than good.

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HAIL! GOOD NEWS GALORE: LGB Wins Again, WW Freedom Rally 6.0 is Upon Us, Supreme Court WIN, Fauci's Done, Trump Stumps in AZ and much more

NASCAR's Brandon Brown's latest race car deal becomes LEGEND --- wait for it --- ARY!

"NASCAR racer Brandon Brown has signed an eight-figure sponsorship deal with the "Let's Go Brandon" crypto coin-maker despite the racing organization's decision to disallow LGB coin ad placement on his car." ~ Breitbart

For those just waking up or unfamiliar with why there is all this incredible hype around a simple slogan such as 'Let's Go, Brandon,' check out the tweet below and try not to laugh too hard.

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: How to Win the War Against Tyranny

Story at-a-glance

  • Make Americans Free Again, led by Pam Popper, is fighting to preserve American freedoms and has a proven strategy that ensures we can win
  • They are launching strategic legal challenges across the U.S. Rather than arguing the unconstitutionality of mandates, they challenge the legal basis of the emergency declaration that allowed the mandates to be rolled out in the first place
  • They also teach Americans everywhere how to start and build their own local parallel societies where members take care of each other and work toward the same goal
  • The short-, medium- and long-term goals of Make Americans Free Again are to free Americans from government tyranny, address all medical mandates and, ultimately, design and launch a superior medical system
  • Even if you don't start your own freedom group, consider making a donation to Make Americans Free Again's legal fund
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GOOD NEWS FLASH: News Highlights Brought to You by Nunes, Navy SEALS, Patriot Teacher, DeSantis, Trump and so much more

Trump Media & Technology Group is getting a mighty warrior as its CEO.

GOP Rep. Devin Nunes Formally Resigns From Congress to head up Truth Social! And I bet he is more than happy to leave the clown show Congress behind!

Thank you, Mr. Nunes, for all your hard work. We look forward to a freedom-loving social media platform that allows ideas and opinions to be shared instead of censured.

Watch ⬇️ as he delivers his resignation below (I am sure he is smiling underneath that useless mask). And for details, go HERE.

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Their Cookie is Crumbling While Ours Gets Sweeter!

How can Georg, or any of us really, resist discussing the downfall of the corrupt political elites who are now fighting for their very existence? Once again, Georg of Orgonise Africa eloquently states the truth AND turns us onto a healthier lifestyle.
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Patel Patriot - Devolution Power Hour - Clif High Interview

We are proud to feature the conversation between Patel Patriot (Jon) and the famous Clif High, developer of predictive linguistic algorithms that gave him a way to see ahead of current events based on the language of billions of people using the internet. Jon and Clif talk about Q, Devolution and related subjects. We have the one hour video and the transcript of the entire conversation.

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WE ARE THE NEWS NOW! Rebel News Reports Real News as Pastor Artur is Arrested again on New Year's Day.

A stunning devolution, defined as transference: as rights, powers, property, or responsibility to another, is happening right before our eyes. Lamestream media and fake news are thankfully disintegrating as their stance of declaring false information to be truth deteriorates the public's trust in their reports. This means fake news is fast becoming the 'alternative news' while news aggregates such as Rebel News are becoming the new mainstream REAL NEWS sources.

How absolutely refreshing is this, my friends!?

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Trump Rings in The New Year With Style, Of Course!

2021 is out! 2022 is in! Trump-style!

And who better to relive the 2022 New Year Celebration with than the best president in the history of the United States, #45, Donald J. Trump.

Of course, I would rather have been there myself, and one day will be, but for now, this pictorial and video review puts a radiant smile on my about you?

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Great News for a Great New Year!

Yes, dear Patriots, once again, we have many more victories hitting the news scene than I can account for here. Scan the proper horizons, and you will discover them also. And when you do, smile and know WE THE PEOPLE ARE WINNING! 

Our #WorldOfUnityWorldOFWonder is taking great shape!

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Peak Mordor: The Tipping Point

Once again, Georg graces us with his wit and wisdom. As we gradually shift into a fabulous World of Unity World of Wonder, Georg reminds us a bit of friction leads to positive outcomes. And as usual, he offers practical healthy solutions.
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Wuhan Virus PCR Test Use Expires: But Wait There's More!

We can go on and on about how the PCR test used to detect the Wuhan Flu (Trump's favorite term for the c-virus and mine also) was a scam, but wait, there really is more. As one PCR testing procedure fades into the background of big pHARMa's plandemic scheme, there is another procedure being brought onto the criminal playing field.


I will let the fine gentleman in the video explain how the corrupt entities who brought us the fake PCR test, the virus, and its companion the experimental jab, are positioning themselves to cash in on the 'omircon scare'. 

The transcript that follows the short video includes links to sources.
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And You Thought the Office of US President was the Most Powerful Office in the World

ACTION is what occurs when you move upon your beliefs.
ACTION is needed to stop the extreme left's domination of our country.
ACTION is how We the People reclaim our rights and freedoms as free citizens of the greatest country on earth.

Are you ready to take ACTION?

Many political patriots have been moving into action since the presidential election was stolen on Nov 3, 2020. We hear them proclaim the truth over and over again in podcasts, see them exclaim their outrage in interviews, and even find them on lamestream media taking a firm stand against the lies. These strong patriots are pushing the left's socialist agenda off the shelf, making room for a bold new agenda of national patriotism and unity, making room for you and me to take ACTION!

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The Gift That Keeps on Giving!

UPDATED Dec 28 - Juan O Savin transcript completed

If you had to come up with a plan to Resurrect mankind from The Matrix of evil that has enslaved humanity for ages, you couldn't in a million years have come up with a better one than what's being executed as I write this. Call it Devolution, The Plan, the Apocalypse, call it Pure Genius, it is a supernatural effort and we thank God for the dedication and determination of our elders making this happen AND enjoining us all to play our part in that Resurrection Victory!

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HAPPY Christmas News!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from my heart to yours fine Patriot Friends! 

It's as clear as the Bethlehem Star shepherds gazed upon that first Christmas night, WE THE PEOPLE ARE WINNING! The only reason to doubt is if you take your eyes off all the great Victories happening all around us. So let me help!

Sit back and take a gander at the Great News presented here. You will begin to understand how our #WorldOfUnityWorldOfWonder is created right before your eyes. 


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