WINNING! Judge Stamps Out NYPD Covidiocy Tyranny and Orders Fired Reinstated


It's about time common sense won out over flagrant commie-style rule. 

Once the facts are weighed by a mind that isn't washed with propaganda, even a child can figure it out. It's about time a judge woke up to the truth as well.

Although, as expected, an appeal will be filed, this ruling will remain. 

It's clear an unconstitutional mandate was put in place that jeopardized NYPD lives, demanding they get a life-threatening experimental jab.  This now obvious politically driven mandate compromised public safety, forcing qualified police officers to leave their posts. While others took the stab, suffering side effects, the likes of which are not being correctly reported by fake news. 

There needs to be a retraction of all Chyna virus mandates throughout the USA and the world, but I will take this win and pray more common sense will follow. 

Judge rules NYC vaccine mandate for NYPD is invalid

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Sep 23, 2022
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This win opens the door for more lawsuits to surge forward. 

We were subject to a forced experimental jab against all Constitutional principles, and we let it happen. 

Do you ever ask yourself why? I do. I want to know why and how a free country, which has millions more citizens than it does politicians, allowed itself to be lured into a control trap by an elite set of hypocritical wimps who become frantic and called the National Guard over a mere 50 illegal aliens walking the sidewalks at Martha's Vineyard, while at the same time, it's 'ok' to let 1000s in daily at our southern border states. 

It is beyond time to shine a mainstream spotlight on the culprits who brought the plannedemic disaster to us. 

And as lawsuits continue to be filed, may those forced to pick between a job and feeding their families be vindicated as the elite rats are flushed out of the swamp.


Are you being dutifully quiet about jab injury? Perhaps you should consider coming out with it, huh?
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