What Happened To OMICRON?


Omicron went around the world...once.

While Covidiocy mandates and economic restraints were hotly debated, a 'new strain' of Covid-19 emerged. Omicron was described as a mutated corona virus. Big pHARMa-controlled CDC, and WHO tried to fear monger its symptoms, but they failed in making it 'the next scamdemic.' Instead, this malady traveled from country to country and then disappeared

So what happened? 

Brain Cates has a theory that resonates with the PatriQt in me. 

Weapons of warfare are often similar and used by both sides to battle. 

The Omicron Branch of covid, described as the "Last Genomic Ancestor," emerged in January 2020. And the spread of covid worldwide stopped when Omicron disappeared in October 2021. 

There are no coincidences!


As technocracy and transhumanism have risen to the fore, they have brought with them their own form of science — "scientism" — which is basically the religion of science. In other words, it's a belief even in the absence of evidence, or in the face of contrary evidence, and this is a very serious problem


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