Warp Speed Stopped The Great Reset (aka The Next Dark Age)


We've covered this, but we've noticed there are still people not getting it and we ran across a 3-minute TikTok vid that summarizes it nicely, in case our readers will find it helpful to help friends and family understand a bit more of the complexity of the world and the genius of Trump. Thanks!

With Warp Speed, Trump did exactly what absolutely had to be done
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Published July 18 2022
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Alright guys, I've seen a lot of confusion over Operation Warp Speed while Trump endorsed and continues to endorse the vaccine and a lot of people are disenchanted with Trump because of it. I'm going to explain as quickly as I can, in three minutes, what actually happened and why it was one of the most important things Trump did. Operation Warp Speed was the operation that countered the great reset. By Trump initiating Operation Warp Speed, he essentially saved humanity from a dark age.

Allow me to explain. So, a certain pathogen hit and within a couple of months, world leaders and governors in the United States started announcing what they thought was the only path forward. And that was to wait years to develop a vaccine. Once enough of them had said this and mainstream media had solidified the position, we were going to have to shut down for years. That was what they were telling you. That was the plan. And that was a vital component to the great reset. See, the great reset is way too insane to just implement willingly. No one's gonna accept this thing. So what they needed was a shutdown under the guise of a public health crisis. And now you know why they were so adamant about that, even though a lot of stuff did not support shutdowns, and now it definitely does not support shutdowns.

Anyways, once they had committed fully to what they were planning on doing, and could not back out, that's when Trump said, Oh, no, no, no. We are not going to wait years. Here's Operation Warp Speed. Here's the vaccines right now. And in doing so, he saved the economy and society as we know it from a complete collapse, and stopped the introduction of the great reset, which would have led to a new dark age, the likes of which most of you have, you can't even imagine the horrors they were going to do with this.

Once Trump did this, he was fully committed. And this is why to this day he continues to support the vaccine. He has no choice, guys. It's called plausible deniability. We know there's serious cases where people may be getting hurt by it. I have to be careful what I talk about in that regard here, but you know what we're talking about. It's called plausible deniability. He had to do this to stop a dark age from forming. And guys, he's committed; he has to continue to support them for plausible deniability. It makes sense if you think about it. And it also lets you know, something else is coming. The ramifications of the medications will be dealt with later. It's a far more complicated subject, and a different tier of information and intelligence. We'll get into that later.

But the bottom line is Operation Warp Speed was one of the greatest operations Trump did. It was one of his primary reasons for his term; was to stop the great reset, and he did. And that's why he continues to support it. So just think back to what they were saying, piece it together, and it'll make more sense to you. Thanks.

Transcribed for Ruby Ray Media by Carol Allen


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