United Non Compliance #JustSayNo by Chris Sky an Agent of Archangel Michael

Rumble-SC-Chris-Sky-on-Tipping-Point-3-29-21 Archangel Michael Sends Chris Sky

Canadian Patriot Chris Sky adorned with a new tattoo of Archangel Michael on his neck appeared on Scott McKay's Tipping Point radio broadcast/podcast to explain what he means by United Non Compliance #JustSayNo which encourages everybody in Canada and the United States to stop believing the lying narrative of the phreak class - their droning empty promises that say that our complying to one thing will not lead to having to comply to the next thing and the next thing until the endgame is reached with your unending compliance to the phreaks having total control over you with a Vaccine Passport and Digital Identity, Wallet and Credit Score.

International Agent of Human Rights and Freedom Chris Sky Has Flown to Four Continents During the Plannedemic and NEVER Worn a Mask. Find out How He Does It and Why You Should Quit Complying! Courage!


Meet Chris Sky, Local Toronto Anti-Lockdown Celebrity - Rebel News

"Right away, the two weeks became two months. And then you had all these businesses closed. That was my first concern. Number one was the business closures, because our economy relies on small business — 97 per cent of all our businesses are small business. Seventy per cent of all Canada's jobs come from small business, and at the start of 2020, we had 1.15 million small businesses in the country."

In February, Sky took on Canada's travel restrictions head on.

"...after touching down from the not-so-Friendly Skies, Chris Sky was defiant in terms of masking up and submitting to a COVID test. And so it was that he was actually successful in skipping that brutal lineup, by receiving an escort from three fine members of the Peel Regional Police, directly to the terminal exit.

Alas, Chris did receive a most unwelcome parting gift in the form of a $880 ticket, but this only made him chuckle. Chris has been served with many such tickets, and he is clamouring for his day in court, as he is quite confident these fines will be dismissed on the grounds that these tickets are unconstitutional.

And Chris Sky vows that, much to the chagrin of the authorities and law enforcement, he's not going away anytime soon, as the lockdowns continue. Thus, one can only ponder: what will Mr. Sky do for an encore?"

David Menzies - Rebel News


Clay Clark's Health and Freedom Conference is coming up fast. April 16 and 17, less than a month!

General Mike Flynn, Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell, and a LOT MORE are going to speak.

Listen to Clay in an interview with Scott McKay, Patriot Streetfighter, describe what is planned.


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