Mike Adams, Dr. Jane Ruby and Seth Holehouse at the Tip of the Jab


This is a must listen (or read the transcript,) the latest report from Dr. Jane Ruby in an interview with Seth Holehouse of Man in America about Mike Adams' lab findings on the stuff that's being pulled out of people's arteries by embalmers. Find out what's forming in jabbed people's blood vessels that's killing them. You can't miss this one, it's a must listen (or read the transcript.)

It's Far Worse Than We Thought - Dr. Jane Ruby Interview
RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Sep 6 2022
Length 59:07 (see the transcript below the video)


Seth Holehouse 2:29
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Man in America; I'm your host, Seth Holehouse. So after more than two years of censoring anything and everything that went against the COVID narrative, there are now indisputable facts that can no longer be hidden. Their treatment is killing people at an alarming rate. Joining me today is Dr. Jane Ruby to discuss the overwhelming data that's emerging, what you can do if you already took the jab, and much, much more. And, folks, look, if you're watching me on YouTube right now, please click on the Rumble link in the description below to go to watch his interview over there, where free speech is allowed. They honestly will probably delete my account if I put the show on YouTube. So please click the Rumble link below. Dom, go ahead and please cut the YouTube stream. So before we get started, today's show is brought to you by RISE TV, a patriot-owned streaming platform. With all the big tech censorship and the monetization going on right now, the subscribers at RISE TV are literally the reason I can bring you this critical information today. Over at RISE, our mission is to uncover the truth no matter how dark and difficult, while always holding on to that hope and even having a few laughs along the way. We have a massive content library and an amazing community of patriots, and you get to hang out with me and my guests the second half of every show, and ask your questions and share your thoughts and ideas. So if you have any specific questions for Dr. Ruby, make sure you join us on RISE TV; there's a link for a free trial in the description below. You should go ahead and click it now. So you're all ready when we cut the public streams for the exclusive q&a during the second half of the show. Also, make sure you're following me on Telegram and Truth Social app, Man in America. You can also catch every episode as a podcast; if you just want to listen, the links to my podcasts and social media are all in the description below.

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Alright, folks, I am very honored to have my show today, Dr. Jane Ruby, who has been a freedom fighter on the front lines. She's been canceled and banned and everything, but she keeps going because the information that she has been bringing to the public is extremely important. And as we're going to look at the data right now, we can see that this is life-saving information. So let's go ahead and bring her on. We've got a great show planned for today. So Dr. Jane Ruby, thank you so very much for joining me on Man in America.

Dr. Jane Ruby 6:56
Hi Seth. The pleasure and the honor are all mine. Really happy to be here.

Seth Holehouse 7:01
Great. So there's a lot to cover today; I know we're gonna be looking at the clots, we're gonna be looking at the death rates, and even looking at some of the information for people who you know, were coerced into taking the jab and what they can do and maybe get into some information on vaccine shedding. But you know, first out, you know, you know, we're talking ahead of the show, and you basically, there is now so much evidence of death coming out like they can no longer hide it, we're seeing increases across all of the different statistics. So can we first dive into that? Just tell me, like, what's the information that you're seeing? What is the data that you're seeing out? That's coming out regarding the death rates of people right now?

Dr. Jane Ruby 7:42
Yeah, thanks. Well, for me, you know, my background is medicine, it's a nurse practitioner going to professor in medical colleges, and I've had my own independent research labs, but for the bulk of my career stuff, I spent 20 years and pharmaceutical research. So, you know, for me, the data is very, very clear. It was clear early on, when you talk about, you know, these threshold numbers, you know, now it's undeniable. For me, it was undeniable, like a year ago, or a year and a half ago, because before this very bizarre thing unfolded in 2020. It didn't, and rightfully so, it didn't take very much to shut down a pharmaceutical program of research or distribution of medication even after it was approved. So I recognized early on that something was very, very wrong. Because as I started to say, I originally started out as the medical contributor on the Stu Peter show. And then, of course, because the audience was was was growing so much and wanted to hear more, Sue asked me to add my own show to it. And so like I just said, you know, he's all along the way I was saying, there doesn't seem to be a threshold for death, right? To shut to stop this, when this began, I started thinking, Oh, this, this is never going anywhere, because they're going to shut it down like that. But I realized very soon into the game that nothing was going to shut it down. And that's that should have been a red flag, maybe to some portions of the general public because you you've seen in the past, how sensitive the pharmaceutical industry is, for example, terms of public relations, right? It's just the slightest little negative information comes out. They're holding press conferences, they're telling, you know, I left pharma almost two years ago, but they're telling the employees in the company, hey, buttoned it up, only PR and or investor relations is allowed to speak on this. And so, you know, we would be very quiet, and they would do the damage control and get out the word and the press releases and all that. You don't see any of that. You don't see any public concern expressed by not only these pharmaceutical companies that are conducting primarily conducting the murders, you know, Pfizer, AstraZeneca Moderna j&j, Novavax. I mean, we can we can add a bunch more to those. But it's not just, you know, it's them, the entire industry is silent, right? In the old days, you would have had hundreds of pharmaceutical companies pounding on the door of the FDA saying, Well, wait a minute, how come they're getting away with not doing a step-by-step series of studies for safety and efficacy, and the rest of us have to do it, and they still have to do it. So, for the most part, it's only these vaccines, you know, these bio weapon injection companies that are off the hook. And now, as you probably all know, the FDA had a meeting of the agency formerly known as the FDA, that's now a department at Pfizer had their meeting in June, when they also approved and authorized this poison for six-month-old babies and up, you know, they also had a meeting in late June, that really wasn't paid very much attention. Except, you know, in my show, to try to get people to be aware that the FDA sort of gave a green light from now on, these companies don't have to do anything stuff. They don't have to let me explain something, the terms safety, and efficacy. And in my world of pharma, FDA regulations, I have experienced in interfacing with the FDA, I've written real informed consent documents, I've executed them, you know, it just in the real in our real world before this whole sham thing, safety and efficacy was were actually legal terms, and there were thresholds of type of research and amount within those types that had to be done before, you could then get to a point where you had a sufficient, what we call package of data from various studies, with showing a foundation of minimal safety. And then the later trials, in fact, I've, you know, would would then help you start to build your efficacy. Well, they don't have to do that anymore. And you all should be appalled. You should be, you know, literally pounding the doors of the FDA saying you're going to let them just pump out materials with without or just after, you know, giving them to eight mice for a week. I mean, come on. It's ridiculous.

Seth Holehouse 12:24
It's basically is it if I understand correctly, it's almost like for a car manufacturer, let's imagine that is a car manufacturer is making cars, you know, say there's probably a threshold for that, right? So maybe after your brakes fail, and cars, say 10 accidents, you must issue a recall and then fix all 100,000 of those vehicles. So it's like what we're experiencing now is the equivalent of a car manufacturer putting a car out there, the brakes have actually gone out on, say, a million cars, and there's been a quarter million deaths. And they're not even talking about it. And actually, not only are they not talking about it, but the regulatory agency that would normally say, hey, look, you've passed the threshold, there is turning a blind eye. Is that a good way of understanding what's happening with these vaccines?

Dr. Jane Ruby 13:08
Yeah, but let's take it a step further. They're doing more than turning a blind eye, the federal agencies that we previously relied on and don't get me wrong, I'm not naive, there was plenty of corruption to go around. And, you know, rumors and all kinds of other stuff that I saw when I was in the industry, but nothing like we're seeing now. Let's be very clear. These federal agencies like the FDA, the NIH, the CDC, they've collapsed. They don't really exist, as they were set up to do they should be torn down. Unfortunately, we have a Congress, both Republican and Democrats are all in name only. And they sit on their thumbs, a couple of them do a dog and pony show to pretend so that they have a reason to send out their donate card when it comes time for election. But nobody's really doing anything about it. And Congress has tremendous power, they could haul these companies in, tie them up in discovery, have them unveil their paperwork, what they have done, what their real safety work has shown all the animals that die that they did experiment on. I did you know, we can we can we can talk about it whenever you want. But I did bring a particular depiction today of the way the process is supposed to go when you have a drug. Actually for viewers. Sure. When you have a drug that's a new entity. It's called we do we run studies, chemically, not even on animals yet, that's that are called proof of concept. If we start to see some, you know, petri dish stuff, we start to see some evidence of mechanism of action where there is some activity that appears to be what we're going for in a disease state. Then you can get and by the way, all this is predicated on approval after approval after approval by the FDA. and numerous stages and numerous submissions to them of work that you've done as a pharmaceutical company, but starts out with what we call preclinical. And that's your first column here. preclinical is defined in the research world as animals and petri dishes. And this is where you are primarily looking for dangerous safety signals, safety signals that jump out at you. And let me give you a very quick brief story. In the beginning of my career, I worked for the American company that represented the antidepressant Celexa, and I came in at a time when we were going to look at the left enantiomer. It's a chiral molecule, we looked at the as a mirrored image, we looked at the other side, which became Lexapro. But here's the point of the story. When I had to study the history of the Praesent predecessor Celexa, during that preclinical period south, they had six Beagle dogs that dropped dead in the preclinical, the FDA shut them down, they said, You're gonna have to figure out why those dogs had a heart attack. And it was anyway, they shut it down for about two years. And what happened was, they they they were able to discover that it was not only was it just it was just those Beagle dogs, it was Beagle dogs only, not even all dogs. And they, they demonstrated that this would not be a danger to human beings. The the the research program went on into the subsequent phases, which I was going to get into, but I wanted to share with you how sensitive, the FDA systems were back then, where even if the animals got sick or died, you stopped it, you might never go forward again, as a pharma company, you could lose hundreds of millions of dollars, but it was like, you know, the, the thinking was too bad. You've saved lives, and you'll make money on your other drugs that do make it through. So getting back to the chair, if you make it through preclinical, okay, mostly the animal studies. And by the way, you know, animals, like certain rats are in mice are bred to be similar in certain ways to human reactions. But never would any scientist in their right mind, tell you or reassure you that Oh, yes. If we get sick, you know, perfect safety and an animal, like these knockout mice or these other bred mice, will, you know, you'll be okay, no, no, that's just one step. Okay. So if you get past all that stuff, then you go to this first phase one, phase one. Now, when you look at the title of the protocol in clinical trials.gov, the criminal Pfizer, a protocol for what was the initial, you know, their shot, they their title said, phase one, two, and three, phase one, slash two slash three, that meant they were doing them simultaneously. Let me go, let me take you back to the start. You can't do them simultaneously, because each phase is predicated and designed based on the findings of the preceding phase. So phase one is designed in a certain way to look at certain things based on what the findings were in the animals. What do I mean by that? Phase one has very small numbers of subjects, like they're healthy people, they're young, because they're going to be the first humans exposed to this. And you're talking about maybe 1015 people. And in phase one, we're looking at things like pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, HalfLife, where does the drug go in the body? Where How does it get absorbed? Where How does it get excreted? Where does it concentrate, things like that? What's the half life because those are the issues that will later inform us on dosing, how to dose in other populations like liver impairment, and kidney impairment, children, things like that. So once you've got your phase one, which has all of those parameters, and now you also have another you have your first safety data in human beings, right? And if there was nothing major, nobody died. Nobody has what's called a serious adverse event, or SAE, which is much different than an AE in the world of pharma research, which has an adverse event, a serious adverse event is something requiring hospitalization, it's life threatening, you can see it's much more severe. And that's going to become important, because for example, when Pfizer admitted in their documents that there is shedding they talked about if an A jabbed partner, you know, was that in close proximity to say his wife or partner, who is of childbearing age, just the exposure from the jabbed in front of the unjammed was constituted a serious adverse event. So that told me Whoa, they know there's something dangerous about that because they already pre qualified it as a serious AE. But getting back to the chart and After you've got your first safety in a very small number of Healthy People, you then design your phase two trial. What do we look at in phase two, you can see greater numbers of people, you start to enlist people into the study that have the disease state that you're studying, for example, if you're studying diabetes, or depression or something like that, but they're not with a lot of confounding comorbidity. But we're still looking, you're starting to look now at hundreds of people and maybe 1000s of people. And you're designing that and what you saw in phase one. And then it goes into phase three, which are conducted generally in probably 10s of 1000s of people across many different research sites in the United States, sometimes a few in the, in the world, in Europe, or Asia, so that you've got a mix of, you know, cultures and different types of races and things like that. And so those are your phase three trials, when you finish those, again, if you have been allowed at each step by the FDA to go along. And your phase three, by the way, is designed based on everything you learned in phase two, every everything is predicated on the preceding. So once you've got that you've essentially got what we call the package to submit to the agency, the FDA, and then they look at that stuff. And they determine if you've done enough studies, if you've given them enough information, if you've complied with all the basic things that they require in their template. And if you don't, it sets you back, because you've got to go back and do more studies. If they do accept it, they're accepting it for review. Now, you have to wait a year or two traditionally, until somebody in pharma got there maybe got some people in Congress to develop what's called the producer date, which is the pharmaceutical drug users fee act, that enable the companies to legally pay off the FDA, if you paid them a certain amount normally set that was about 50,000, maybe 100,000. Not a lot of money to pharma, it is a lot of money to the rest of us. But what you got for that Seth was a date certain of their decision. So they would prioritize. And so you might, you might get a decision in nine months. But you got to date. We call it the producer day. And we could plan the launch of the drug. If we got approval based on on that date. We learned that Pfizer paid in some of the leaked documents last year in the foyer releases that Pfizer paid the FDA I believe it was somewhere around two or 3 million I could be off by a million but it was just exorbitant. And something we've never heard before. I don't even think they need to do anything like that they they basically been running the tables, Pfizer moderna that was never a company before Anthony Fauci breathes life into it, he actually created it. So these two companies, but primarily Pfizer are essentially using the FDA is their own department, these agencies are gone, I'm going to come full circle back to my original statement, they're gone.

Seth Holehouse 23:12
And so they basically take that chart you showed us which was really put in place to protect people is put in place to make sure that they're not pushing drugs out that are going to kill people or maim them or cause infertility, etc. So did they bypass the majority of that and compress it into some short time and just rush this to market? And are they now ignoring and hiding any evidence of harm and death and fertility that these things are causing to people?

Dr. Jane Ruby 23:48
Well, there's a lot to unpack there and your question, but yes, let's start from the top. Yes, they they have sped up ahead. There are a lot of features of that. There's the warp speed program. President Trump bragging that nobody ever spoke to the FDA like he did. He pushed them. He told them, you're going to do it in three months or six months. And as I've said, I've said to you in conversation, and I've said to audiences, you don't want something like that it works. I don't know who was advising him how he calculated it. How anybody in that task force, but you don't want anything relative to your health done at warp speed. You don't want your brain surgery. Okay? You don't you don't want something critical. That's never been tested in humans before like this stuff that killed animals that was on record as killing animals. You don't want that pushed out at warp speed. So yes, they did move ahead. They violated the FDA violated its own regulations, its own the federal laws around this. The title nine laws they violated their own guidance documents to industry. that are well founded. And so these companies were allowed to push ahead. So it's really a sham. And you know, Seth, in the beginning, they told us well, they were in the package insert. For Pfizer's shot, they talk about a group of 40, some 1000 people, they talked about how they started. In a randomized placebo controlled trial where half were assigned to the placebo, the other half were assigned to the, you know, the bn t 162 shot, but they very quickly broke the blind. And when they broke the blind, you have now transferred your randomized placebo controlled trial, which is the gold standard for developing pivotal trial data to submit to the FDA for safety and efficacy into an open label. It's open label, that's a term for everybody knows what they're getting. And the investigators, the researchers know what they're giving the people. So it's wide open, open label, observational, long term observational study. Now, that's great after a drug has been out in the real world for a number of years, you've got good safety record, good efficacy, maybe you're testing it in something else, maybe you're trying to just collect observational data to make sure that there are no new safety signals. But it's not fine for something that's never been used or tested in humans, right. So when people say, Oh, you're still in the trial, and you're not doing anything right now, you know, supposedly the trial goes on till 2023. We used to say that in the beginning, but there is no placebo arm. And I want you to know, this is a tactic that Anthony Fauci used many times he used it with remdesivir. He used it with a lot of different things. The technique, the tactic is when you break the blind, or you tell him company, break your blind, that you go to the computer, the computer opens everything up. And what that does stuff when you break the blind is you remove by removing your placebo, operate operational placebo function, you bury safety signal. So you have no comparator, right? They're all each person getting it as their own control, which is not how you get safety data. You don't get any safety data, but it hides that in itself. And actually, Bobby Kennedy talks about that in the real Anthony Fauci. He talks about the various examples of how Fauci demanded and caught, you know, told these pharmaceutical companies at various times in history, as well as they work together on break the blinds here, again, when you break your blinds, you lose your placebo control. And this is unheard of, I mean, those of us like Dr. Michael Eaton, those of us who've worked closely in inside pharma, we know this is unprecedented, it's dangerous, it's criminal, it should have been stopped a long time ago. And you know, something stuff, these congressional members sitting on their thumbs, they have no excuses anymore, because we've all gotten the data to them. Dr. David Martin has said over and over again, he knows for sure that he's gotten that information to them through people that have verified it. So the excuse of what we didn't know, is never going to fly for our entire US Congress, because they are and have been aware for quite a while that these regulations, these guidance documents, these appropriate steps have all been abandoned. For the financial, maybe their their, their benefit benefiting, and that's why they're keeping their mouths shut. I mean, those are just logical assumptions. But I've never seen a more quiet Congress in my life.

Seth Holehouse 28:47
And so in terms of the data that's coming out, I know, this is very difficult to assess. But in America, for instance, how many people do you think have died? From taking the vaccine? You know, that the COVID-19 vaccine? And even if it's just a rough number, I mean, is it? Are we talking, you know, say 10,000, 20,000? Or is it much larger?

Dr. Jane Ruby 29:15
Well, I'll tell you how I use how I'm going to calculate my estimate. The VAERS system is not without value, right? It is a self-reporting system. Nurses and doctors are obligated to report to it when they have suspicion of a correlation between treatment or something. But families can do it patients themselves can do it, you know, victims. So I just want to start there. The history of the VAERS database is that there was a study done by the NIH itself conducted by the NIH paid for with US tax dollars, called the Harvard Pilgrim study. And they looked at the data they looked at the VAERS system and they if you can, you can look it up. It's a well-published paper. And they determined that and people, people mess up the numbers all the time. So I'm gonna tell you why. There's a preceding sentence before you get to vaccine adverse events. It's all drug events. And that statistic that they found in the study was that the error rate was 10%. Right? So people often misquote that even frontline doctors do, but they're reading, they're quoting something because they look too fast, several lines down, the researchers made the statement that with regard to vaccine adverse events, the report, the real reporting, or the actual reporting was literally quote, less than 1%. Did you hear what I just said?

Seth Holehouse 30:51
That if there's an adverse effect, say I take the vaccine, and my nurse administers and say that I go into seizure immediately, hypothetically, she is supposed to report that adverse event into this VAERS database. And so what you're saying is that this database, even the people running the database, are saying that less than 1% of these adverse events are actually being officially...

Dr. Jane Ruby 31:16
It gets into it; actually gets into the VAERS system. So that means if you do your math, very simple, that there's a missing multiplier of 100. So if the VAERS database right now, and I don't know what the exact number is, is it 30 Something 1000 have died. If that's the number, let's just say for the sake of conversation, I don't know if 25,000 30,000 that actually are there. And by the way, it's probably less than less than 1%. Because we have proof that the CDC has been throttling numbers, changing birth dates to hide baby deaths. moving in and out. They stop reporting their mm WR for weeks at a time. They're manipulating numbers. So the Carper pilgrim study was conservative, right? So if it's at 30,000 reportable deaths right now, attributed to the vaccine, you're really looking at over 3 million Americans dead from the shots. But we are such a big country stuff, that these are spread out. And as Dr. Zelenko said, he predicted, because he started to see signals, when we talked about it, I was fascinated. There were three time periods of death. One... and it depends on what's in there. You know, we know from Team enigmas work in any any given day, there could be any multiple different things in these vials, even within the same lot number, right. But doctors, like I used to say there were three time periods. The first is the first few days to two weeks, those are those sudden, they dropped dead, whether you're five years old, or 100. And then there's a second time period of like, three to six months-ish, you know, where people develop like an aggressive cancer, and they just died, you know, or they developed something, you know, that was not as acute as the heart attack. They and they had comorbidities and they died. And then he said he anticipated he could see what was coming that then then there's the third group that would die over the long haul two to three years. This may be what someone like Dr. Dolores Cahills referring to, you know, the two to three year thing. Those people in the later months and several years are never going to put it together with a shot. They can't even do it now. And they died two days later, because they're in such denial. But the further out you get and by the way, it's cleverly and diabolically spread over a lot of different ailments. So people just go, well, he died in. Yeah, he was getting older or Well, it just happened act of God. But even a Doctor Peter McCullough, interestingly, last year, cited what he thought they would fall into four buckets, right, the illnesses, but even within those buckets, you can have 1000s of different illnesses. And they were like neurological, immunological, hematological. You know, cardio pulmonary. But so even within those four, like I said, you could have just hundreds and hundreds. So it's not one thing to get the public to go, Whoa, everybody took a shot died from that one thing. They're very clever. They're very clever stuff. And let me tell you something else. These companies are highly experienced, and they're very careful with their money. They know exactly what they're doing. They know exactly what's in these vials within the same lot number two, no matter where it is And most chilling of all, I would bet my entire career on the fact that they know exactly who got what now, I'm not saying they planned or targeted people. I mean, after the fact, they know by lot number they know who got what. And they, they they Yeah, they're testing, okay. They're testing a lot of things we don't know yet. And they're certainly not testing an innocent substance for safety and efficacy, but they're testing for something.

Seth Holehouse 35:32
Oh, my goodness. So we're looking at, you know, easily potentially two or 3 million Americans that have died from this. And that's seems to be on the low end. And that's not even looking at what's going to be happening over the next one to two years, and I'm seeing so many reports of insane increases in cancer, you know, 500%, 1000 increase 1,000% increase in cancer, we're seeing so much so this is, this is just, it's frightening. It's evil. It's hard to even describe the words and the fact that they're now pushing this into young children. You're pushing it into babies, I mean...

Dr. Jane Ruby 36:17
They must have a reason. They must have a reason. And that they want it, they, they want multiple amounts of it. They want you to keep taking it like they're priming you. They're beefing you up with it. There are reasons for all this. So I'm saying one thing I can tell you about the industry, they know exactly what they're doing. And there's a reason for what they're doing. We just are kind of feeling our way. We're you know, when I say we, you know the good scientists, Dr. Erna Burkhardt, you know, in Germany, Dr. Secret bhakti, you know, doctors Andre Botha in South Africa. Just you know, Dr. David Martins where I mean, there's hundreds so good people, were just all all figuring it out, putting the pieces but they know, they know what they're doing.

Seth Holehouse 37:02
So Dr. Ruby, let's talk a little bit about these blood clots. Because you've been someone that has really brought this information on to the public. And it's, it's frightening and and you gave me a picture that we can show during the show today. And I will give viewers a quick Viewer Discretion Advised because this is...

Dr. Jane Ruby 37:03
Well, don't don't don't show it. It's not a one clot. And so I want to have, I would like to have a few minutes to separate that out for the audience, if you could. Yeah. So there are two issues of clots. I guess it's very easy for people to mix the two and I want you to have a good understanding. There are two types of clots we're going to talk about. I'll let me just get the blood clots out of the way because they have nothing to do with what the embalmers are finding. Blood clots, we believe are being caused by as the downstream event from the mRNA codes that are wrapped in a lipid nanoparticle, which enables them to get into every cell in the body within hours. They get in there through the CRISPR technology is the way we've read the patents. They get into the nucleus of your cell, which is the only place genetic material can survive. And they cut a piece out and they replaced that piece with itself. That's how it's been described. And that code was is I don't know, but for the longest time directing the body of the injected to produce you just follow it like a blueprint to produce billions of toxic spike proteins, not the normal spike, which is theoretically on the Coronavirus for the common cold and other fluids and things like that. If you're talking about that, if it's these are kind mirik molecules that were developed on a computer in silico, based on different animal genetic pieces, it's very tricky and dangerous. These are not like cold, you know, materials. These are dangerous synthetic spikes, your body recognizes them as toxic. Here's the problem. Every cell in the body or almost every cell gets this instruction. What do you think your the lining of your blood vessels are going to do? They're aligned with epithelium, individual cells that line your blood vessels. Those cells are not potted plants, they're going to respond and grow those spikes and those spikes are getting released. Some of them are sticking out. Blood has to flow within vessels at a certain velocity and there are pressures to that velocity. If the body senses through the blood is slowing in this area, it then complicates it in trying to protect you by sending inflammatory cytokine markers in their white macrophages, white blood cells and platelet That's okay. And there's probably some micro bleeding. So it's trying to react to everything. And so those spikes start to generate the development of blood clot the micro blood clots, right? Eventually, maybe the bigger ones. I don't know if people live that long, but you don't need something very big is a blood clot. When it gets into smaller vessels further out from the heart, it gets stuck. And when it gets stuck in your head, it's a stroke. When it gets stuck in your heart, it's a heart attack. If it gets stuck in your kidney, you're going to have a renal infarct, and you're going to have kidney shutdown. Okay, so that's the whole blood clot story. And that has nothing to do with what the embalmers are finding, but I think it's important that your audience know what it is.

Seth Holehouse 40:45
Okay, that makes so some sense to me as best as I can understand that. Yes.

Dr. Jane Ruby 40:52
Right. And there are other things that researchers who have found in these vials of Maderna and Pfizer that have metal pieces, the strange objects, you know, some of them have declared, you know, by spectroscopy, that it's graphene, some carbon material, we don't know, but those things all have to be very inflammatory to the system. They have to be damaging. And they that in itself is reasonable to me, that would cause blood clotting. We've seen the blood from Dr. Philippe van, well, Bergen, a family doctor in the UK, has shown us countless times the blood of his injected patients, they they're stacking into clumps rollio formation, which could be a lot of different things. But for the jabbed, there, their blood is just damaged at the red blood cells and clumped. Those could be sources of blood clots, and other strokes and heart attacks and all that. But I must put that aside, to discuss what the embalmers are finding. So let you know if I could do that, let me know. Absolutely.

Seth Holehouse 41:55
So we put a quick message out there to the folks that are watching here is that it's so important for us to get this information out to people because there are people that maybe they got their first shot. And perhaps it was saline, or they didn't have anything. But if they're going back to this their first boost or second booster, etc. It's increasing every time the chance of harm. And so for those of you that are watching, please share this video share this kind of content. And I hope that you can see I don't have some agenda. I'm not anti medicine in no doctor Ruby is not here. Our agenda is to help humanity. That's what's driving this. And so I hope that that comes across in the information we're presenting here, because we care about people. And this is really, really important information. So I just I hope to all of you watching can send this to people, even folks that maybe you haven't gotten to or gotten through to before, because this is this is life or death information that we're talking about here.

Dr. Jane Ruby 42:57
Very much. So Seth, and you know, we now have these foul boosters, that they're you know, they're they're literally telling you that they're putting to mRNA codes. how dangerous that is, this is something they don't know they don't. There are federal documents in the FDA website, you can all go look it up. They don't know where it goes. They don't know how long it lasts, they don't know how to turn it off. And now you're going to get to and then you had recently the CEO Stephen Bansal of moderna saying that by next year, you're going to have his words, a universal flu shot, which will have COVID, influenza A, B, D, C, whatever they want. And he said, they'll have about 10 mRNA codes in them. God help us, God help us. So let me go on to the the embalmer story, because this is really very important. In January of this year, I'm going to come out and just tell you the whole chronology, one of the three DoD whistleblowers, right that Thomas Rennes named in the Ron Johnson hearing in January, I'm connected with all three I speak frequently with all three, one of them accidentally met, you know, an embalmer, and I started talking to that gentleman. He wants to be known. He's a Christian man. He said, I'm doing God's work. I don't care if they someone tries to hurt me. I want to stop this from going into babies and children. This is killing people. The story was he said that back in the fall of 2021, he started having difficulty in bombing people and not to get too graphic. I'm not an expert in embalming, but or end of life preservation, but when he went in he said you have to I have to go in and I have to what I do is essentially push the embalming fluid through the vessels the blood vessels, your blood comes out the other end and it's drained, we clean the person up, they're preserved. Okay. He said, I had trouble getting that system started and started to have trouble. And I would go in and try to remove the blockage because sometimes you might have a blood clot or some tissue clot or something, by the way, clot just means a coat, you know, a concealment or collection. People say, Well, you know, it's it's, it's blood, you know, how can you call it blood or a clot, if it's a white clot is does not mean blood, you have to say what it is and then say clot. So, what happened was he started pulling these very strange as he described them never before seen. This is a man with 20 years of experience. He's board certified. He's also a board certified funeral director, not just in a novel, I don't mean to say just an embalmer, but his role is very, his expertise, his credentials are varied, right. And he said, I've never seen it before. 2021. It started to dawn on me. around October, November, it was about 20, 25% of the people I was taking care of preparing. By January, February, he said to me, Dr. Ruby, it's about 80% of the people that I'm taking care of. And he started to, to he told me that they're, he's stretched them. They're nothing like what he's ever seen before. They're tough. They're fibrous, they don't break apart very easily said, in contrast, and I know this is a medical professional when blood congeals it's very, it's like jelly, it's like, you know, sorry, like grape jelly, it just is wobbly, you touch it, it just dissolves. These don't do anything like that. And the reason this is important, Seth, is because I said to him, you've got to get a chemical analysis, you know, you can reach out to a lot of people and try to get maybe one of the frontline doctors to be honest with you. He was stonewalled by a few people, some whose names you recognize, which is a red flag to me. But when he got when he hit the wall, and everybody kept gaslighting him, they wouldn't do anything with it. I said, let me make a phone call. And I called Mike Adams, the health Ranger who's the founder of Raytheon TV, and natural news.com. And Mike, I was on Mike's channel with my live show on Monday nights, but I knew of him worked with him, felt very good with him. He's a he's he has an ISO certified nationally certified lab. He's an expert microscopy, you know, examiner, and he said, Dr. Jain, I'll do it. I'll do it. No problem. So he started to do intense microscopy on what I call the Hirshman claw, if you want to show people.

Seth Holehouse 47:55
Is this the picture that you sent me? Yes. Okay.

Dr. Jane Ruby 47:59
And Mike Adams analysis, which I'll talk about in a minute, again, is based on pieces or slices of what you're seeing right now. Now, this is a very grotesque clot. I've seen hundreds of them that Mr. Hirschman, and by the way, I bought 15 or 20, other embalmers who don't want their names or faces, shown they have corroborated with hundreds of pictures like Mr. Schmidt's, but this particular cloth that you're looking at, this is hanging in Times Square, because we wanted a gross visual to stop people in their tracks and to start doing some damn research before dragging their babies and toddlers in there. This was pulled and listen very carefully to what I'm about to say. This was pulled through a carotid artery, not from a carotid artery. Now, those of you you know, the carotid, they sit on the arteries sit deeper than veins, veins are on the surface. You have carotid veins, carotid arteries, okay, you always have correlates, the carotid artery is like a third. If that in a grown big man, it'd be a third of that width. Okay, maybe less, maybe a fifth. But the point is he pulled it through the carotid have exploded everywhere. He's got the video I've put I've shown the video multiple times in social media. And in the reawakened tour in my presentation. He pulled this out, and it's huge. And so he was speculating that it came out of something larger when you go closer to the heart. The vessels are wider in circumference. So this is likely from something like the innominate artery, the subclavian artery, something like that. They're really close to the heart, their widest. And so Mike Adams got a fairly good piece of this from Mr. Hirshman. And he started examining it and when he you can look at his net natural news.com article. I've published it on my telegram channel, which is t.me Forward slash Dr. Chang Ruby, you just put in a search at the top, you know, Hirshman clot, you know, something you'll see. You'll see or Mike Adams, you'll see I brought up a lot of Mike's pictures. But what Mike said was at 1500 times magnification, a slice of this clot, you could see wire like material that he that he couldn't pull wouldn't come out, right. And these things always kind of have a bloody chunk or a blood clot on either end of them. Mr. Hirshman says in, in his words, he has said to me, it looks like they're growing out of the blood clot or they're feeding off of it. Now, those are his impressions of it. And so, Mike Adams went on to do chemical analysis stuff. It's really fascinating. And so what he did was very, very, it was brilliant. He took human blood. And he used it as his control. And he started to do chemical analysis elements, electrolytes, metals. And what he the conclusion he came to Seth was that these white clots are not, they're not organic, they're not living. They're not. They're not protein. They're not proteins. They're not amyloid, which is a form of protein, by the way, they're, they're not platelets, they're nothing of the body. There are super high levels of metals that would never be found in the body and high amounts, like tin, like exorbitant amounts of aluminum. And you can see these side by side analysis to human blood, and very little to no iron in them in the white clot. And, you know, of course, human blood is loaded with iron because of the red hemoglobin in your red blood cells, which is part of their responsibility to transfer oxygen.

Seth Holehouse 52:03
So these clots that they're finding, even cancer or a blood clot, that's still organic human matter. It's human cells. So you're telling me that the clots that these embalmers are finding, they're not even substances that are coming from the human body? Am I correct to understand that?

Dr. Jane Ruby 52:25
They're not human or...Correct. They're not human organic material at all. And I'm getting frustrated. Seth, I'll be honest, with a number of people in social media that think they're frontline doctors, I won't name any names, but they know who they are, who go on these shows and say, well, it's amyloid, or it's this or it's that they've never spoken to me or Mike Adams, they've never had a sample of the material. They've never done any due diligence and examining the material by any scientific means, right? So beware, audience be aware of where you're getting the information. Right now, I would stay with Mike Adams. He says he systematically you know, he's chronologically kind of putting it out. As he does more and more work on this right, he did another experiment, you can see this on on his channel, where he dropped lactic acid into the white clot. That normally he said to me, would just like dissolve, like dog meat, right, or a hot dog or something like that right flesh. But in this material, there was a huge combustion. And some of it was combusted. But there was a lot leftover, it was turned black and dark and stiff. So as he said, similar to what metals would do, you know, under that kind of plastic all this is something like that. So, you know, I would say to people stick by Mike and his work, follow his publications, because that's where you're gonna get the most, you know, the most accurate and timely information. I of course, you know, Mike and I communicate, you know, very frequently I will, He's been kind enough to, you know, share with me the information and then he puts it out. And then we can both talk about it in social media, and we do interviews with each other to help educate people. So, um, but I would say stay close to us, actually, that

Seth Holehouse 54:28
Mike, funny enough, is my guest on Thursday. So in two days to wonderful Eastern, I'll have Mike live. And now we're not gonna be talking about the cloths we're gonna be talking about famine and prepping, which is also something else that Mike is, is really, really an expert. Important. It really is. Yes, he is. So Dr. Will be pretty soon here. We're going to be heading over to RISE TV just for the q&a over there exclusively. But you know, one other question I had before we go over is for people that took the jab because I know a lot of people they just didn't know. And maybe now they did. What would you tell them? Are they... Is it a death sentence? Is there hope? What? What can you tell them?

Dr. Jane Ruby 55:12
Let me start out with a couple of basic things. Because it's got to be very frightening, you know, to think that you took this and you don't know what's happening in your body. First of all, nobody knows the time of death except God. Right? Number two, speaking of God, yes, this is bad. Yes, it's dangerous. It's of great concern. But we don't know the extent to how God designed this system. Over time, we don't know what our bodies are capable of in terms of protecting us reversing things defending us, we don't know. I'm not giving you false hope. But I'm not going to give you no hope. Because I didn't make the design. And I think it's pretty amazing and pretty intelligent. But what I would say is this, if you want to start healing, the very first thing and I'm becoming known for saying this, that you must do is you must admit that you made a mistake, you must stop saying I was forced, I had no choice. My boss made me my company, I had to travel. No, and I'm gonna tell you why, sir. It's not a blame game. It's about taking power back. Because if you don't admit that you made even though most days we all make about 100 judgments. And most of the time we do pretty well, right? We're proud of ourselves, we do good in life. But we all make the wrong choice. Sometimes you made a bad choice. Okay, this, again, not a judgement. Because if you can admit that to yourself, self, here's the important thing about it. When it happens again, you're not going to do it. If you believe you'd had no choice, they forced me, you're going to get sucked into the next and I'm going to tell you something, the next one, the next wave is going to be 10 times what you experienced in 2020. I'm not making predictions, I'm just saying, if you think they're not going to come at us again. So admit you made a mistake, it was in your control, because the next time you're not going to do it, you're gonna save yourself. And that will help you begin the emotional and spiritual healing. And then of course, in your physical healing, you're going to do whatever you can to keep your body healthy. Take good supplements that boosts your immune function, because you have, you probably have some damage to your immune system. And that's it external surveillance portion. So you want to you want to give your body everything it needs to try to repair to as much as I can. Those are my recommendations.

Seth Holehouse 57:44
That's, you know, I've heard a lot of different doctors that give different protocols and everything. But the fact that you start off with the psychological rank really is the spiritual level, I think is the most important and I couldn't agree more. So we're now going to head over to rise TV for our q&a portion. I also want to ask, I'll start the q&a with my own question, which is about vaccine shedding. And so we'll get into that because I want to know how at risk we are, should I just be staying in my home all day? Or is it safe to go out to grocery shop around people that have definitely had the vaccine, so we're gonna get into that over there. And also, for those of you watching, if you have some questions for Dr. Ruby, or you want to share your thoughts, please do. I want to encourage everybody to follow Dr. Ruby on Telegram. I'll share her channel after the show on my own telegram. It just go to the URL is t.me/drJaneRuby, Dr. Jane, Ruby. And so if you want to come and join us now over on RISE TV, there's a link for a free trial in the description below. You can get an account set up really quickly and you can finish the rest of the show with us over there. And I just want to thank all of you for watching and just encourage everyone to a keep your head up. Keep your faith strong. But be share this video with your friends and family. All right, so Dom You can go ahead and cut the public feed

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Dr. Jane Ruby and the Health Ranger reveal post-vaccine CLOT MYSTERIES with new lab results
Health Ranger Report on Rumble
Published July 26 2022
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