The Truth About Trump and the Vaccines


We've played a broken record, correcting the record again and again wherever we can where the lies surface trying to paint President Trump the villain for the death jabs. This has become a pejorative of the Duh-Sanctimonious crowd, exposing their cravenness and just dumb stupidity.

We ran into a really succinct thread by Wyatt on Twitter detailing the facts on this topic. Please share widely and help fellow patriots get back on the right side of history if they've been misled.

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Tweet by Wyatt @wyattausterre1 | June 2 2023 @ 12:49 AM MDT 

152.6K views as of this writing

1. Just to clarify briefly because many are still blaming President Trump for the fallout from the vaccines.

Trump had no choice but to release the vaccines in order to stop their great reset.

It was always meant to happen under Hillary Clinton.

2. The original plan was to keep nations shut down until a vaccine was made.

Multiple deep state leaders told us this.

They also said it could take years to develop.

A central element of the cabal strategy was to hide all treatments.

3. The WHO ordered all governments, news media, and social media to censor and ban information about treatments.

Trump smashed this plan by shouting from the rooftops that there were treatments.

He posted 26 tweets (!) about hydroxychloroquine and promoted doctors who use it.

4. Essentially Trump removed the need for a vaccine by saying there were cures.

Who needs a rushed vaccine if there are proven drugs? He promoted these drugs for many months.

The significance of this evades most of us.

5. The vaccines were not his idea. They were the cabal's plan.

He released them 1.5 years sooner to end lockdowns, which saved the world.

That was the key to the original plan.

Under the guise of a public health crisis, shut down the economy long enough to kill it completely.

6. 99% of the people that took it were also going to take it, regardless of what Trump said or did.

This is evident in the fact that despite his endorsement of the vax, the intelligent of the world adamantly refused.

7. If he had come out against the vaccines, they would have simply used it to destroy him and still introduced it but on their own timeline.

It was the only option.

Nothing could prevent the vaccines. Mankind demanded them.

They would have been released anyway.

8. All he could do was thwart their plans.

The genocide is not his fault.

The adverse events are not his fault.

All of this would have happened anyway, & far worse - on top of the total wipeout of America & all nations, followed by a tyrannical Great Reset.


The end. 

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Beverly · 3 months ago
    By far, this truth needs to be shouted from the roof tops of every blue city and state in this nation. There is only one cure for Trump Derangement Syndrome, and it is in your face truth.

    • This commment is unpublished.
      Franz · 3 months ago
      ... and sadly, many red staters are falling for the fake news on this. Not enough to matter but we really want people to think for themselves and to quit regurgitating their idols. Idolatry is a powerful poison.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    pathfnd1 · 3 months ago
    I am with President Trump all the way, and I will vote for him a third time. BUT, I neither your article nor Wyatt even addressed the biggest concern people have about Trump and vaccines -- that he continued to urge people to get the vaccine quite a long time after word had spread in late spring 2021 of the thousands of deaths and serious disabilities of persons who had recently taken the vaccine.

    Let me reiterate that I am one of Trump's most loyal supporters. In Trump's favor, he began to decrease talking so much about the vaccines at his rallies in 2022. Each rally saw him advocating less and less for the shots. He also made a point to say there should be no mandates, and that children should not take them.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    pathfnd1 · 3 months ago
    This is Part 2, (continued from Part 1 of my Comment.)

    Still, it was not until August 2022 that President stopped saying good things at his rallies about the vaccines.

    Here's what you forgot. What some MAGA people want, is for President Trump to address THE LACK OF SAFETY OF THE VACCINES. He has been sent information on that, and the vaccine harms have been clear for quite awhile now. Our government's VAERS (the Vaccine Adverse Effects) reporting system even provides public information about deaths and serious harms that many thousands of people have reported as having occurred not long after they took the vaccine.

    I'm not saying here whether I think that President Trump should or should not address the vaccines' lack of safety. But it is clear that they have not been safe many, many people. What I AM saying is that neither Wyatt nor Ruby Ray Media addressed the biggest concern that people have -- that President Trump did continue to recommend the vaccines for quite a while after they had been shown to be harmful to many, many, many people in America.

    I am surprised and very disappointed that Ruby Ray Media skipped over peoples' #1 concern about Trump and the vaccines. You should have done better.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Franz · 3 months ago
      Trump has never promoted the vaccines, that's fake news.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Franz · 3 months ago
    Never second guess Trump. You don't think there's a strategy to what he's doing?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    SamInBerlin · 3 months ago
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