The Meek shall inherit the world: Don Croft (quoting from the Bible)


Who are these "meek" that the bible speaks of in that famous quote Don Croft loved so much? The word has come out of usage and is therefore not fully understood by modern English speakers.

I understand it more to mean people that are unassuming and humble, not weak, but restrained in their power. 

Is this the rise of the "deplorables", the normal people who just want to go about their lives in freedom and prosperity? It seems that such a movement is gathering momentum worldwide. It is despised by the established political class and not even thought to be worthy of political expression.

Whenever they vote for populist parties, they are scalded like naughty little children by the political class. The idea seems to be "you are free to vote as long as you vote for one of our approved options", very much like Henry Ford's famous "you can have the Tin Lizzy in all colors as long as it's black".

The Elite (central banking aligned economic interest and their vast support structure permeating all aspects of our life) have different plans:

They want to get rid of private property (for the masses, not for themselves) and any freedoms that we may still enjoy.

For that purpose (and a few others) they have unleashed this gigantic worldwide psyop and an increasingly dictatorial bio-security regime worldwide.

Only by suppressing the substantial scientific dissent with great brutality and censorship in all corporate and state media, was it possible to continue this juggernaut seemingly unopposed.

Even demonstrations of 100s of thousands such as last weekend in London or a million or more in Berlin last August remain practically muffled by non-reporting and are now made more and more difficult by increasing police brutality. This is being done by the same self-righteous regimes that dare to condemn countries like Belarus or Russia for their alleged suppression of dissent.

Welcome to the bio-security state!

We know now with great certainty that:

  • Whether lab enhanced or not, the lethality of this virus is comparable to a severe flu and death rates in all countries with very few regional exceptions are well within range of statistical middles of the last few years, hence: No Pandemic.
  • Masks are rather making people sick than helping against any infection whatsoever, but work perfectly well as an instrument of mind control, reminding people day and night of their muzzled status under Corona bio-security state rule.
  • The widely used PCR tests measure all kind of genetic markers, but surely not any specific CV19 infection. That was - last but not least - the opinion of the actual inventor of PCR tests, Nobel Prize laureate K. Mullis. Only recently the WHO recommendation was reduced from 40 cycles (where even a papaya or motor oil tested positive) to 25 which gives a lot less false positives.
  • Corona deaths are inflated by a factor 15-20 at least as anyone dying from anything and tested "positive" with the same discredited PCR test is marked up as a Covid death. A breakthrough court judgement in Portugal just found that only 152 instead of the claimed 17,000 deaths could be ascribed to the virus.
  • Whatever this disease really is, (I can't refer to the whole scope of discussion here) it can easily be cured with various tried (200+ peer reviewed clinical trials for Ivermectin and HCQ alone) and trusted protocols such as HCQ+Zinc, Ivermectin, MMS, zapping, Artemisia, high dosage Vitamin C and many other natural remedies and immune boosting compounds.
  • Misdirected treatment protocols have systematically led to increased and unnecessary death rates among those checked into special Corona wards. In some cases it reeks of massive deliberate culling of elderly patients.
  • The forceful rollout of untested mRNA shots (emergency approval only) causes at least severe health risks and is most likely connected to much more sinister agendas. Reported severe complications including deaths are already in excess of several years of all vaccines combined. (source
  • Civil and constitutional rights have been curtailed in an unprecedented manner, by far not justifiable by this health crisis of rather mild proportions.
Totally unreported by the legacy media: Portugal produces groundbreaking judgement again.
However, resistance is also growing: Several US States have essentially dropped all Corona measures and restrictions without any negative consequences.

Sweden and Iceland have done the same, Sweden with the special reference to the unreliability of the CPR test. Several other countries have never gone along with the mass hysteria, such as Belarus, Tanzania (it's late president was the one who sent in the papaya for testing and got a positive result) and others.

With so much evidence now available to completely destroy the CV narrative, we were quite shocked when our tired and distraught looking president Ramaphosa (after receiving his marching orders at the G7) announced nothing else but a cruel return to lockdown level 4.

All restaurants are closed again, except for takeaways. All gatherings are forbidden, including church services, interprovincial travel is forbidden except or business.

On top of that, draconian punishment is threatened for anyone who advocates breach of any of these dictatorial edicts. A curfew has been imposed from 9pm until early morning. (The virus is particularly dangerous after 9pm)

What is offered as justification for this return to the worst of the worst?

  1. An alleged "alarming rise in cases, especially in Gauteng, the economic powerhouse of SA, comprising of Pretoria and Johannesburg. There is no transparency on how they arrived at these numbers. What tests were used, if PCR, at how many cycles? Did the number of tested subjects increase? How many of these "positives" are symptomatic? What was the ratio of positives per 1000 tests? What happened to the winter flu? We have winter here and people get colds and flues in this season every year. With 70% of the youth now unemployed actual good old hunger and malnutrition may well account for a horrible increase in death and disease.
  2. Alleged overburdening of hospitals with Covid cases. Reporters from Beeld found no such thing when visiting major hospitals and have now been banned from visiting.
  3. The alleged advice of experts. Ominously these "experts" have no names. The proponents of the scam feel it is enough to say "according to the advice of experts" and voila, there is the 3rd wave... Previous chief scientific government advisor professor Karim al Salim has resigned a few months ago, probably in time to be out of the danger zone when the house of cards comes down.
  4. The emergence of the allegedly more dangerous delta variant. Real science seems to suggest that case lethality (already so low with the other variants) is 10 times lower with this latest mutation. This is also the normal course of things with new viruses, as they mutate, they get less dangerous.

What mutates fastest are the lies!

These drastic announcements were made on Sunday and the effect is staggering.

It's as if everybody is shell-shocked. The sheeple of course blame the dissidents (people like us) for their renewed predicament and that was certainly one of the objectives. All published opinion seems to screaming: "vaccinate me, vaccinate me"!

The pressure is brought to bear in order to offer the vaccine as the way out...

Constant coordinated messaging on all levels is taking its toll. For many people it is still impossible to imagine that all these "experts" and institutions could be lying. It seems that they all agree.
Of course, the dissidents are muffled and pushed into farther and farther corners of the internet, but the consumers of legacy media do not even notice that, nor are they aware of the massive intimidation of professional dissent in the medical community.

In Germany even judges are not safe from house searches after passing judgement that's blocking parts of Corona measures.

What to do?

  • Support truth tellers, inform yourself and take responsibility for your own health.
  • Be aware that all these measures are unconstitutional and illegal. Irony has it that the judgement from 2 June 2020 achieved by Liberty Fighters Network in the High Court Pretoria is actually still in place. In it the judge declared all CV1984 measures as unconstitutional and therefore invalid. So it would be interesting to see if any of these measures are enforceable. You have to make up your own mind about that.
  • Stay away from any routine interaction with the WHO aligned medical complex unless you encounter life threatening conditions that need hospitalization. Stay away from any screening, testing or vaccination drives. Politely decline any such offers!
  • Don't forget to wear your Zapper (You know where to get one) and gift all death force transmitters (cell phone towers) in your neighborhood.

We, (at ORGONISE AFRICA), are operating as normal by the way, fully at your service.

Greetings from Friederike, Georg and the Team


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For decades we have been talking about the New World Order but until recently this seemed to be a rather abstract concept for many because at least on the surface our liberties were largely intact. This has drastically changed in the wake of the so-called COVID pandemic, a massive fear-based operation founded on lies, scientific fraud and blatantly manipulated statistics.

But let's set aside all notions of "good vs. evil" (every criminal thinks he's one of the good guys by the way), and see what drives the different players in this worldwide drama...


We all need, to get the Word out. Mother Earth herself, is dying for us to speak in her behalf with a grain or two of common sense.

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    Franz · 2 years ago
    Indeed, Georg, one only needs to stop and think a little bit to break out of the mind control. Just a little bit.
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