Swiss hero testifies against the Swiss President over the Plandemic


Pascal Najadi, son of a former Swiss President, hence a member of the Swiss elite, is blowing the whistle on their plandemic.

He came to this the hard way, getting jabbed three times suffering serious injury as did members of his family.

He's been calling out the leadership of his tiny but influential nation since 2020 having escalated that to legal action against the Swiss President himself, who is concurrently Switzerland's Health Minister.

He was invited recently to testify to an international inquiry based in Canada.

Global Implications: Pascal Najadi on Swiss Authorities and the Enforcement of COVID Vaccines | Ottawa Day Three | NCI

NationalCitizensInquiryCA on Rumble
Published May 21 2023
Length 33:30

Join Pascal Najadi, an esteemed author and investment banker, as he delivers an intriguing presentation on his actions against Swiss authorities and the significant implications for global vaccine enforcement. In this captivating testimony, Najadi sheds light on the complexities surrounding the application of US laws and regulations to American companies operating outside the United States.

Listen as Najadi provides valuable insights into the challenges faced by US companies in complying with US laws even in international contexts. He explores the far-reaching effects of these regulations on the enforcement of COVID vaccines worldwide, offering a unique perspective on the intersection of legal frameworks, global health initiatives, and corporate responsibility.

Highlights from the testimony

Mr. Najadi detected the fraud back in 2020 so he filed charges against Alain Berset, the Swiss President and Health Minister for abusing the Swiss code of law regarding health.

Swiss prosecutors at the Federal level took up the case to investigate Alain Berset on those charges.

German lab tests of the jab-stuff showed their stuff destroys cells in our body.

He had his blood tested and it was full of the spike proteins attacking his organs and his body.

The German doctor predicted that Najadi has lost 20 years of life due to the jabs.

Doctors violated Swiss health law by administering the death jabs WITHOUT his INFORMED CONSENT. Therefore, they have been charged criminally as well.

However, as of a few weeks ago, prosecutors threw cases out on absurd grounds.

Najadi has followed this by filing charges with Federal Criminal Court, the Supreme Court of Luzern.

He's also involved in a civil lawsuit in the State of New York, filed earlier this year, charging that President Biden never included the proviso with government and military employees that they could refuse the jab on religious grounds, required by constitutional law as established by the Supreme Court.

As a UK dual citizen, Najadi was also able to attach to his case against Biden, a ruling in the UK against Pfizer for false marketing.

Najadi addressed that German authorities are still violating health laws by forcing their military to be jabbed and this has been addressed in the cases before the New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan.

In closing, Mr. Najadi speaks of the devil's ruse, a psychological trap, a trap of pride that induces people into harming themselves, and concludes that the truth can help us overcome this and win.


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