UPDATED: SUCCESS All Around for the World Wide Freedom Rallies


March 20th, 2021 has come and gone. And with it's passing the World Wide Demonstrations Freedom Rallies have come and gone, or have they?

BREAKING NEWS: A second World Wide Demonstration Freedom Rally even is planned for or May 15, 20212. 
 As time gets closer to the event, I will be updating with a Ruby Ray news story, so stay tuned! 

 As time gets closer to the event, I will be updating with a Ruby Ray news story, so stay tuned! 

The Fake News media - which most of us know is a ccp run socialistic Orwellian entity - did little to no reporting on any of the first World Wide Demonstration. AND there were some very large crowds through out the world as you will see below. 

From my vantage point, only thing coming out about this grand event from any world Fake News or even national Fake News here in the states was Zilch. Zero. Nada. Although, I did find a few overseas Fake News sources lie about it of course. 

Here is one Canadian woman's first hand account as related to me in a comment to a freedom rally post on my fakebook page: 

I hope your rallies (in the USA) were a success! We had good turn-outs. As far as I know, the only problem was that the media claimed our crowds were small, which was a blatant lie."

And just look above at how many Freedom Rallies were being held in Canada all at the same time..Yaawzaaa! News worthy for sure, at least here at Ruby Ray Media the Freedom Rally is very important huge news and Ruby Ray Media is dedicated to telling the TRUTH when and how it happens. 

Yet again and again, the Fake News media refused to report on the Freedom Rally before it happened as well as after. And if something about the Freedom Rally was 'allowed' to hit the news cycle, it was to sensationalize 'arrests' due to the unlawful police interference of peaceful demonstrators as reported by SKY news:

"Thirty-six people have been arrested during a protest by anti-lockdown campaigners in central London. Most of the arrests were for breaching COVID-19 regulations, Scotland Yard said."

To further test the limits of irresponsible reporting,  in a message on telegram by Tommy Robinson we see the crowd in London was more like 10,000 than "hundreds" (nickname for SKY news is SLY news...clever eh?)

 Live streamed 3/20/21 from New York!

 Live streamed from Belgium 3/21/2021.

 Live Streamed from Switzerland 3/20/2021 

Portugal Live Stream 3/20/21

 In London we see the demonstrating crowd pushing back as one, on unlawful arrests:

Live Stream 3/20/21 Melbourne


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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Carol Allen · 1 years ago
    Bravo! I wish we had one around here!
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Beverly · 1 years ago
      Me also! I would have gone and spent the whole day just talking to like minded people!

    • This commment is unpublished.
      Beverly · 1 years ago
      Hey @Carol Allen perhaps the next Freedom Rally scheduled will include a city near you and I !!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Franz · 1 years ago
    I like the story from Israel about the people deboarding a plane after the airline deboarded 2 kids for being mask less. That's how we take it back.
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