Setting the Record Straight: Videos of Ottawa Freedom Convoy Presser "It's Not Just a Movement", and Police Stealing Truckers Fuel.


The Canada Trucker Freedom Convoy is stirring the freedom-loving hearts of millions of people around the globe. 

Those on the fence about covidiocy now have an excellent opportunity to see the truth. 

They either side with the righteous indignation due to the lies being dished out for two years by big pHARMa's Orwellian authoritarian leaders, and lamestream liar news media or they continue in their fake wokeness, holding onto false hope with prideful ignorance.

The opposition panics: We the People remain calm.

I am impressed with the organization that quickly occurred as truckers first rolled into Ottawa on Feb 2, 2022. There was an instant bonding between all who came together. There is a sense of peaceful purpose from single truckers to those with families and the townspeople themselves as they protest the extreme measures, not backed by science, against a plandemic meant to breed fear.

While the truckers slept, police arrived to take their fuel away.

The cowardliness the corrupt powers continue to use in their attempt to control a peaceful people sends scents of horse manure wafting through the air. 

These government demons sent law enforcement into the quiet camps to steal fuel and harass and arrest people on trumped-up non-charges. When these denizens of evil can no longer persuade people by their lies, they resort to bully tactics and sheer stupidity. (see full video about the fuel theft at end of this article)

These fearless Canadians and participants from all over the world are fed up with the totalitarian game playing. 

The public health protective measures called 'mandates' have gone way beyond common sense. And we awakened masses know this. We know economic, and personal losses are due to public servants' hurtful covid games. Many have lost families, businesses, homes, and employment. Yet, as provoked as most of us are over covidiocy acts of harm, we do not participate in actions that imitate hate. 

We choose to unite in harmony in peaceful protest as allowed by the law.


The waters of truth have gotten muddy. Many false reports are floating on social media. Therefore, the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa held a presser to share the reality of their journey on Feb 6, 2022, the 8th day of the freedom convoy's freedom stance.

We have doctors, lawyers, and local leaders in the presser video below reassuring everyone that all is well, that nothing will deter them from achieving an end to useless mandates and that the science to end mandates is on their side.

Freedom Convoy Presser: Setting the record straight, Day 8, 1/6/22

RubyRayMedia-Rumble (mirrored from BenderBeats on Rumble 1/6/22)
Published Feb 7, 2022
17:46 video length

Highlights only of video transcript:

"I know that the mainstream, sorry, the 'legacy media' has been putting out all sorts of information about states of emergency riotous activity, unruly, unlawful gatherings of people in this city right now. If you're attuned to that, it may bring anxiety, it may bring stress, it may heighten fear or concern for loved ones that maybe you know are here supporting this. But we assure you, this entire organization, it's not just a movement, it is an organization of dedicated, focused individuals who are standing unwavering. There are no ruffled feathers in this room or amongst this team. We have worked with local law, authority and government to keep this exactly what we have intended it to be. It is a peaceful demonstration."

"We must not waver with the falsehoods that are being put upon us right now. It is going to be an anxious experience. It is going to be tense if you are out in the street right now trying to aid your fellow man, woman or family to keep them comfortable and fulfill their needs, while we continue to demonstrate until we're aknowledged. But it's essential that we keep the same message. It is peaceful, it is unified."

"We will not have shows of violence at all towards law enforcement and we must understand they are doing their job, they are doing their duty to protect the citizens. Though we may not agree with the actions that are being taken. We will not resist, we will not become violent, we will not act out. And my advice to those who are sitting in their trucks continuing to support what we know is right. We are here for you."

Their passions run deep, and they protest with just cause.

Each individual in Ottawa is there not just for themselves, but for you and I. They represent us in a righteous cause. They wear their big bold beautiful hearts on their sleeve and will not give up until freedom is theirs.

This Romanian trucker in the video below, has been in Ottawa since day one. He pours his heart out without restraint and says he will remain until all objectives are met.

The Last to Leave Ottawa? Romanian Trucker Speaks Out!

RubyRayMedai-Rumble (mirrored from Bowlleux Mobile on YouTube 1/6/22)
Published Feb 6, 2022
Length 9:03


The new world order is getting so desperate they resort to stealing front of witnesses!! 
This is rather pathetic actually. Alarming that they would tout their guns into a peaceful camp protest in the dark of night and litteraly grab the fuel meant to help truckers and their families stay warm inside the truck cabs.

How evil can they get? Read the Lawyers statement below and check out the video after it. 

Law Enforcement Steals Freedom Convoy Fuel

RubyRayMedia-Rumble (mirrored from John Bancroft on Facebook Live 1/6/22)
Published Feb 7, 2022
1:19:32 video length


"This was the catalyst needed to break the backs of the globalist tyrants." Howell Woltz


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