RRM Exclusive Interview: Canadian Trucker Ken Chrysler visits Ottawa again, 'We've Already Won!'


It Was Always a Peaceful Protest

Our faithful Canadian Trucker friend, Ken Chrysler, defied the windy, stormy northern winter weather and traveled to Ottawa again! He didn't know what to expect, and even Ken was surprised at what he found.

The Trucker Freedom Convoy Was a Huge Operation

The truckers in Ottawa had loving, kind support from every part of the world. We all watched them peacefully demonstrate for weeks in frigid, windy weather, for all our freedoms. We know in our hearts that what they are protesting is right and righteous for us all. We are well aware that the continued use of covidiocy mandates is not about our health. It is about government control.

Every one of those patriots who stood up for us in sub-zero temperatures for three weeks in the heart of Ottawa in front of Parliament Hill could not have done it without well-organized hands-on support.

Canadian Trucker Ken Chrysler: 'We want to surround the city of Ottawa with one giant hug'

RubyRayMedia - Rumble
Published Feb. 21, 2022
27:42 video length

Canadian Trucker Ken Chrysler Discusses:

  • The UN hired thugs who posed as police.
  • The elderly Canadian Indian Woman who the thugs and their horses hurt.
  • The Convoy Freedom Trucker Support Base Camp.
  Angel (yes that is her name and her occupation) at the Trucker Freedom Convoy Support Base
  Angel describes the support given

Angel's words precisely depict the Canadian governing reality. Her voice and many voices like hers are part of the fuel that drives the change engine forward.

She said: "Our children are facing evil. Our government is doing it. They are not our leaders! They are not representing us!"

Fully recognize through her tearful words the truth she has spoken is not just about Canada and rise up!


  Short Historical Perspective

As we all continue to learn, the Peaceful Protest in Ottawa, began by the Trucker Freedom Convoy on Jan 28, 2022, lasted three weeks without any violent incidents. Parts of the Parliament's downtown were closed off, but truckers and the REAL Ottawa police worked it out, so trucks did not block traffic flow.

The city reported that crime dropped considerably once the truckers arrived. And during sub-zero temperatures, there were peaceful gatherings of groups of people day and night, having singalongs, chanting for peace, and friendly hockey games were held on part of a cleared street.

Hired thugs swept through Ottawa.

Trudeau refused to meet with the leaders of the Trucker Freedom Convoy. A debate about the unnecessary covid mandates was needed to let the citizens of Canada resolve their discontent with the abuse of individual freedom. Yet, as is valid with all weak leadership, Trudeau refused. He instead declared a national emergency and, without the approval of Parliament, acted on his own, unlawfully, to clear Ottawa of cooperative peaceful protesters.

Trudeau, now considered a dictator compared to Castro, brought in hired thugs with heavy hands and boots to physically push the peaceful crowd out of the city the weekend of Feb. 19-20, 2022.


Ken Chrysler is a seasoned truck driver. Ken has seen many things in his life as both an experienced international truck driver and well-rounded Canadian citizen. Yet, he admits the coming together of his fellow countrymen and women in Ottawa is the most unique, inspiring sight he has beheld in a long time.
James Topp is putting his military career on the line. He's not only willing to risk his rank and position to fight for his fellow military brother's and sister's right to say no to the experimental jab, he is now in the midst of a military investigation. He faces a possible court-martial for his willingness to defend an individuals' right to medical choice.


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