​RFK Jr's CHD Deplatformed: 1000s upon 1000s Continue to Die as Social Media Continues to Censor the Truth


Crimes Against Humanity involve crimes in all areas of life

We the people unwittingly gave big tech organizations, such as Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube, the power to deny the truth regarding injury and death caused by the covjab. Some people are having trouble comprehending this massive crime wave, but yes, indeed, it is so. 

The crimes committed by the corrupt elite, whose pockets are lined with massive amounts of blood money, sweep across all countries and walks of life and are perpetrated in all areas. Choosing to discuss only two of them here, let's begin with social media's continued censorship designed to keep people from learning the truth about covjabs. 

Many individuals and groups have been denied access on various social media platforms, being censored for giving truths to the public. One by one, they are censored. The latest two are Robert F. Kennedy's Children's Health Defense on Facebook (and Instagram) and Naomi Wolf's DailyClout on Twitter. 

Fighting Big Tech + Big Pharma

Despite not posting content on Facebook for the past 21 days due to an existing 30-day ban and constantly self-censoring our content in an attempt to avoid continual shadow-banning and censorship, both pages were abruptly deplatformed. Removing CHD accounts is evidence of a clearly orchestrated attempt to stop the impact we have during a time of heightened criticism of our public health institutions.

Deplatforming by the tech giants came days after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) quietly walked back many of their previous COVID-19 policies that CHD has criticized since the beginning of the pandemic. Within hours of CHD deplatforming, CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky shared her plans for overhauling how the agency works while admitting to a flawed response to the COVID-19 and pandemic missteps.

There's no clear indication of why Facebook and Instagram chose to deplatform us at this time, but the timing dovetails with our ongoing censorship lawsuit against Facebook. 

Only days before RFK Jr's CHD was deplatformed, Dr. Naomi Wolf - Co-Founder and CEO @ DailyClout - discovered she had been locked out of the DailyClout Twitter account. 

The threat she poses to the Nazi arm of the NWO must be pretty intimidating. On Aug 24, 2021, the DailyClout YouTube account was permanently suspended after her personal Twitter account was deplatformed in June  2021. 

"This censorship highlights the extreme clampdown on free speech and public discourse prevailing in the United States," Dr. Wolf said in response to the YouTube action.

(learn more about Dr. Naomi Wolf at this link: Dr. Naomi Wolf Gives Me Hope)

Naomi Wolf on War Room discusses Twitter ban of DailyClout

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Published Aug 15, 2022
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Why all the NWO Cabal Covjab Panic?

The pHARMa-controlled social tech oligarchs are panicking because the news of massive death and injury rates due to covjabs is spreading like wildfire. From one side of the globe to the other, the word is out that covjabs are poison. 

Yet the Plandemic is no more.

CDC announced just this week that the Plandemic is done, over, no longer a threat to anyone...and that is the only truth they can be accused of reporting at this time. For there is no other truth in them...none.

See below the reality of covjabs, what the CDC, WHO, and the fake news will not report.  

This is the truth of the poison that's been purposefully placed within those injections. It is causing death and illness worldwide: 

"Children are dying in the first six months of covjabs..."

Dr. Chris Shoemaker gives us a morbid breakdown regarding children's covjab deaths and injury. This is the truth that weaponized big tech is suppressing: 

This drug is hurting children

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Published Aug 16, 2022
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This is incredible. 

The fear-mongering goes in all directions. This brainwashed pharmacist likely goes along with the pHARMa coverup for fear of losing her job. The mother who consented to the covjab was fear mongered into doing it because she either listened to corporate media or peers or both. 

FATHER: Why are you not telling parents this?
PHARMACIST: We might scare the parents, and then they don't want to get their child vaccinated...???

What a deadly circle of deceit.


Pharmacist admits they don't tell parents of Myocarditis risks

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Published Aug 10, 2022
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Over 508 Athletes Dead in Six Months

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Published Aug 18, 2022
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The CDC is Scrambling...Coincidence?

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Published Aug 18, 2022
Length :58

In the Pfizer trials.....

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Published Aug 3, 2022
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"So you killed 150,000 to maybe save 10,000 lives ... it's all covered up because the doctors aren't allowed to talk about it."

FOX News uses its bullhorn to counter the pHARMa propaganda narrative. 

Once a staunch Democrat supporter, Steve Kirsch, is interviewed below and has nothing good to say about the covjab or the demonrats democrats. 

Fox News Goes All In: "This Vaccine Is the Most Dangerous Vaccine Ever Created"

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Published Aug 10, 2022
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"I found hundreds of thousands of Americans have been killed by this covjab, and millions have been injured..."


Ruby Ray Media friend Larry Cook has been helping parents, teachers, and caregivers understand the truth about vaccination for many years. He has especially worked to expose the truth about the unreliability, the harm childhood vaccinations cause, and the fact that childhood vaccines are not only dangerous but unnecessary. In this article, we share an article by Larry cook from his website Stop Mandatory Vaccination on what to do if your child or someone you love has been injured by vaccines. Tap the image above for details.
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