Remember "Watch the Water"?


You can tell what's real by how violently the world reacts to it. Our world had become addicted to the Big Lie and all the little lies that cover for it. People have been pretending to be happy sustaining a fake existence, even as their souls have cried out for what's real.

We see those cries being answered now because some of us dare to answer those cries. People are waking up so we'll continue to push the envelope to meet people where they are as things do accelerate daily into Reality.

Remember "Watch the Water"? | | Ruby Ray Media Report with Franz Glaus #38

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Published Feb 28 2023
Length 28:39

My Letter to Dr. Bryan Ardis

Dr. Ardis,
We know we're dealing with a demon race, serpents that are parasites on mankind who are the sons and daughters of God.

Hence, it makes total sense that they would have used a synthetic snake venom with which to envenomate people and infiltrate their nations using their covidiocy psyop.

This is a summary of my general theory:

1. There is no virus (never isolated) ... it's a fake story
2. The symptoms people got were the symptoms of venom poisoning
3. It was likely introduced in a widespread way through the water supply (Watch the Water.) They likely also introduced the SYNTHETIC venom peptide into flu shots.
4. The initial purpose was to introduce disease symptoms in order to scare everybody into taking poisonous jabs, of course.
5. The greater purpose of the power elite was to shut everything down, gradually kill off 13 out of 14 of us (as etched in stone on their Georgia Guidestones) and stick the 1 of 14 left into 15-minute sardine can cities, fully tracked, monitored and censored.

Theory: The SYNTHETIC venom peptides were initially developed here in Canada and the USA then refined in the deepstate's Ukronazi biolabs then released first in Wuhan to blame the globalists' proxies, the CCP for it, which the CCP may have even agreed to do to keep the favor of their masters.

Then the poison would have been released into select demographic areas in America and Europe but eventually throughout society in the water supply and possibly flu vaccines, making it look like it came from China. Fake news did the rest and the brainwashed medical establishment just follows the narrative without having a clue - they haven't had a clue for over a hundred years.

Though he couldn't openly speak about it, President Trump dropped clues to us that he knew what the source was. Trump would often exaggerate the pronunciation of Chyna which is part of the name of several locations in Ukraine where Big Pharma/Military biolabs are/were located.

Russian President Putin has been taking these out, probably long before he launched the Special Military Operation in Ukraine. This SMO was to protect ethnic Russians in Donbas who were being genocided by the Ukronazis. These aggressors act as proxies of the evil Khazarian Mafia warlords here in the US State Dept and Pentagon and in the UK as well as other European capitals.

In one of the White House press conferences, President Trump also held up three PCR testing swabs with the middle one being taller than the other two, unmistakenly cluing us into the Ukraine trident.

President Trump's oft-repeated telling of the story of the snake that bites the woman after she put her trust in the snake, is another clue, I believe, that President Trump knew what the true nature of the poison was.

Dr. Bryan Ardis released the information about the venom peptides after a lot of deep research a year or two ago. He was clued into it himself by another highly respected doctor. His information is solid. It's the only thing that makes sense. But no one wants to touch it except Stu Peters. They've both been pilloried for it.

Thanks for your attention to this, Dr. Ardis. If you're interested, I could do a Rumble video and have you talk openly about your experience since Watch the Water.



How Dr. Buttar Escaped Near Death From Envenomation by Larry Cook

Once again, we feature Ruby Ray Media's good friend, patriot brother, and medical freedom fighter, Larry Cook.

Today, he brings us an intriguing true story about the discovery made by Dr. Ardis as he helped Dr. Buttar escape his 'near death' experience. We also feature a link to the 9-video series entitled BRAVE: Live Courageously, Heal Miraculously | RELOADED which will help you learn how to:

  • Reverse disease from COVID and Vaxx Bioweapons
  • Detox the deadly toxins from your body
  • And help you take control of your health

They're shooting you up with venom or a drug that acts like one

Dr. Bryan Ardis in a 2 minute segment with Jeff Crouere of Real America's Voice, boils down what he's found, using published findings. I guess some people don't want to know this and I guess I can't blame them; but on the other hand, do you want to live?

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