Patriot Pastor Artur: On Fire for Freedom, Arrested 5 Times Calls for Resignation of Canadian Government


A Hero or a Martyr? Or both?

Pastor Artur Pawlowski began his crusade to help bring freedom to all when he lived in Poland, the land of his birth. Now, as a citizen of Canada, the harassment from covidiocy health officials disrespectfully encroached upon his way of life. They tried to close down his church, his free speech, and his ability to walk about as a free man by arresting him now, five times.

He knows a tyrannical, oppressive movement in government when he sees it and will not stand for it anymore, no matter how many times he is arrested.

Pastor Artur's passion for individual rights goes beyond the typical patriot. He not only fights for his own ability to live a peaceful sovereign life free of government intrusion, but he also fights for everyone. His latest effort to decry the oppression and rally the troops in Canada was the last straw for Canadian officials.

Holding the Line at Coutts got him arrested one more time! 

The USA, Canadian border crossing in Cuutts, Alberta, has been blockaded since Feb. 2, 2022, by frustrated truckers, farmers, and many other people who are using their vehicles as a means to get their point across NO MORE MANDATES!

Since the Canadian government has not been listening to the very people who put them in service, Canadian citizens have taken it upon themselves to ensure the message gets across to their government now, staging peaceful covidiocy freedom protests throughout the country.

Pastor Artur lends a hand and his mighty voice.

Supposedly (because we do not know if it is true due to its source), there was a deal struck with those in the blockade. As reported by Canada's own CBC news:

"On Feb. 3, protesters made a deal to leave the border crossing and head to Edmonton. That day, Pawlowski gave what prosecutor Steven Johnston called an "impassioned" 20-minute speech to protesters. He told them not to give up and said there were not enough RCMP officers to deal with the situation. "Less than two hours after reaching a deal to end the blockade and take it to Edmonton, truckers changed their minds," said Johnston in arguing Pawlowski should be denied bail."

This man's bravery goes above and beyond words. His ability to motivate by his very presence and example is charismatic. There is power in words backed by actions.

The video below typifies his patriot nature and passion. Listen as he roars and brings the lion out in all who are there.

Words of the Polish pastor Artur Pawłowski to the border blockers in Coutts - Freedom Convoy 2022

RubyRayMedia-Rumble (mirrored from Zrób To Sama on YouTube 2/6/22)
Published Feb 14, 2022
17:29 viewing length

*NOTE: Video has Polish subtitles but is spoken in English

Pastor Artur delivers fiery truth every time he speaks.

Which is why he continues to be arrested.

Within a week after his righteous passionate plea was made at the Coutts border, Pastor Artur was arrested for the fifth time. (see more about earlier arrests at the end of this article)

His family watched, recorded the incident, and gave their account of the events in the video below. Sad to say, they are now used to the injustices foisted upon Pastor Artur and stand with him 1000%.

POLICE RAID: Pastor Artur's family reacts to latest arrest at his home

Rebel News
Published February 8, 2022
12:13 video length

What has Pastor Artur actually done to be arrested 5 times??

Pastor Artur Pawlowski has a legal counsel, thanks to 1000s of people contributing to a legal fund. As reported by Rebel News, who has partnered with Pastor Artur to spread the truth, he has now been arrested five times for the apparent crimes of

  • opening his church,
  • feeding the homeless
  • attending peaceful protests

Since the latest arrest from his home, the authorities locked him up in isolation at the Remand Centre in Calgary, awaiting a bail hearing scheduled for the week of Feb. 14, 2022.


Pastor Artur faces historical charges. Pastor Artur is the first to be charged under Alberta's Critical Infrastructure Defense Act for allegedly abetting the Coutts, Alberta trucker blockade.

( source - RebelNews)

Details in the video below

Shocking legal update: Pastor Artur faces historical charges

Rebel News
February 12, 2022

12:32 video length


If you care to also help Pastor Artur, tap on image below


Many towns, cities, and countries are in revolt right now. From Australia to Germany to Canada to the USA, visible and viable signs of a revolution By the People, For the People are manifesting. Some call it tragic, an upheaval of the accepted social 'norms.' While millions of others are breathing a sigh of relief and saying, "IT'S ABOUT TIME WE STAND UP FOR OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS!"


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