Out Out Out! Nazis Are Not Welcome Here!

outoutout Health nazis

The only thing this pastor was missing is a whip and a chair to flail at these spiritual interlopers while he gave them a commanding tongue lashing for interrupting their church service with covidiocy nonsense!

A church in Calgary was invaded by Canadian officials in the name of covidiocy.

And the fearless pastor who ran them off captured it all on video to the delight of millions! 

Pastor Artur Pawlowski, head of Calgary's Street Church, filmed the dramatic event as it happened during a service on Saturday, April 4, 2021. And yes the video has gone viral.  

Watch the video below as Pastor Pawlowski's goes full blast, giving his passionate response to the obnoxious injustice being served by those whom he calls 'nazis.'  

"Get out of this property immediately," he yells. "I don't want to hear anything…out immediately."

"Out!" he continued to yell. "Out of this property…immediately until you come back with a warrant." 

"Nazis are not welcome here," he said. "And don't come back without a warrant." 

Now this is the way to kick Fools out of a house of worship!

As you have just witnessed, when confronted with illegal and immoral behavior from tyrannical authoritarian types who use evil power as a cover for mandates that only hurt the people they supposedly serve WE NEED NOT COMPLY with the LIE.

The intimidation tactics are really quite ridiculous! How absurd of them to enter a church just to meter out penalties for infractions against draconian health rules that are only legal in the minds of a few brainwashed bureaucrats and mindless lawmakers.

This type of outrage is becoming more common and should be the response we all give just as these
restaurant patrons also did by shouting for the healthy nazis to go away loudly and clearly:

Pastor Coates is finally out of jail! 

I reported in February of 2021 about another pastor who had been thoroughly harassed by the 'health nazis' in Canada. His stance against their illegal use of power landed him in jail. 

Link to article in photo below to get a first hand report of how unjustly Pastor Coates was treated:

BREAKING! 2 UPDATES: TUCKER CARLSON INTERVIEW and PASTOR TO BE RELAEASED FROM JAIL - Government Persecution of Christians - Alive and Well in North America

The good news is Pastor Coates was released from jail but there were certain stipulations imposed by a judge who has either been duped into believing the covidiocy lies or is just as corrupt as the system she claims to uphold:

"Members of that (church) were going out into the community in general," said the judge.

"The shepherd ought to protect his flock," Champion said.

"Mr. Coates. You don't get to make that decision for everyone else, and your decisions could have affected the health and safety of so many of your fellow citizens."

See more info and video about Pastor Coates' ordeal and release from prison in Here:


KANSAS Republican lawmakers (and a few non-republicans believe it or not) finally took their collective heads out of their shorts long enough to choose correctly for their constituents.

They actually stood up...


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    MsPat · 2 years ago
    Stage perfectly set, Ms Bev!

    & this IS the way to protect our rights . . . . . Everywhere we are, loudly & without any cooperation!
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