As the world turns, so does the Covid Virus Pandemic.

It has been over a year since citizens of the world were informed it would only take two to four weeks to get the covid virus health issues under control (once called the "corona virus.") Since then, major political shifts have taken place globally, deeply altering the face of local and national governments.

From mandating ineffective mask wearing to causing the ruination of thousands of businesses across whole countries, what many now call Covidiocy swept across the earth like a wild fire.

Mind you, the covid virus itself, statistically speaking, is no more dangerous than all other strains of the flu. Every hospitalization and death from the common flu is, of course tragic, but to label the covid virus spread as a 'pandemic' was a massive lie. Statistics plainly show covid has been falsely labeled a pandemic and is actually a 'scamdemic'. This massive corruption of data and fake media-spread deception was perpetrated using a concerted effort by many different organizations worldwide, especially once respected health organizations, such as the W.H.O. and the C.D.C.

Enter Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is a 26-year accredited lawyer in both California and Germany. He specializes as a trial lawyer against fraudulent corporations. His two most renowned winning litigations involve massive corporate corruption within Deutsche Bank and Volkswagon.

He is also one of four panelists on The German Corona Investigative Committee and in his own words:

"Since July 10th 2020, this Committee has been listening to a large number of international scientists' and experts' testimony to find answers to questions about the corona crisis, which more and more people worldwide are asking.

"This corona crisis, according to all we know today, must be renamed a "Corona Scandal" and those responsible for it must be criminally prosecuted and sued for civil damages."

He, the other panelists and an international network of lawyers are preparing a legal battle with the international cartel who mastermind a pandemic 'hoax' aptly titled "The Corona Fraud Scandal.

Dr. Fuellmich is an outstanding, well-educated lawyer who understands corporate corruption better than most after having battled 2 corporate goliaths and won. He has been organizing and educating others about the corona scandal since May of 2020. He does not tire in fighting for what is right for all of us.   

The 'Corona Investigative Committee' he formed has been working tirelessly uncovering facts and figures, which support the information he shares with us in the 2 video interviews below. 

Without a doubt, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich has become a leading authority on Corona Fraud.

Watch and listen as this fearless warrior educates the public about covid fraud in the first video, and in the second one discusses how the stage is being set for the soon-to-come 'Nuremburg 2.0' world trials to begin. 

Video #1: Dr. Reiner Fuellmich On The Global Covid Response: "It's Not About Health"

In this video Dr. Fuellmich explains: 
  • How and why he got involved in leading the way of the 'Corona Fraud Scandal'.
  • Why covidiocy has never been about health.
  • How the PCR Tests are incapable of detecting infection
  • How the ultimate goal of this scamdemic is to gain our consent to a dangerous experimental vaccine, and so much more. 

Video #2: Dr. Reiner Fuellmich - 1000 lawyers have evidence that pandemic is crime against humanity
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is a trial lawyer who has gathered all the evidence from 100 scientists with the results showing that the covid pandemic is the worst crime against humanity ever committed. He is working with 1000 lawyers worldwide to sue all who are complicit in this crime against humanity. They are preparing a second Nuremberg trial.


From free wine, to free beer, to free hand-rolled marijuana cigarettes (aka Joints for those in the know) these so-called 'vaccine incentives' are purposefully meant to tickle fancies while catching everyone's eye, especially catching the eyes of our already vulnerable young people.


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