NUREMBERG 2.0: "Covid Crimes Against Humanity" Grand Jury Has Begun


Nuremberg 1.0

In 1946, the original Nuremberg trials took place after much media hype. Except for a few exceptions, most of the world only knew what the fake news programs broadcast (yes the news was just as fake then as it is now, folks, so get used to relearning history). The public was informed that certain biochemical and other horrid atrocities had been committed, and the parties at fault would be brought to trial on the world stage. And as far as we could tell, they were.

Nuremberg 2.0

Today, with the development of communication technology and the proliferation of social media literally in everyone's hands, we are capable of learning the truth long before the controlled fake media has a chance to lie about it.

Along with the media being controlled by power-hungry elites, as we are learning today, our justice system, economic system, and health system have been under nefarious control for decades, maybe longer.

Therefore, Riener Fuellmich, our staunch lawyer warrior extraordinaire, has led a panel of professionals to determine a more modern and inclusive approach to the trial of this century: what I have titled Covid Crimes Against Humanity.

It is essential to understand the difference.

For two years, Fuellmich and teams of various experts have diligently laid the groundwork for the Covid Crimes Against Humanity trial procedures. The worldwide investigations, compiling of accurate information and presentation of proven truths has been a Herculean task.

Reiner Fuellmich describes in full detail how and why this trial will differ from the original Nuremberg trial in the video below.

It is essential to understand the difference. So important that a transcript follows the video.

Reiner Fuellmich: Covid Exit Strategy

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Published Feb 8, 2022
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 Full video transcript: 

My name is Jerm. This is Jerm Warfare, The Battle of Ideas. And for the fourth time I'm joined by Reiner Fuellmich. Thank you for joining me in the trenches, Reiner.

Reiner Fuellmich: It's a pleasure, as always, Jerm.

Jerm: On a battleground in a war, Reiner, where are you positioned?

Reiner Fuellmich: 

Um, I really don't know. But what I think I can do is I can connect people. 

  • I can get information and spread it far and wide among everyone. So I do think that what I really can do is I can make people see the whole picture, so that they understand that we cannot trust our governments, we cannot trust them because they're not our governments anymore, we cannot trust the mainstream media, because they're both owned by the same criminals who are pulling their strings. 
  • And second, I think, through seeing this by seeing the whole picture, they will understand that they themselves are the sufferers. Because all of most of us have forgotten about that. Many of us think that we're just, you know, servants of those who are pretending to be our kings and emperors. No, it's us, the people. And once people just understand that, it's gonna be a lot easier to fight this battle, not just this battle, but to win this war. And we will win this war, definitely.

Jerm: I think a lot of people are very interested in what you're doing and what you're saying. I mean, just your conversations with me have been downloaded over half a million times, translated into multiple languages. I've seen the Italian version, it's so funny hearing somebody dubbing over you and me in a different language. Clearly, clearly, what you're doing is resonating.

Reiner Fuellmich:

I'm really honored and flattered by that. But it's really not just myself, it's all of us. And that's the big secret, which I think everybody should have known a long time ago. It wouldn't have come this far. If we're connected, all of us in the resistance, if we're connected, there's no one who can beat us. There's absolutely no one who can win this battle against us. 

Just very recently I saw a video, I think my friend Viviana, my friend and colleague who I founded the Corona Committee with, she sent me a video, I think it's seven or eight years old, in which a professor, I think a professor of psychology, is giving a lecture before a crowd of hundreds and hundreds of people in the town of Maastricht in Belgium. And he I think the people who are watching in the students are people who want to be entrepreneurs who are, who want to have startups and be successful. And what he says is when you encounter a problem, 97% of the people who encounter this problem and who have come up with a way to overcome the problem, when they run into the problem, into the wall, they will decide if it doesn't work, if they run into the wall, they're going to decide we're going to have to do more of this or less of this, only 3% of the people will come up with the idea maybe we're going to have to try a different approach. That's what this is all about. That's really what this is all about. 

It's us in the resistance, who have everything we need to set up a new society, to set up a new system of health care, of education, of the judiciary, of course, and of economics. We have everything it takes. And I know it's taking place already in many parts of the world, including the judiciary in the United States in some parts of the United States. They're already about to set up their own judicial system. It's happening on the continent of Africa in many parts. So everything it takes we have it. It's not the other, probably not 97%, maybe 30%, maybe 20%. We don't know. They pretend to be many more than they really are with the help of the mainstream media and they their psychological terrorism. But it's really us who are, not those who are just following orders, but who are asking questions who have the creativity, which they don't know what even what it is, who have the creativity. 

It's us who will set up a new society. That's why I am absolutely certain they don't have a chance. 

At the beginning of all of this, which is in March of 2020 as far as I'm concerned, my wife and I were still living, staying on our ranch in Northern California, my wife, she wasn't so she didn't really like it there anyway, because she said, I'm missing European culture, I would really like to go out and have great dinners. If you do want to have a great dinner here, you have to go to one of the major cities and then you pay twice as much as you have to do in Germany. And so she wanted to go back anyway, I think she was in a way, glad that all of a sudden we were getting all these phone calls from our friends and relatives about the lock-downs, etc. So she took the occasion and said, Reiner, we have to go back, you know have to fight these global corporations, you're just going to have to team up with someone and fight that thing from Europe. So we went back to Europe and I got in touch with my friend and colleague, Viviana. She's also a lawyer. And we decided we would found this setup this Corona Investigative Committee in Berlin, because we did not expect to get any answers to the questions that we had, and that we thought everybody else also has, either from our government or from the mainstream media. That's why. And I said, we're going to do this, we're going to have a conference, maybe a couple of weekends, a week, weekends or so and then our politicians will understand that they made a huge mistake, they'll apologize, and we'll be back to normal. She said, Nah, I don't think so. I think this is much bigger, we're gonna have to do it. We're gonna have to use a different approach. And that's why she decided, and I went along because I agreed with her to have a Corona Investigative Committee. Again, we thought this will take maybe five or six weeks. But no, that's not what happened.

So the three major questions we wanted answers to are:

  • How dangerous is the virus really, because we did have our doubts. Everything looked like a replay of the swine flu. 
  • How reliable is the Drosten PCR test? 
  • And how much damage do the anti Corona measures do? 

So we started doing this on July 10, of 2020. 

We spoke with, in the meantime, over 150 experts from all over the world, including Dr. Mike Eaton, good friend now, great man, just a nice person, formerly of Pfizer. He was a vice president of Pfizer. And I think for 16 years he was their chief science officer. We spoke was Professor Luc Montagnier, he's a Nobel Prize winner from France, spoke with Catherine Austin Fitz, who is a former assistant secretary of Housing and Urban Development in the United States, spoke with Dr. Robert Malone, who happened to have invented the mRNA technique. Many, many, many others, including now politicians, members of the European Parliament, etc, etc. So we did see from each session to the next and it's been 89 consecutive sessions since July 10. Always on Friday. We did see one picture, one piece of the puzzle after another. We looked into the backdrop of this the geopolitical backdrop, the historical backdrop, we looked into what can a PCR test do, We looked into what do vaccines do normally? Are these new drugs? Are they really vaccines? We looked into every little detail. And then we got all these calls from pretty much all over the world, which was really surprising because we were thinking that that our viewers are only in Germany or in the German speaking parts of Europe, but all of a sudden, people from everywhere were watching us.

Jerm: South Africa?

Reiner Fuellmich: 

South Africa, yeah, including South Africa. So we got in touch with some of the lawyers from these countries because they wanted to be connected with some of the experts like Mike Yeadon or Professor Orika Camera(sp). They're the two most important experts on PCR tests. And then they said, You're going to have to help us file these complaints. I said, We can't. We are overworked and overwhelmed. But in some of these, in some of the major, I guess you could call them high profile cases, we're going to, of course, we're going to connect with the experts. 

We're going to give you everything we have as far as information is concerned. And we'll try and do our best to help with our lawyers as well. So for example, in the case of South Africa, our good friend Dexter Reinfeldt, great guy who has filed a complaint with the Constitutional Court, the highest court in your country. He and a couple of our experts got together. And we I think this was filed, I don't know six or seven weeks ago, so took a little longer than expected. And we have very high hopes that in South Africa, and then on the entire African continent, people understand what's really going on, and that people on the on the African continent, starting in South Africa have are closer in touch with reality than those in in Northern Europe or in Europe, in general, because you have learned the hard way that you cannot trust the WHO or Bill Gates as their major donor. You have learned the hard way and the Indians as well. We have a great colleague in India, Deepali Ogi surname, they have learned the hard way you cannot trust these institutions and this particular individual in many others as well. Why is that? Because they pretended to donate, donate, what they call vaccinations. And then it turns out, they weren't really vaccinations, they were designed to sterilize women. And in the meantime, I have come to the conclusion that both the African continent and India and also some of the Eastern European countries are far ahead of us and Western Germany, or in Western Europe, in particular, because you're closer to reality, not just because you've learned the hard way that these people cannot be trusted. But with respect to the East European countries, what they told us is, you know, why you don't catch on fast enough, because we as East Eastern Europeans as Romanians, or people from Slovenia, and many of these countries, we're only one generation away from fascism from totalitarian regimes, you're three generations away, you have forgotten. That's why you still trust your governments. And that's why you're still hoping that the cavalry will come and save you. The cavalry being the governments. Only we have to tell them what's really going on. Oh, no, it's not true. These are not our governments anymore. And we don't know that. In those Eastern European countries. They still remember because it's only 25 years ago, that they turned the tables; they, the people did.

Jerm: You also know what it's like working with, I mean, corrupt people. You're a lawyer. Just quickly for those who have forgotten, what is some of your background?

Reiner Fuellmich

Well, I, my firm, we used to be 17 lawyers plus IT people, paralegals, etc, etc. 35 people altogether. And the only thing I've ever done ever since I was admitted to the bar in Germany, and in California in 1993. In 1994, is I've represented consumers and small and medium-sized businesses against large corporations. In fact, I used to work for one of these large corporations, I used to work for Deutsche Bank. And I quit when I saw that this is one of the most corrupt and criminal organizations in the world. So I know how they think, they're not all evil, but they're definitely corrupt at the very top. And so I know and then through I think I've done this for 28 years now. And we understood maybe 15 years ago, that the cards are stacked against us, at least here in Germany in the German judiciary, because it turns out that and now I understand because this is the result of maybe 30 years of infiltration. 30 years of the other side or Mr. Global as Katherine Austin Fitz called some other side breeding their own global leaders. The platform on which this is happening, probably most important platform is the World Economic Forum of what's his name, Klaus Schwab. And their breeding ground is the global Young Leaders Program. I was at first astonished to hear that in 1992, the first class graduated and included Angela Merkel and Bill Gates. I was astonished to hear that those who are now running some of the countries of the globe, including...

Jerm: Justin Trudeau, also.

Feiner Fuellmich: Justin Trudeau, who's now running away from the truckers.

Yes, yes, they're all in deep trouble right now. And this is a really good sign, because it shows that the power of the people is much more important than anything they do. However, we should not become complacent and believe that it's now we can, you know, sit at the sidelines and wait until things clear up, they have a plan B. 

Actually, this may be part of their plan B because I think they probably anticipated some push-back, maybe not that much. I don't think they anticipated the Canadian truckers. But their plan B is probably that they want to install a world government. And the best way to do it is by creating as much chaos as possible by having all these national governments implode so that people will not us. But those people will finally understand that their only solution to this crisis, just as the vaccinations and so-called vaccinations is the only solution to the pandemic, the so-called pandemic, their only solution to this crisis of global of national governments is a global, a one world or yeah, one world government. The UN, which, as far as I'm concerned, has been taken over by the World Economic Forum a couple of years ago. I think their first attempt at this will be in Europe, they'll try to create a Mini World Government by having all these individual national governments implode. My call is probably one step away from what's his name, Cortez Fate, the guy who ran Austria, they have a what they call a three, I'm sorry, a three Chancellor year, they've had three Chancellor's in the meantime. But the idea is to have a European government, which is run by the European Commission, whose head is a woman who failed at everything she's ever done. Her name is Ursula von der Leyen. I don't think they're going to get that far. Because in in Germany, there's a saying, if you're caught once lying, they're not going to ever believe you again. So if we managed to expose them now, and I think we are on a very good track of doing that, if we manage to expose them now, they're not ever going to get any credibility again.

Jerm: So in this puzzle that you're building, whereabouts are you and what do you hope to achieve?

Reiner Fuellmich: 

I think we've come to a point we meaning the Corona Investigative Committee, it's not just Viviane, and myself, it's also Dr. Wolfgang Bodock, who exposed the preceding pandemic, the swine flu, as a mild flu, some 11 years ago. And it's my friend and Law Professor Martin Schwab, and many others behind the scenes. Corbin Oberstein, you know him. He's managing us, very smart man. Philosopher. 

I think we've reached a point in time at which it is time to show the people the whole picture, not just these pieces of the puzzle that we collected in the course of our work in corona on the Corona Committee, but rather the whole picture. Instead of just continuing with our Corona Investigative Committee and putting one piece of the puzzle next to the other.

There's no fair trial with the existing courts, except maybe with a Constitutional Court in Africa. And except in South Africa, and maybe in some of the courts or most of the courts in India, some of the courts in the United States. But it's the luck of the draw, if you want to file that case, it depends.

That's why we decided we're going to stay with one foot in the old system by using an existing institution of the existing legal system. And that is the grand jury investigation in the United States. And the other foot points in the other direction, points towards the future, which means that at the end of this, we hope that people will understand and be motivated to get up and rise up and fight this fight with us, all of us together. So what we're going to do is we're going to start on this coming Saturday, I think that's the 5th of February. We're going to start with five opening statements. This is a group of international attorneys, including, for example, my good friend, excellent lawyer, Dexter Reinfeld. Including our friend and colleague, Deepali Ojon, from India, Dr. Renard (inaudible) from Italy, many, many others. We're going to start with our opening statements that gives you an overview, gives the viewers which is the jury, an overview of what we're about to tell them with the help of our experts the story we're about to tell them, that's going to happen on Saturday.

And then we're going to have to take a break for a week because we do have a real judge. We have real lawyers, we have real experts. We have real witnesses who will testify to the damages that they suffered because of the so-called vaccines, the shots and also because of the lock-downs, the economic damage that they suffer. So it's a real case, it's real people, and it's real experts, real lawyers and a real judge. But that is it's we're, as I said, one foot is still in the old system, because the procedural basis for what we're doing is an institution of the existing system, that grand jury investigation, a grand jury is usually as opposed to the Petit jury, as they call it. French, a grand jury is a group of 26 people who has to decide on whether or not there will be indictments against those who are supposed to be defendants, it's usually done in the United States, if you're dealing with really serious crimes, and you don't want the other side, those who you want to be defendants to understand to know what you're doing, because serious crimes means those who are supposedly or who are going to be defendants, they may try to destroy evidence, even go so far as to kill witnesses, for example, that's when you use a grand jury investigation.

The additional advantage of this procedure is that the a real advantage is that the defendants are not part of this. Neither are there any their defense lawyers. And ultimately, you're not going to come to a sentence or a verdict decision that needs to be enforced. But you only come to the conclusion.

Jerm: I mean, that would form part of that sort of parallel structure that that we know is so important. 

Reiner Fuellmich: 

It''s only a part because I think at least with respect to Europe, this is definitely true. Other parts of the world are a little bit luckier than we are. I think it's different in Africa on the African African continent, and also in the on the Indian subcontinent, in Eastern Europe is different. 

But here in Europe, the system is beyond repair, there's nothing you can do about it simply because they have infiltrated it with their people, for at least the last 30 years, maybe longer, but we can nail it down to the last 30 years, they have infiltrated the system. And there's so many people who are standing in our way so many people who if they are exposed, will will lose everything, everything. They're gonna fight tooth and nail. 

So the idea is we need a whole new system here in Europe, we're going to, we're in the process of creating a new system of economics, a new system of, of health care of judicial proceedings of education. Those are the four basic ones. 

We can do that within our regions. 

That's what grassroots democracy is all about. 

Riener Fuellmich was asked the all-important question: "Is this a deadly pandemic in your findings?

In a steady, confident manner, Reiner Fuellmich tells us that the experts have conclusive proof regarding the virus and the poison jab. He knows the findings will be a significant part of bringing an end to the covid plandemic lies. 

In my opinion, once the findings of this Grand Jury probe reaches the four corners of the globe, We the People of earth will demand all perpetrators be brought up on murder charges.

Scientists Prove Jabs and Jab Injury Causation: Fuellmich Has the Evidence

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Published 8, 2022
4:47 video length

Riener Fuellmich's transcribed answer from video above:

Through the interviews that we did with all the real experts who really know what they're talking about...I know, you know, I used to do a lot of medical law. I was a specialist in medical and pharmaceutical law. But of course, I'm a lawyer. So I have to rely on what the real experts tell us.

But what they told us is that this (covid) is no more dangerous than the common flu. The infection fatality rate, I mean, this has been said over and over again, is between .14% and .15%, which is probably in line with the flu. Also, I personally believe that this is, regardless of whether this was man-made or part man-made or natural, our immune system can deal with it. And I personally believe that this is just a relabeled flu. I'm not saying there's nothing out there, there is something out there because there are serious courses of illness, there are people dying from this disease. But you know, people have forgotten that the same thing is true for the common flu. So no, it is no more dangerous than the common flu, there was no excess mortality anywhere before the shots, the vaccinations started. 

After the vaccinations, all of a sudden we have excess mortality because the JAB is what's poisoning people. It's the spike protein that bypasses it (the immune system). It would usually be caught through our immune system. The respiratory thing, the virus enters your body through the nose or the throat. And it's usually if you're a healthy human being with a functioning immune system, this is where it gets caught. But if you take the most dangerous part of this virus, the spike protein, and bypass this immune system by injecting it directly into the body, it doesn't matter if it's just a vector of so-called vaccine or the mRNA vaccine. The mRNA is probably more dangerous because it produces the spike protein in the body. The thing is, it doesn't stay here at the injection site. But within a half an hour or so this is what the expert told us. it goes and spreads through the entire body. It makes it sterilizes women, maybe for only one pregnancy, we're not sure about that. But it sterilizes men for good. That's what the evidence says. This is being supported not just by what they found in the violence, but we had two or three pathology conferences here in Germany. And they took a very close look at some of the people who died after vaccination. 

And now they are absolutely certain that they can prove causation. Not just correlation, but causation. Those people who died after getting the shots, and sometimes it takes 120 days or sometimes even longer. 

If you take a closer look at what has happened to these people by doing a postmortem, they say, it's as though they there is a fingerprint that only the vaccines leave. I mean, apart from the fact that the most dangerous part of the virus, the spike protein, usually doesn't enter the body because it's it gets caught here.

The Grand Jury Presentation is broadcast one day a week.

Ruby Ray Media will be following it closely.

This week: Opening statements of Saturday February 5, 2022.

Below is the opening statement by the the United States representative in the Covid Crimes Against Humanity

Covid Grand Jury Opening Statement by USA Attorney N. ANA Garner, 2/5/22

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Transcript speaker is Grand Jury Attorney, N. Ana Garner, representing the USA interests.

It is my honor and pleasure to participate in this international grand jury investigation and enactment of a criminal grand jury against some of the perpetrators, who in a worldwide criminal collaboration, committed crimes against humanity on the entire world's population in the form of a planned pandemic called COVID-19. 

We, a group of international lawyers and a judge, are conducting criminal investigation, modeled after the United States Grand Jury proceedings. 

This grand jury investigation serves as a model legal proceeding to present to a jury consisting of the citizens of the world, all available evidence of COVID-19 crimes against humanity, to date against leaders, organizers, instigators and accomplices who aided, abetted or actively participated in the formulation and execution of a common plan for a pandemic. 

Crimes to be investigated include all acts performed or emitted by a person in pursuance of a common design to commit crimes against humanity, and all such criminal acts condemned in the various communities of jurors around the world.

We, as a group of international attorneys, will present real evidence from real experts, such as scientists, historians, doctors, as well as victims. There are no actors in this presentation, only real people who desire to bring justice to the world, and we need your help. The reason for the enactment of a grand jury process is because our world is at a critical stage in humanity, which will depend on the awakening of all people to reverse the course which could forever alter the way we live as free humans. We must reverse the trajectory of this course now, and portraying a grand jury investigation is the fastest way we know to bring the evidence to the world's public court, you the people.

In the United States, only district attorneys or Attorneys General of the various states are allowed to bring such criminal proceedings. But since no one has done so in the United States, we come forward to present the evidence to you in a form modeled after this type of judicial proceeding, which is common in the United States. We base this model on the American criminal grand jury.

Typically the grand jury determines whether the evidence is sufficient to return a criminal indictment against one or more accused. It's conducted behind closed doors, and neither the accused nor his attorney is present in this type of proceeding.

However, we're doing this process in front of full view of the court of public opinion you the people.

The purpose of this investigation is to reveal the evidence which could be used in this type of proceeding in your jurisdiction. We invite you to join us in open transparency using real evidence, real attorneys, a real judge and real expert witnesses that could be presented in an actual criminal grand jury proceeding in the United States Courts.

As the lead lawyer in the Covid Crimes investigations, Reiner Fuellmich gives an overall view of the proceedings as his opening statement in the video below. The transcript is provided below the video.

Covid Grand Jury Opening Statement by Reiner Fuellmich, 2/5/22

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TRANSCRIPT - Reiner Fuellmich Opening Statement - Grand Jury Proceeding by the Peoples' Court of Public Opinion (Day 1)

Viviane Fischer: I would now like to give the floor to Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, attorney at law in Germany, for an overview.

Dr. Fuellmich: Thank you. Good afternoon. My name is Reiner Fuellmich. And it is my pleasure to serve as one member of a group of distinguished international attorneys and lawyers who have been collaborating on this very important case for many months now. This case, involving the most heinous crimes against humanity committed under the guise of a corona pandemic on a global scale, looks complicated only at first glance. But when you put together all those pieces, all those little pieces of the puzzle, as we will do this for you with the help of many renowned experts and other witnesses during this proceeding, you will see four sets of facts.

  • One, there is no corona pandemic, but only a PCR test plandemic fueled by an elaborate psychological operation designed to create a constant state of panic among the world's population. This agenda has been long-planned. Its ultimately unsuccessful precursor was the swine flu some 12 years ago, and it was cooked up by a group of super rich, psychopathic and sociopathic people who hate and fear people at the same time, have no empathy, and are driven by the desire to gain full control over all of us, the people of the world. They're using our governments and the mainstream media, both of which they literally own, to convey their panic propaganda 24-7.
  • Two, the virus itself can be treated safely and effectively with vitamin C, D, zinc, etc., and also with off-label use of ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, etc. But all these, not-alternative methods of treatment, but real methods of treatment were banned by those who are using the guise of this plandemic to push their ultimate goal, which is to get everyone to receive the, as we will show in this proceeding, not only ineffective, but highly dangerous, yes, lethal, experimental injections.
  • Three, the same people who made the swine flu, which ultimately turned out to be a mild flu, into a pandemic 12 years ago by first changing the definition of what a pandemic is, and then creating panic, created this corona pandemic. The swine flu was their first real attempt at creating a pandemic. And just as one of its purposes then was to divert our attention from the blatantly fraudulent activities of their financial industry, more aptly to be called a financial mafia, which had become visible through the Lehman crisis, this is also one of their major purposes of this corona pandemic now. Had we taken a closer look then during the Lehman crisis instead of blindly believing our governments' promises that the perpetrators of those financial crimes will be held liable, we would have seen then that they had been looting and plundering our public coffers for decades. And we would have seen that our governments are not our governments anymore; rather, they have been taken over by the other side through their many platform, the World Economic Forum, which had started to create their own global leaders through their Young Global Leaders program as early as 1992. Two of the first graduates being Angela Merkel and Bill Gates. And we would have understood already then what we will show you now through this proceeding. These financial crimes went unchallenged by our politicians because they're aiding and abetting those who commit them and profiting from these crimes.
  • Four, ultimately, however, we will show to you, the jury, that the other side's main purpose is to gain full and complete control over all of us. This involves the finalization of their looting and plundering by deliberately destroying our small- and medium-sized businesses, retail businesses, hotel and restaurants so that platforms such as Amazon can take over. And this involves population control, which in their view requires both a massive reduction of the population and manipulating the DNA of the remaining population with the help, for example, of mRNA experimental injections.

But it also requires, in their view, the deliberate destruction of democracy, of the rule of law, and of our constitutions through chaos, so that ultimately we will agree to losing our national and cultural identities and instead will accept a one world government under the UN, which is now under the full control of them and their World Economic Forum, a digital passport, which each and every move is monitored and controlled, and one digital currency which we will only be age to receive from one world bank – theirs, of course.

There are numerous platforms on which this group has been meeting and discussing this agenda, but the most important one is that of the World Economic Forum, which was invented in 1971 by a then 33-year-old Klaus Schwab. It's members are a thousand global corporations with at least $5 billion US dollars in annual sales, politicians, media representatives, scientists, and other so-called high-profile personality. They meet once a year in Davos, but they're other such is meetings for example in China.

And since 1992, they have created and presented to us their own group of political leaders for the world. Among the first graduates, as I mentioned before, are Angela Merkel and Bill Gates in 1992. Others are Sebastian Kurz, up until recently, chancellor of Austria; Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada; Jacinda Ardern, prime minister of New Zealand; Francois Macron, president of France; and many, many more.

This group, which is now called the Davos clique, is openly – the publication The Great Reset by Klaus Schwab is one of the most important sources for this information – promoting the shifting of the world's assets to this group of super rich people, so that in 2030 ordinary people will own nothing and be happy, as it explicitly states there, under their one world government with a digital currency given to us by their one world bank, and they're also openly promoting in close cooperation with people like the putative defendant Bill Gates, the Rockefellers and others, the drastic reduction of the world's population and the manipulation of the remaining population's DNA all the way into transhumanism

Their most important goal is however the controlled, by them of course, implosion of the completely looted financial system and simultaneous introduction of a digital currency issued by one world bank, control by them, and just as important, the introduction of a world government under the UN, which has come under their full control in 2019. For this purpose, they have made concrete plans for this corona plandemic since at least the spring of 2001, Operation Dark Winter, followed by another such rehearsal, the Lockstep excise by the Rockefeller Foundation in 2010, finally, Event 201 in October of 2019 in New York, sponsored by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, Rockefeller Foundation, the World Economic Forum, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Members of the jury, we will call a number of different highly-renowned expert witnesses from all walks of science, but also witnesses who will testify to the damage that they suffered as a result of getting the experimental injection in this trial. 

  • After our opening statement, we will start off in a week from now by calling former member of the US military James Bush, who participated in Operation Dark Winter in 2001; former members of the British intelligence services, Brian Gerrish and Alex Thomson; and investigative journalists Whitney Webb and Matthew Ehret; former World Health Organization employees and advisors Dr. Silvia Behrendt and Astrid Stuckelberger. They will explain to us the historical and geopolitical background of what we are confronted with, and they will show to us how this agenda has been planned for at least 20 years starting with Operation Dark Winter in 2001, and some 10 years later the Lockstep scenario by the Rockefeller Foundation, ending with the dress rehearsal, Event 201, in October of 2019. And they will explain how when there were no cases, which they needed to declare a public health emergency of international concern, they created them by having defendant Drosten invent the story of asymptomatic infections, which don't exist, and how this PCR test can detest through mass screening of perfectly healthy people those who are infected – a lie, as we will show. 
  • We will continue with the next group of witnesses: Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, an experienced lung specialist and former member of the German Bundestag and the Council of Europe who managed to expose the other side's first attempt at a pandemic, the swine flu of 12 years ago, as a mild flu; Professor [Name], biologist from [university name]; Dr. Mike Yeadon, former vice-president of Pfizer; Dr. Silvia Behrendt; Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger; Professor Dolores Cahill of Dublin University; Professor [Name] from Italy; Professor [Name] from Germany. These experts will explain to us what is behind the legend of the what Wuhan wet market outbreak. They will show that the virus is no more dangerous than the common flu; the PCR test cannot tell us anything about infections but is the only basis for all anti-corona measures, including the ultimate measure, the so-called vaccines; and the so-called vaccines are, not only ineffective, but extremely dangerous. Regardless of the natural or man-made origin of the virus, our immune system is perfectly well capable of dealing with the virus, as evidenced by an infection fatality rate of between 0.14% and 0.15%, or even less percent. There was no excess mortality anywhere until the experimental injections started. There were not even any cases in early 2020.However, they needed cases in order to declare a public health emergency of international concern, as this was the only basis on which it would be possible, according to their own made-up rules which all governments of the member states of the what World Health Organization had agreed to, to use untested new drugs – the experimental injections – on people. After a first-failed attempt at announcing this public health emergency of international concern because there were no cases, they tried again in late-January of 2020 after they had created cases with the help of that now infamous Drosten PCR test and announced this public health emergency of international concern two weeks later. We will here from these experts that these cases were almost all false positive test results, nothing else. 
  • The next group of experts are Dr. Thomas Binder from Switzerland; Dr. Bryan Ardis from Texas; Dr. Shankara Chetty from South Africa; and Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg from Germany; and John O'Looney, undertaker from England. These experts will tell us how right from the start we were witnessing a deliberate, completely senseless banning of normal effective and safe methods of treatment of respiratory diseases and, instead, a mandate of the treatments that must now be considered serious medical malpractice – intubation, remdesivir, midazolam. John O'Looney will explain how he first believing the other side's allegations about a pandemic even helped the BBC in pushing their panic propaganda until he realized how, under the guise of the pandemic, people were intentionally being killed. 
  • We will then call the next group the experts including Professor Alexandra Henrion-Caude from France; Dr. Mike Yeadon; Professor Sucharit Bhakdi from Germany; Professor Luc Montagnier from France; Dr. Vanessa Schmidt- Krüger from Germany; Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA vaccine technique from the US; and Professor Anna Burkhardt, pathologist from Germany. They will show us that while the virus did not cause any excess mortality – it has a survival rate of 99.97% – the shots are now killing people and have been causing excess mortality of up to 40% since September as a result of a poisoning with the spike protein and of shutting off our immune system. Dr. Mike Yeadon will tell us how a group of scientists has even found concrete evidence that the makers of the vaccines are experimenting with lethal dosages to see how the lethal side effects can be manipulated in such a way that the population will not immediately understand what is happening.
  • The next group of experts will explain to us how it could have come to this. This group includes Professor Mattias Desmet from Belgium; Dr. [Name] from France; Dr. Meredith Miller from the US; Professor [Name] from Germany; and Stephen Kohn, employee of the German Department of the Interior. These experts will walk us through how the other side, after having established the public health emergency of international concern, in quick succession introduced us to the lockdown, the nonsensical and dangerous mask mandates, and the very harmful, both physically and psychologically, social distancing, until they arrived at their ultimate goal, the ineffective and dangerous, even lethal, injections. And they will explain to us in detail how our acquiescence to all this was made possible through a gigantic psychological operation, whose panic message we kept receiving through the mainstream media's and our politicians' – both owned by the other side – relentless propaganda.
  • The next group of experts includes Leslie Manookian, a former investment banker from the US; Naomi Wolf, journalist and author from the US; [Name], a German economist; Professor Christian [Name], German economist; Professor [Name], a German economist; and Marcus [Name], a German economist. This part of the proceeding will have these experts explain to us in great detail about the intentional destruction of our economies and how the other side is working on a controlled crash of the financial system to both get away with the crimes that they have already committed over the past decades looting and plundering our public coffers until there's nothing left and to introduce a one world bank and digital currency, plus digital passport.
  • The final group of experts included Matthew Ehret, an investigative journalist from Canada; Vera Sharav, a Holocaust survivor; Ilana Rachel Daniel from Israel; Rabbi Smith from New York; Patrick Wood, an expert on technocracy from the US; Avital Livny from Israel. This final part of the investigation will have these experts tell us how an important part of the other side's agenda has to do with population control, or, rather, eugenics. After World War II, eugenics had a bad name. Julian Huxley, who founded the UNESCO said, "But he and the very large group of people who supported the idea of eugenics would soon be able to continue with their efforts in this direction," he openly explained. The parallels between what happened then 80 years ago and what is happening now shall not be ignored. Vera Sharav will remind us of this.

After you have heard all the evidence, we have no doubt that you will recommend indictments against all our putative defendants for crimes against humanity. Thank you.

[End of audio]

Duration: 18 minutes

Source - redditconspiracy

Find full videos at these links: Covid Exit Strategy and Day 1, 2/5/22, opening statements.


resident Trump invites Freedom Convoy to join TruthSocial when it's ready, "very soon!" President Trump is "thankful" that the Freedom Convoy is planning a DC protest to Biden's "ridiculous Covid policies." President Trump unceasingly holds up a bright light to the Enemy of the People, the Mockingbird Media. President Trump keeps hinting at coming back - soon - and well before 2024, we just can't let things go that long. The mantra repeated is, "We'll see what happens."


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