​Novax Djokovic a national and world hero


Tennis' recently crowned US Open champion and World No 1, Novak Djokovic of Serbia, is celebrated as a national hero there, not just for his winning ways but for his courageous stand against the globalists and their medical mafia and media sycophants.

The phenomenally fit 36 year-old's victory in New York over a man almost 10 years younger brings his career Grand Slam tournament wins to 24, tying the legendary Margaret Court as the most any man or woman has won in a career. That's 2 more than the next man, the surgery-recuperating and vaxxed Rafael Nadal, 4 more than the recently-retired Roger Federer, and 10 more than the long-retired Pete Sampras, who is fourth among men.

(A Grand Slam tournament refers to the sport's four annual major tournaments that bring the world's best men and women players together. These include the winter season's Australian Open (their summer), the spring season's French Open, the early summer's Wimbledon and the late summer's US Open.)

Many around the world view "Djoker" as heroic for not giving in to the maniacal cancel culture even when it might have cost him all-time career records that might never be reached again, making him the unrivaled Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) in his sport.

Novax vs the vaxiacs

The globalist captured "West" through woke Tennis and Government agencies did all they could of course to prevent the pureblood Serbian Christian in his ambitions, no doubt to make an example of him by issuing absurd edicts banning him from travel or play during the covid hysterics.

This forced him to miss major tournaments that other players got to play in the '20-'21 span, costing him his No 1 world ranking for an extended period as well as slowing his momentum late in his career towards achieving things in tennis that no one likely ever will.

He could have just capitulated to the jab-jingo but I think he likes his healthy body too much, don't you? And there's that small matter of staying true to your principles, something a sovereign free man does not take for granted. 

The godless "West" and its mockingbird media are heavily biased against Orthodox Christian Serbia in general, in the same way they are unhinged Russophobes, but their specific animosity towards "Novax" is predictable, operating like hired mercenaries for the Big Pharma cartel and the globalist freakshow.

All that seems to have backfired on them all as the world's Great Awakening continues apace and Djoker's hero status with it. Hence Djoker joins Trump and Elon as another giant in the ranks of the dragon slayers.

Scott H. Fishman@ScottFishman
Novak Djokovic's Triumph: Harnessing the Power of Natural Immunity for Another US Open Championship 

With an unwavering dedication to his principles in the midst of medical apartheid, tennis champion Novak Djokovic (aka Novax Djokovic) stands tall as a shining example of mental toughness, superhuman performance and natural immunity.

Djokovic has not only conquered the tennis court, again, but also emerged as a living testament to the remarkable potential of our body's innate ability to safeguard against illnesses.

Strap in as we delve into the extraordinary story of Novak Djokovic, a force of nature.

1. September 2021: Many countries around the world, including Australia, implement "vaccine" mandates in response to COVID-19. These mandates require individuals to be fully "vaccinated" in order to participate in certain activities or enter specific venues.

2. November 2021: Novak Djokovic, a Serbian professional tennis player and often referred to as the GOAT of men's tennis, expresses skepticism about COVID-19 "vaccines" and "vaccine" mandates in interviews. He shares concerns about potential side effects and desires more information.

3. December 2021: As the Australian Open approaches, Tennis Australia announces that all players must be fully "vaccinated" to compete in the tournament. Djokovic's status becomes a topic of discussion, creating uncertainty about his participation.

4. January 5, 2022: Djokovic applies for a medical exemption from vaccination, citing a previous COVID-19 infection within the past six months. Australian authorities request additional information and review the exemption request.

5. January 6, 2022: Despite the ongoing exemption review, Djokovic arrives in Melbourne for the Australian Open using a visa issued to him under a medical exemption.

6. January 13, 2022: Australian authorities deny Djokovic's medical exemption, stating that his case does not meet the required criteria. He is subsequently detained at the Melbourne airport.

7. January 16, 2022: Djokovic's legal team files an appeal against the deportation decision, and a court hearing is scheduled to review the case.

8. January 17, 2022: The court hearing begins, and Djokovic's legal team argues that the Australian government's decision was unjust. The court grants an injunction, allowing Djokovic to remain in the country until the final decision is made.

9. January 20, 2022: The court upholds the Australian government's decision to cancel Djokovic's visa, leading to his deportation from the country.

10. January 21, 2022: Djokovic leaves Australia and returns to Serbia. The Australian Open tournament proceeds without his participation.

11. September 2022: The US Open, one of tennis' prestigious Grand Slam tournaments, announces that all players must be fully "vaccinated" against COVID-19 to compete.

12. August 2023: Djokovic, having never received the COVID-19 "vaccination," participates in several tournaments leading up to the US Open. However, controversy surrounds his statements on "vaccines" and mandates.

13. September 2023: Djokovic competes in the US Open. Despite facing criticism and backlash from some spectators, he demonstrates remarkable performance and progresses to the finals of the tournament.

The ongoing events surrounding "vaccine" mandates and Novak Djokovic's situation exemplify the intersection of medical apartheid, truth, and the courage to stand up for your beliefs.

Congratulations, Novax (@DjokerNole), on winning your 24th slam.

Aleks Djuricic@AleksDjuricic
In his speech,
@DjokerNole expressed his gratitude to Serbia and the Serbian people for their support, congratulated Serbia's basketball team on its success, honored Boris Simanic, who tragically lost a kidney during the FIBA World Cup, and stated that his childhood dream of standing on the same balcony where his childhood heroes and champions once stood is now fulfilled.

2:41 PM · Sep 12, 2023


Russian NHL player Ivan Provorov says nyet to woke

As globalist-marxist sports institutions make life increasingly uncomfortable for athletes with a conscience, the ones that stand up to woke really stand out!

The National Hockey League's Philadelphia Flyers ice a guy, now seven years with the team, by the name of Ivan Provorov, who is a top-four defenseman playing well over 20 minutes every game. "Provy" is a Russian Orthodox man who very politely said, 'net, spasibo' (that's Russian for 'no, thank you') to wearing a rainbow Pride jersey in warmups, on religious grounds.

Very nice to see his coach, American John Tortorella, back him up too!


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