Mamma Bear Warrior Ends All Covidiocy Mandates in One School. UPDATE!! Video of RON WATKINS (CodeMonkeyZ)getting involved!


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A single Mamma Bear did it!

A single mother of a young autistic boy was fed up with her pleas to the school board to exempt her son from the mandates being ignored. Her son eventually needed mental health care due to the school's ignorance of his special needs.

She then took it upon herself to 'follow the money' and found a solution that worked to stop the restrictions in her school, and when applied correctly, will work for you also.

Mom Eradicates ALL Covidiocy Restrictions In One School

RubyRayMedia-Rumble ( mirrored from TicToc)
Published Jan 25, 2022
2.:44 video length

This short video gives the story and general information of what can happen when one has all their ducks in a row and is a mighty Momma Bear warrior!

(video transcript highlights) 

For those of you that hate the restrictions and you don't like them in your schools, I'm going to tell you the story of how one single mom was able to eradicate all restrictions in her son's school. 

The Basics

The superintendents are the ones who make all the rules for the schools underneath them. The superintendent is a public official, and they are bonded. They have a surety bond, which means they are personally liable for a very large amount of money. In this case it was $4 million, there in case someone files a claim against them. So everyone knows these restrictions break a ton of laws. So this lady was able to get a hold of their surety bond, and then she served them a letter of intent stating that she was going to file a claim against it. 

  • They tried to evade her, but she finally was able to serve them. 
  • And she gave them five days to remove their restrictions. 
  • They didn't do anything. 
  • So she went ahead and filed a claim, you're not going to believe what happened when she filed that claim. 

All state and federal funding stopped until the claim could be resolved. And because in her claim, she listed all the laws that were being broken. They couldn't prove her otherwise. 

And this is what happened!!

So the lawyer said, listen, we're not going to win this one, you have to remove all restrictions, or you're liable for this huge claim.  And they left the superintendent, they hung her out to dry. Now she's liable for this massive claim. And even if the claim doesn't go through, she's still liable for the $40,000 deductible. 

The KEY here is this: 

How did she do that??

Here is an abridged version of what happened:

  • Mamma Bear, whose name is Violet, served the superintendent with a letter of intent to file a claim against her 'surety' bond if she didn't pull back the mask mandates, admit she was wrong, and resign within five days. The superintendent did nothing.
  • After day six, Violet filed a claim against her at the bond company.
  • The very next day, the lawyers who represent the district explain that they (the school board) have to get rid of the masks, all state and federal funding is BLOCKED, and the superintendent is on her own concerning the $4 million claim!
  • They also requested parent volunteers to substitute for teachers because their funding is CEASED due to an OPEN claim against them.

RON WATKINS [CodeMonkeyZ] and BOND FOR THE WIN! School Board Served With Intent to File Surety Bonds Claim

RubyRayMedia-Rumble (mirrored from Ron Watkins [CodeMonkeyZ] on Telegram 1/25/22)
Published Jan 26, 2022
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Ron Watkins (also known as CodeMonkeyZ to many) took bold action: 

"I spoke tonight at the Scottsdale Unified School District about my plans to stop the Communist takeover of our children's minds. I also, along with Miki (@bondsforthewin) from, SERVED the school board with an intent to file a claim against their surety bonds for enforcing unconstitutional policies that harm our children such as CRT and transexual brainwashing propaganda.

"I will always fight for you and all of the great children of our country. Please support my congressional campaign here: WatkinsForCongress. I am running a campaign against a communist with seemingly unlimited funds, so every single penny counts. Thank you, and God bless." ~ Ron Watkins

How One SINGLE Mom SAVED her ENTIRE School District! Bonds for the WIN!!

RubyRayMedia-Rumble (mirrored from Our Great Awakening on YouTube, 1/19/22)
Published Jan 25, 2022
Length 31:28  

Video Transcript:

Mickey Klein: Hey you guys, it's Mickey Klein, again. 

I'm so so excited today to be bringing to you two of the biggest superheroes, I think in my heart and soul right now, who are fighting the fight of the school boards

I've got Violet with me today. And I've got Ann. Ann, you've been on my program before. So welcome back. And Violet, thanks for joining us. So I don't know if I've told my audience that much. But we recently started a project called Bonds for the Wind. B O N D S for the Win, because there was this gentleman, his name was Steven, and he was on the SYY report, and he was explaining, and they were telling a case study of how Steven had walked in, and he pretty much put his entire board of directors at his school district on notice. 

He said; 'This is my letter to file an intent against your bond claim if you do not remove the mask mandates now.' They all looked at each other and they immediately voted to retract on the requirement for mask mandates. So that got Ann pretty interested and pretty excited. She called me up and said, We need to start something. We need to do some thing. So, we started a project called Bonds for the Win.

And we have our first major, major win. And so Violet is our superstar. So I am so so so excited today to tell you guys about what Violet did, just little ol' Violet in her little ol' town making waves. So Violet, can you tell us a bit about your story, your son, you know, what you did for a second and third, and then how they reacted?

Violet: And this, you know, when I found out about bonds, you know, I went gung-ho for it

Me and Ann worked together, very, very hard, many countless hours. She's wonderful. So first, I did the FOIA request through, I actually had to go through the county superintendent, because the district refused to go with my FOIA request. So through the county superintendent, I was able to obtain the bonds for the superintendent, the assistant superintendent and the two treasurers. So...

Mickey Klein: What were they for? What was the coverage amount?

Violet: Four million dollars.

Mikey Klein: So I'm going to take a minute to explain to people in simple terms, what a bond is. Is that okay? For our audience? 

Violet: Yes.

Mickey Klein: So I think the best way to explain what a bond is, is if you look at bail bonds. 

So if your friend gets thrown in jail and there's a million-dollar bail, you don't have a million dollars. So you go and you take out a bond for let's say $5,000. And that bond states, I am personally willing to take the liability that my friend will show up during their court hearing, and I will put my house, my car, my boat, whatever it may be, as collateral for that million dollars. In other words, I am claiming liability for my friend. And so if my friend does not show up at that court hearing, I am now the liable party and the bond company will come after me as sort of a collection agency to resolve the situation. 

So the thing that most people don't realize is that every public elected and appointed official is bonded, and they're required to by the federal government. So some states have skirted some of these laws, and each state is sort of uniquely different. But in this case, Illinois, which is the state that Violet is in, and she's representing the Bethalto School district. So, she knew that if she could acquire this bond, that she could take action against this board. So keep going. Sorry. Just want to make sure everybody understood that the individuals on these boards are personally liable, which means that the superintendent that she just acquired this bond for is personally liable for four million dollars per claim. And there are many more people in the same district that are in the same seat as Violet whose children were physically or mentally injured by this mask mandate. So go ahead.

Violet: That's okay. No, that's good. People do need to understand what the bonds are for. Absolutely. 

So once I obtained the copy of their bond and their surety bond insurance, I worked with Ann yet again on creating the letter of intent to file, which lists several federal, international, and Nuremberg Code violations that we found, that these laws, you know, these mandates break, and basically, put them down on one big spreadsheet. And then we were able to create demands on what we wished them to do, which mine was for removal of the mask mandates, make them optional, for her to step down, and for her to make a public confession, basically, on how these laws have been broken. And after that...

Mickey Klein: So, really quick. So you have to do that stuff. You have to serve them, you have to. It's like serving them a lawsuit, almost. 

You're saying, Here, I'm serving you with papers. I will give you X number of days in order to resolve this problem. I expect x, y and z. In this case, you wanted her to resign, you wanted her to admit she was wrong to the public, and you wanted them to pull the mask mandates, right?

Violet: Correct. Yeah.

Mickey Klein: And so you gave her how many days to do that?

Violet: It was five days, which I feel was pretty appropriate. I feel like that was pretty lenient, we could have gone 72 hours. But instead, we chose five days. 

So after you complete, you know, the paperwork that you have to serve them, but it has to be given to them individually. She chose not to meet with me on several occasions, I mean, she was finding every way possible to not meet with me. The sheriff even offered a chance for her to meet me at the police station and do it there, you know, peacefully. And she refused to do that. I mean, we were going 'round and 'round there for quite some time. So, finding when school started again, I was able to go up to the district office and serve her there. So, we waoted the five days. I tried to be lenient, nobody responded, she didn't respond. So, when that happens, if they do not respond to your request in the given amount of time, then you are able to file with the bond company, which I did. So it was only after that, that the lawyers had instructed the districts in the area that the masks were going to have to come off, they were going to lose this one. And when you do this, when you actually have to file, which some may not have to, however, when you do file, if you have to file, all federal and state funding is removed from the district and they do not have their funding anymore. So nobody's going to be paid. They don't have their Esser funding.

Violet: Yep. Yeah, yeah, I do believe they left her out to dry because she's the one liable for this, you know, boards and superintendents are all liable for this. 

So then the next day after that, so two days after I filed, they sent a message out to all the parents to check the website for an update and sure enough, they had it up there that masks are optional, but recommended, but optional for the children. So it was a it was quite a shock. It's a big win. 

My message is that this process works and no matter the outcome, no matter how much you have to fight. If they don't listen and they ignore, then you'll have to file, which I don't think many will, then the reward is still worth it. It's up to us parents, it's up to the mama lions in the country to stand up to these tyrannical school districts, that you have chosen money over all rights. You know, it really is.

Mickey Klein: Yeah. And in this process, and you really did a lot of research into the Esser funding. And I feel like in a sense, a lot of these boards are in precarious situations

They're good people in a bad situation. And they don't know it. In many cases, the third round of Esser funding, which came to the Biden administration, came with this ability to say, you know, if you enforce these mask mandates, and even run vaccine clinics, sorry, I shouldn't say that word in my channel, but you know, clinics, and then also to promote it to the children and pull out the CTR programs, etc., in exchange, they're getting this money. So in a sense, they're getting bought out. I mean, they're getting, they're taking bribes.

Ann: Exactly. You have to realize the federal government offered 115 million to the school district.

Mickey Klein: Billion.

Ann: I mean, billion. Yeah, excuse me. 15 billion to all 50 states of all the school districts. So the CDC got wind of it. So what did the CDC do? 

They push another 10 billion into that bill, to make it 125 billion. So basically, the CDC is controlling the narrative in this Esser bill. And there's seven states that I literally found that the Secretary of Education out of Washington DC, literally wrote the state's letters and told them basically, you have taken these funds. You have to follow these rules, you can't stop them. 

Mickey Klein: And we had found letters from from DC, basically, the Biden administration, pushing some of those governors who had removed mask mandates to reinstate mask mandates, so they could push the money to the school districts and the school districts were putting pressure on the governor's saying, Hey, could you please put back this mask mandates, because we don't want the parents fighting back against us at the school. 

So it's really, it's good people, in some cases being put in compromising positions, but still, they work for us. So I think one of the most common questions we get and that I should ask both of you is: Do you need a lawyer to be involved in this process? Is it designed for lawyers? Or is it designed for the citizens, the bond process?

Ann: The bond process is a one on one person, it does not need a lawyer. 

So, (example) Mickey, you're bonded. You've hurt me. I'm not going to go get a lawyer, I am going to write my own paper. And I'm going to give it to you. And I'm going to tell you what you've done to me. And I'm going to ask you to right your wrong. If you don't want to right your wrong, it's up to me to go to the bond company to file a claim against your bond. Then the bond company will notify you. 

So you have two options:

  •  When your claim goes to the bond company, you can either: contact me and we can work out a settlement and then I will cancel your claim. I will say, Okay, everything is fine, I can cancel your claim. And I will no longer put a claim against your bond. 
  • Or if you don't want to work with me and you don't want to work with the bond company, then you sign a power of attorney with the bond company because you have a very large bond. 

So a power of attorney means that the bonding company has the right and the authority to literally investigate the situation. So the bonding company will come to me and I will present my case to the bonding company. And I will give them my supporting documents and all of my documentation to support my claim. Now the bonding company will go to you and they will ask you, How are you going to defend this?

Now it's up to you to defend yourself to prove that what I'm saying is not correct. If you cannot prove this, the bonding company will go back to their office, and they will find in my favor, then they will notify you again, because you wasted their time, they had to spend X number of dollars on investigating this, your liability has now gone up. 

You owe the bonding company more than what your bond is now. So now the bonding company contacts you, and they tell you, you're liable for that claim, you need to pay that claim. If again, you refuse to pay that claim, because the bonding company has your power of attorney, they will pay the claim. So I get just the amount of the bond. 

That's it. And now, the bonding company comes after you. And you're 100% liable for two times investigation, the payment of the claim, plus everything the bonding company has done. And everything that you have put up as collateral, my bond vacancies, 100% of it. You've lost everything.

And not only that, but once you lose your bond, it's very, very, very difficult to get a second bond or anybody to bond you, because you have to realize, in the States, there's only one, maybe two authorized bonding companies that can write surety bonds to government officials. 

Mickey Klein: So okay, so I'm going to recoup that and restate what you guys just said. 
  • So one, you have to get the bond. 
  • Two, you have to serve a letter of intent. 
  • And three, if they still don't rectify the situation, you have to file a claim with their bond company. 

So those are the three steps. 

And let's talk about the people that are bonded. So you have superintendents who are appointed, are bonded, you've got board of directors, especially at the district level, you don't want to go toward just your school, you want to go to the entire district. Those are the people that are going to be bonded, right? 

Ann: Yes, you got to realize anybody who wants to go after a school principal, or schools, counselors, you can't do it. They're not bonded. 

They have nothing to do with it. You have to literally go to the governing board of directors for your school district. And we start with the governing board because they're the ones who make all the decisions for your district. They're the ones who pass the laws down. And...

Mickey Klein: For the State Board of Education, right? What about going all the way up to the 

Ann: Right. But basically, you have to take down the lower levels. You have to take down the districts, all the districts first. 

Mickey Klein: And that's because at the district level, they determine what they're going to use the Esser funds for, right?

They're the ones who are taking the bribes. Essentially, they're the ones who are deciding what type of clinics they want to run out front. Okay. Yeah. Also, mayors, and sheriffs, right? City Councilman, health...

Ann: Health officials, like if you have a health director in your area. 

So in one state, the City Council voted to get rid of all the mask mandates, and the Director of the Health in that area, who was an appointed public official, she overrode the Council. She thought she had the authority to override the council and says, No, we're not getting rid of the mandates. We're keeping them. So anybody who oversteps their bounds of their authority and think they're higher, they can enforce anything, is responsible and can be filed against.

Mickey Klein: Okay, so I want to ask you some more questions, Violet. 

But before I do, I just want to say that we did create this website Bonds for the Win. You can go to that site, you can pull up your state, and we're continuing to add to that. You can pull up the state statutes that we're finding that most states are in violation of, but ultimately, the parents and the people in the community that want to get involved, they do have to identify which state statutes they want to declare that have been broken based on their situation,. And so there is some research.

Ann: Exactly. It's called Assurety Liability Insurance. Or they have Assurety Liability Fidelity policy that covers the school district, and all the affairs of the school district. 

They list pages of it, you know, bleachers and things like this. And down at the bottom is the criteria of being bonded. It has the exact same criteria of being bonded, it has the exact liability and fidelity clauses inside of there. It lists the Board of Directors it lists also elected or appointed public officials. It doesn't list anybody, you know, principals, or teachers or anything like this. And then it tells you what the insurance is, and in those clauses, it's $1 million per person. And each one of the persons, if somebody files against that policy, has a $40,000 deductible. So even if you have insurance, Mickey, and I file against you, you're still gonna have to come up with $40,000. And the insurance company comes up with the rest.

Mickey Klein: Wow. And I do just want to point out in Arizona, they rewrote our state statutes to put every elected and appointed public official under the governor's bond, it's a blanket bond. 

So anyone out there who's watching this, if you have access to that bond, can you give me a shout? Cause it's gonna be a big deal, right? If we could just get a hold of that one bond. And of course, it does in Arizona state statutes that they are required to provide us with this information under the law as public record, and I don't need a...all I need is a photocopy. I don't need a certified copy. I don't need anything special. I just want the photocopy as a public servant. And what they're trying to do, they're supposed to hold it at the Secretary of State's office, and they're trying to tell me, I can't come in there, because they're closed indefinitely for this thing, which is a joke. So anyway, anyone watching out there if you know of, or you can help me get a hold of that one piece of paper, it will change everything in the entire state of Arizona, It is a single point of failure for them. And we are trying to help push bills forward to rectify that, so that in Arizona, every single elected public, you know, has their own bond. 

So Violet, one of the things that I find fascinating about your story, and I think we should dive deeper into it before we end today, and that is the situation that you ran into when trying to serve this woman. I mean, she pretty much called the police on you. She tried to file a complaint against you because you were trying to ring on her doorbell. I mean, it was interesting. So if you had to do all over again, would you wait to serve during, like a public hearing or a board meeting?

Violet: Yes, absolutely. And just to clarify, there's no laws on where you can serve them. You can serve them at Walmart, their home, the school, coming out of the Dollar Store, you know, you can serve them anywhere. 

But yes, if I were to do it differently, I would serve at a board meeting when they're all there, it's being recorded, you have witnesses to just show that, Yes, they have been served, it's been recorded, that they're required to post on their website. But yeah, she just tried everything she could not meet with me. You know, like when I pulled in, I watched her walk up the driveway and walk in her house. So I knew she was there. So, I'm ringing on her doorbell, apparently scared her so she did call the police and said that I was trespassing, which, you know, I explained to the officers the process and the legal rights that US citizens have to duties for the surety bond. And they actually called her and told her, Well, you're gonna get served. So it's basically what they told her and they patted me on the back for standing up for my rights. So you know, yes. If anybody's out there, pray, you know, going through this process, the best way to do it is at that board meeting. Don't get too overzealous. And that way, again, witnesses, it's recorded, so on and so forth.

Mickey Klein: Yeah, they can't say you didn't serve them, even if they didn't sign the document. 

Okay, so then the other thing that was interesting about your situation is you went down to the bond company to file the claim, and they had never even had anyone filed a claim before. What? I mean, you must have been like, Oh, wait, you work for a company and you've never ever had anyone file a claim? This is how these things are?

Ann: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Um, it took a little bit too, for them to understand the process of it. 

They had the necessary paperwork as they're required to. But we had to also understand it. And the other thing I was running into when I sent the initial FOIA request to the county superintendent's office, they said they'd never FOIA'd anyone's surety bond either before ever, so they had to find out how to pull them and do it the right way. So yeah, this has been hidden from us, or we forgot about it. You know, something, but this process can get done with a little perseverance and a little bit of homework. But thankfully, we got some stories underway, and we understand the process and what their responsibilities are, and what our rights are, for us to go forward with it with everyone else.

Mickey Klein: So thank you so much, ladies. Do either one of you want to add any final comments?

Ann: Okay, the only thing I'm going to let everybody know is there's two people that never will fall under a blanketed bond. 

One is the Treasurer and one is Secretary of State. Those people will never ever, ever out a sheriff. So he cannot fall under a blanketed bond. So those people have to be bonded. So even if a governor, you know, decides to get a blanket bond, it doesn't work for everybody. There is certain people that have to be bonded, and that is federal law, so they can't get around it.

Mickey Klein: Okay. And that's another thing before I forget that we should talk about, sheriffs, because I did not know how powerful sheriffs were until this process. 

And just to let everyone know, I plan on working with the constitutional sheriffs in my area, because they basically uphold the law of the land in their county. I mean, they have complete jurisdiction, they can even send the FBI away if they want to. And they too are bonded. So if they don't help us obtain our Freedom of Information Act, which they're saying FOIA, they're saying FOIA often, but many cases, too, it says in the individual state laws that you have access to this public record, it is your there, they serve us as public officials, and therefore they're certain things are public record, and bonds are one of them. 

So if you can't obtain the bond for your district, or for whoever it is that you're trying to go and confront, get your sheriff involved because the sheriff is also bonded to uphold the Oath of the Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of their various states. So that is huge. The sheriff is the way in, if you can't obtain your bond, would you agree, Ann?

Ann: Okay, yes, the sheriff is a constitutional sheriff. He's not a state constitutional sheriff. He is literally the constitutional sheriff of the land. He's the law of the land. 

So think about, let's go all the way back to the cowboy days. And you know, when people first started coming to America, who was the law of the land? It was always the sheriff. The sheriff was allowed to go and arrest, go and pick up, go and prosecute; and the sheriff is the highest highest law of land. Even the governor of the state cannot take the sheriff out of office. Exactly. So unless the sheriff has something really, really bad, he will fulfill his term one way or the other.

Mickey Klein: Well, again, I've never seen anyone file a claim against or bond claim against a non-constitutional sheriff. But you know, when they're breaking the federal laws, aren't they still liable?

Ann: Yes, they are. And we can literally file tort violations against them in federal court. But that's a different story for another time.

Mickey Klein: Well, again, like I said, great job, Violet. I'm so proud of you. I'm so excited. 

And thanks again for coming on my show and for helping us out with this effort. We've got far more videos and far more people throughout the country who are about to follow suit, and we're going to be posting their videos as they record them. Anyone who wants to do this, we recommend that you record yourself, send us the recording of the hearing or the board meetings so that we can post it on our channels because courage is contagious.

Violet: Yeah, it sure is. Thank you, Mickey, for having me on. I appreciate it. I'm glad to tell my story. I hope it helps others, too.

Ann: It was good to see you again.

Mickey Klein: You,too. Okay, guys, bye.

Do you want help accomplishing this, or do you know of others who can use this knowledge to better the lives of their children and the whole community? 👇👇

Links to 'Bonds For The Win' website detailed explanations and instructions:

"How to remove the mask maπdate at your childʼs school (by parents making legal claims to the School Boardʼs insurance company)."

"This Ohio father researched and discovered that every public official holds an "Oath of Office Insurance Bond." He also discovered that parents can legally squeeze their local School Board by making legal claims to the School Boardʼs insurance company — the entity that holds the insurance bonds of the School Board members and the Superintendent of the school. The insurance company then gets a notice that they are in danger of being sued for more than their bonds are worth (insurance companies donʼt like that). When ten parents file such legal claims, the insurance company tells the School Board members and the Superintendent of the school to stand down. In this interview this father gives a step-by-step procedure on how to do this." ~ EducationFM

How to Squeeze School Boards into Compliance via Ins/Surety Bonds
RubyRayMedia - Rumble (mirrored from Patita Pavana on FB, 12/22/21)
Published Jan 25, 2022
30:27 podcast length


Epic events manifest during historic times. The fight against covidiocy is breeding battle-ready patriots, making honorable warriors out of honest professionals from all walks of life. On January 23, 2022, an epic event took place, which will go down in history as the most peaceful and organized protest of its kind.


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    Riverlady · 1 years ago
    I am so proud of these moms who go the distance for their kids and actually win!!As a mom, you are up against a machine that has had way too much power for way too long! We've been afraid to talk to teachers who berate our kids in the classroom because we were afraid of retaliation against our kid. Why should we be afraid of that??!!
    No longer should we cower to these teachers, principals and school board members! We pay their salaries!! They work for us and for our children who deserve respect and a good education! We pay dearly for that and they have no right to deny our children anything! They deserve to socialize, not social distance! They deserve to breathe clean air, NOT through a mask! They deserve to be able to go to school whether vaccinated or not! All of this has to stop!
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    Yes @Riverlady. WELL SAID.
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